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Huo Feng put down his hand that was touching the back of his head and restrained the guilty expression on his face.

He replied solemnly, “Yes, Young Master.”

“Alright, get lost,” Huo Qi said in a low voice and sent him out expressionlessly.

Although Huo Feng was his subordinate on the surface, he had been in the Huo family since he was young.

They had grown up together, so their relationship was different.

If even Huo Feng couldnt respect the people he loved, then the people below probably couldnt either! What Huo Qi wanted was for Huo Feng to lead the family well.

The fact that Su Qing was the future mistress of the Huo family was something that outsiders couldnt interfere with!

The long night passed.

Some people slept soundly, while others were plagued by insomnia.

Su Qing had just woken up and turned on her phone when she received a call from Wu Mu.

Wu Mus tone was a little flustered.

She asked, “Qingqing! I called our master yesterday, and he told me that you accepted another 3S mission from the bureau, right Moreover, its about time for your old injuries to flare up! Why didnt you tell me That way, I could have worked with you.

This way, you wouldnt have to be injured!”

“Thats right, thats right! She forgot to tell you that the masters would be late this time, causing me to be scolded by Third Uncle! And you, you were really too disloyal this time.

You didnt even tell us what happened! Do you even treat Mu Zi and me as friends at all To think that I had to hear about it from the people in the bureau! The scene at the Motian Building that day was really tragic!” Yuan Yang snatched the phone from Wu Mus hand and rattled on, ignoring Su Qings reaction.

After hearing the two of thems questions, Su Qing replied helplessly, “Im fine, and Im not injured! On the other hand, why are the two of you together so early in the morning”

Wu Mu and Yuan Yang were stunned when they heard this.

Both of them replied in unison, “Weve said so much, but this is all youve noticed”

When the two of them said this, there was a rare tacit understanding between them.

Even the confusion and questions in their voices were the same.

Su Qing touched her nose silently and said awkwardly, “Alright, Im really fine.

Youll know when you see me later! Lets meet at school, alright”

Wu Mu looked at the phone screen and pursed her lips lightly.

“Its too late! Weve already arrived at the Linshan Villa District.

Well be at your house soon! Im here to pick you up from school today!”

Su Qing also knew that Miss Wu was stubborn.

She had made up her mind to do whatever she wanted! This was very similar to Su Qing herself.

It could only be said that birds of a feather flock together.

After hanging up, Su Qing didnt have to wait for long before her two friends arrived.

Wu Mu pulled Su Qing and walked around.

After confirming that Su Qing was really fine, she felt relieved and said, “Youre really getting more and more willful! Youre always like this.

You like to keep to yourself, completely ignoring others but disregarding your own safety! Were your friends.

If you keep keeping us out like this, whats the point of Yuan Yang and me coming to Floyd”

Su Qing let Wu Mu hold her hand and ramble on.

A smile and warmth slowly accumulated in her eyes.

When Wu Mu saw her like this, she immediately pretended to be cold and said, “Hey, hey, hey! Dont use this trick.

You cant use beauty attacks or wheedle your way out!”

Su Qing smiled and handed the lunch box to Wu Mu and Yuan Yang.

“Whos wheedling What nonsense are you spouting Hurry up and finish your food and go back to school.

Dont we still have class today”

At the side, Yuan Yang had also been glaring at Su Qing, who was acting immaturely.

She had gone overboard this time.

However, when he saw the fragrant lunch box in his hand, the expression on his face changed.

There was a faint smile on his lips as he asked, “Did you bring this for us”

After asking, Yuan Yang immediately became vigilant.

“Could it be you made it Then Im suddenly not hungry anymore!”

Su Qing looked at Yuan Yang with a cold gaze.

However, this was indeed irrefutable.

The food she cooked was indeed difficult to swallow.

Therefore, the smart Su Qing had never thought of exposing her only flaw to outsiders.

She had never been willing to cook easily!

Su Qing opened the car door and got into the car.

She said coldly, “You want to eat what I cook Dream on!”

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