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After Kong Yue left, Su Qing sat alone in a daze for a long time.

She was trying to feel the hug her mother had given her just now, and she also remembered the hugs that Huo Qi had given her…

After a while, she shook her head abruptly, feeling that it was a little strange for her to suddenly think of Huo Qis actions.

However, Huo Qi had indeed helped her a lot this time.

She should thank him properly.

Yet, when she recalled the strange looks Huo Qi had given her just before she left the Huo residence, she had a bad feeling.

Her sixth sense told her not to think too much about Huo Qi.

That was a problem she couldnt understand.

Su Qing walked to the balcony and called her second master.

The call went through very quickly.

Su Qing could tell at a glance that something was wrong with Yuan Yi, and she immediately reacted.

She frowned slightly and asked, “Second Master, are you feeling better”

Yuan Yi looked at her and replied warmly, “Im much better… Eh!” He paused for a moment and asked, “Qingqing, you know everything”

What Yuan Yi was asking was whether Huo Qi had told her that he had gone to the Huo residence to treat her!

If Huo Qi knew about this, he would have complained that he had been wronged.

He indeed didnt have any principles towards Su Qing, but this matter wasnt something he had told her.

Su Qing was so smart, so she knew everything just by thinking through the matter and trying to get her master to tell her the truth!

“Did that kid from the Huo family tell you about it Seriously, this kid doesnt even know how to keep his mouth shut,” Yuan Yi muttered.

Su Qing was stunned.

“What does this have to do with him Werent you the one who treated my injuries”

“Huh Oh! I was the one who treated your injury.” Yuan Yi quickly replied when he heard Su Qings words.

He was a little stunned.

So, it really wasnt leaked by that kid, Huo Qi Forget it, it wasnt a big deal anyway.

Yuan Yi pinched his temples and thought to himself.

“Qingqing, have you already returned to the Su family” Yuan Cheng stuck his head out and asked.

Su Qing nodded and replied, “Thats right, Third Master! Why are you with Second Master Shouldnt you be busy with the military”

Su Qing was very surprised to see her third master, Yuan Cheng.

She thought that Yuan Yi was the only one who came to B City!

“I can settle those things anytime I want.

Theyre not as important as my precious disciple! If it werent for the fact that your second master didnt inform me when he went over today, I should have been able to see you today,” Yuan Cheng answered Su Qings question, not forgetting to complain about Yuan Yi.

When Su Qing saw her second master rolling his eyes, the corners of her lips curled up in amusement.

As usual, her third master really liked to tease her second master.

“Sure! Lets find a chance to have a meal together.

I want to eat Third Masters food.”

In the past, when she was staying with the Yuan family, Third Master would cook all sorts of delicious food for Su Qing and Yuan Yang whenever he was free.

Although Yuan Cheng was an upright and loyal soldier, it was undeniable that his culinary skills were very good.

When Yuan Cheng heard Su Qings words, he was very pleased.

He glanced at Yuan Yi and said to Su Qing, “Isnt that simple Your second master and I will be in B City for the time being.

If youre free one day, bring Yuan Yang and Wu Mu over.

Ill cook something for you!”

Su Qing was delighted.

She nodded and replied, “Alright, Ill tell them.”

“Alright, Qingqing, hurry up and rest! Youre still injured.” Yuan Yi interrupted Su Qing and Yuan Chengs conversation in a rough voice.

Every time the topic of cooking was brought up, he felt left out.

The Second Master of the Yuan family had saved countless people in his life, and he had written and drawn countless exquisite works.

However, in terms of culinary skills, he was akiller in the kitchen.

He was the kind of person who would fail even when making boiled eggs! Therefore, in front of his third brother, who was very good at cooking, he inevitably felt a little inferior.

Fortunately, ever since Su Qing came to the Yuan family, he had found a bosom friend in terms of culinary skills.

Su Qing was an extremely outstanding child in every aspect.

Perhaps the heavens felt that she was a little too outstanding, so her culinary skills became her only shortcoming.

Su Qing looked at Yuan Yi and smiled helplessly.

She would rather not talk about her own weakness.

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