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The Su family had just rushed out, but now, they were back in an orderly manner.

The security guards outside the door were stunned.

They thought to themselves, What are they doing so late at night!

In the living room, Su Zheng turned around and looked at Su Qings pale face.

He sighed and said gently, “Everyone must be tired today.

Hurry up and go back to your rooms to rest.

Well talk tomorrow.”

Kong Yue glanced at Su Zheng silently, then pulled Su Qing back to her room.

The brothers were stunned as they watched their mother and sister leave.

Su Xing looked at his brothers and sighed.

“Its good that were all back! Everyone has been tired these past two days.

Hurry up and rest!”

He was indeed quite tired.

In order to investigate Su Qing, he hadnt slept a wink since yesterday.

He was afraid that he would miss out on some important information and delay his search for Su Qing.

Therefore, when Su Shui heard this, he nodded and went upstairs.

He just wanted to have a good sleep now.

As for Su Qings matter, he wasnt in a hurry.

He could just slowly investigate.

In Su Qings room, Kong Yue sat opposite her.

Her usually gentle face was no longer warm.

Su Qing didnt understand why Kong Yue was suddenly unhappy.

She leaned closer to look at her and asked, “Mommy, whats wrong Are you unhappy”

Kong Yue looked at her and frowned slightly.

“You still know that Im unhappy I thought that you didnt care about me anymore” Kong Yues tone was a little reproachful.

Su Qing thought that Kong Yue was angry and looked at her in confusion. What was wrong with her mother Didnt she explain it clearly in the car just now Why was she suddenly angry again

Kong Yue looked at Su Qings puzzled expression and sighed.

The Su family had sighed too much today.

“I know that youre a very capable child! You know how to race and hack, but youre still an agent of the Divine Seal Bureau Is there anything else that you cant tell us Were family, but why do I realize that we dont know much about you!”

Kong Yues eyes were filled with heartache and confusion.

She composed herself before continuing, “Of course, its not that I dont like your excellence, but do you know that your excellence makes me worried about you every day Im really concerned about you, Qingqing.

Do you understand”

As Kong Yue spoke, tears streamed down her face.

She couldnt control herself anymore!

Su Qing looked at the sad Kong Yue and felt a little flustered.

An idea suddenly flashed across Su Qings mind.

She mimicked Kong Yues actions in the past and reached out to hug her gently.

After some thought, she comforted her mother, “Apart from some top-secret matters in the bureau, I can tell you everything! Mommy, stop crying, alright”

Kong Yue was surprised by Su Qings initiative to hug her.

She wrapped her arms around her precious daughter and replied softly, “Really”

Su Qing was pressed against Kong Yues shoulder, and she froze for a moment.

This overly intimate hug was a little unfamiliar to her.

The warmth and comfort that rose in her heart told her that she could be careless with the woman in front of her.

Su Qing nodded obediently.


Since the child was already back and had promised to tell her everything, Kong Yue felt a little more at ease.

There was still time.

She would be patient.

Su Qings behavior today had already surprised her.

Kong Yue slowly let go of Su Qing and smiled at her in relief.

“Thats good.

Its indeed too late today.

Mommy will cook something delicious tomorrow.

Lets have a good chat.”

Su Qing chuckled and said, “Alright, Mommy, go back and rest quickly.”

After Kong Yue cried in front of Su Qing, she immediately felt much better.

She had been so worried for the past few days.

Actually, just as she had said, it wasnt that she wasnt glad about how excellent her child was.

What she was afraid of was that she didnt know much about Su Qings matters.

She had to guess and investigate everything.

It was too tiring to live like this!

She didnt want to live in worry about Su Qing.

She thought to herself, now that they had cleared the air, things would probably be better.

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