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Huo Qi loved Su Qing.

The strong possessiveness in his bones told him that he couldnt let go of her!

Previously, he said that he could wait for Su Qing, but that was on the premise that Su Qing wanted to be with him! It was an indisputable fact that he was Su Qings fiancé!

However, looking at the attitude of the Su family, Huo Qi felt that perhaps it was because he had done too little to declare his sovereignty that they disapproved of their relationship!

It seemed like he would have to do more of such things in the future.

Huo Qi secretly came up with some plans for the future.

He looked at Su Qing, who was a few meters away, and smiled lightly.

Su Qing felt that Huo Qis smile was a little strange, but she didnt care.

Instead, she looked at her angry mother, father, and brothers and sighed.

“What nonsense are you talking about Huo Qi wouldnt dare to bully me.”

Su Shui looked at Su Qings calm face and frowned slightly.

“Qingqing, do you really understand what Mommy means by bullying”

Su Qing looked at her fourth brother speechlessly.

“I didnt sleep with Huo Qi.”


Everyone was speechless at her direct comment.

Su Qing turned to look at Huo Qi and frowned.

“If you spout nonsense to my family again, I wont be polite to you!”

Huo Qi looked at her with his cold eyes.

After a while, the smile on his lips betrayed him.

“Alright, I wont tease you anymore.”

Su Qing rolled her eyes at him and took the clothes from the nurse.

Then, she said to Kong Yue, “Lets go home.”

Kong Yue looked at the interaction between Huo Qi and Su Qing.

Her sixth sense told her that what Su Qing said was true!

As for Huo Qi, he had deliberately said those words to mislead them.

As for what his motive was, Kong Yue felt that she knew.

Huo Qis thoughts were obvious, and he had never bothered to hide them.

He liked Su Qing, but his strong possessiveness worried Kong Yue.

Kong Yue didnt know how Su Qing felt about Huo Qi, but she could feel the change in her attitude towards him.

On the way back to the Su family, Kong Yue looked at Su Qings profile and kept thinking about this question.

She felt that she should find an opportunity to have a good chat with Qingqing.

Also, why was Su Qing acting strangely the night before

And yet, she seemed normal again today!

The Su Qing whose eyes were filled with ruthlessness and murderous intent, seemed to be just an illusion.

Everything was slowly going back to normal, but it was as if a bomb had been planted in Kong Yues heart.

That faint sense of uneasiness made her panic.

Su Shui didnt care about this.

He had doubts about these things, so he asked directly, “Qingqing, whats your relationship with the Divine Seal Bureau Are you doing a mission for them this time”

Su Qing glanced at her fourth brother, who was sitting beside her, and her second and fifth brothers, who were eavesdropping in front of her.

After some thought, she still felt that she couldnt keep her identity anymore.

Since Su Shui was able to find out about the Divine Seal Bureau, it meant that he could find out everything he wanted to know.

Instead of hiding it from them and making them guess, it was better to explain it to them openly.

The Divine Seal Bureau had many secret missions.

In order to prevent her fourth brother from digging further, and in order not to break the rules, she had to explain it to them.

Su Qing nodded at Su Shui.

“I was on a mission from the Bureau.”

“Oh my god, Qingqing! Are you really an agent of the Divine Seal Bureau Youre too awesome!” Su Qian widened his eyes in shock and said in disbelief, “Ive been blessed for a few lifetimes! How did I end up with such a powerful sister like you!”

Su Rui was also a little surprised, but he also had a question for Su Qing.

“Qingqing, why did you suddenly kick Su Qian that day And why did you strangle Mommy”

When Kong Yue heard this question, she instantly felt worried.

With Su Ruis straightforward personality, was this the right time to ask such a sensitive question

However, Su Qings reaction in the next second made Kong Yue even more puzzled.

Su Qing frowned when she heard Su Ruis words.

After a long while, she asked, “When did I kick Fifth Brother When did I strangle Mommy again Why would I do anything to hurt you Im not crazy…”

When Su Qing finished speaking, she felt a little strange inside.

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