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He was afraid that if he raised his voice, the answer to his question would not be what he hoped it was.

When Su Qing heard this, she subconsciously looked at her clothes and replied obediently, “I dont know either.

I slept in the room upstairs.”

She really didnt know whose clothes she was wearing, only that she had been wearing them since she woke up.

Because of Su Qings action of lowering her head and raising her hand, her exquisite pajamas slid down her slender wrist.

What greeted the Su familys eyes was her bruised wrist, forearm, and the back of her neck, which was slightly bruised.

Su Qian suddenly turned to look at Huo Qi.

There was a clear bruise on the left side of Huo Qis jaw.

Although the angle was a little hidden, it was still very obvious and eye-catching!

Apart from Su Qing, everyone present was an adult who had experiences with relationships.

Everyone knew why there were such ambiguous bruises on such a spot!

Su Qian immediately jumped up and pointed at Huo Qis nose.

“You bastard! What did you do to my sister Shes only 18 years old! You bastard!”


Su Rui also stood up and looked at Huo Qi angrily.

He knew that Huo Qi was an old beast with ill intentions.

“Huo Qi! You bastard! How could you treat Qingqing like this Im going to kill you!”

Huo Feng looked at the Su brothers, who had suddenly gone crazy, and quickly stood in front of Huo Qi.

Tears welled up in Kong Yues eyes, and they fell almost instantly.

She pinched Su Qings bruised hands and asked anxiously, “Qingqing, dont be afraid! Tell me, did this beast bully you Tell me!”

Su Qing didnt understand why her brothers and mother had such a big reaction.

She glanced at Huo Qi and said strangely, “No, Huo Qi didnt bully me.”

Huo Qi reached out and pushed Huo Feng, who was protecting him, away.

He looked at Su Rui and Su Qian with a dangerous gaze, but in the next second, the danger was replaced by cunningness.

“The pajamas she was wearing are mine.

Qingqing was injured yesterday, and I was the one who carried her back! At that time, the guest room wasnt tidied up, so I could only put her in my room!” A meaningful smile appeared on Huo Qis lips, as though he was just casually mentioning what had happened yesterday.

However, these words were like a bomb, instantly causing a huge impact on the hearts of everyone in the Su family.

What did he mean when he said that Su Qing was wearing his pajamas What did he mean when he said that Su Qing was carried back by him What did he mean by the guest room wasnt tidied up properly, so he could only put her in his room

Who would believe that The Huo family had such a huge villa, how could they not be able to tidy up a guest room He, Huo Qi, had done it on purpose!

Su Zheng gritted his teeth and spent a lot of effort to suppress the anger in his heart.

“Huo Qi, you… Youre really a bastard! How could you do this Didnt we already discuss this We agreed that well talk about it when Qingqing is 20 years old.

How could you do such a treacherous thing”

Huo Feng couldnt understand the direction of this matter.

Why did it seem like his young master was deliberately making the Su family misunderstand his relationship with Miss Su Yesterday, his young master was already injured so badly, so what else could he do to Miss Su Why did it seem like the Su family were so foolish

Yet, it wasnt that the Su family didnt know how to use their brains.

They were simply too concerned about Su Qing and didnt have the energy to pay attention to those small details!

Everyone could see their concern and care for Su Qing.

Huo Qi naturally knew this.

He simply disliked Su Rui and Su Qian, as well as the Su familys inexplicable hostility towards him.

He felt that instead of spending the effort to explain, he might as well confirm their guesses.

He was indeed having an affair with Su Qing, so what!

“Itll happen sooner or later.

Why cant I bring it forward” Huo Qi said with a smile, and there was a cunning look in his eyes.

Huo Qi seemed to be confrontational, but he actually had other intentions!

The Su family was an old-fashioned family to begin with.

They valued etiquette, honor, and pride more than their lives.

By doing this, he wanted them to think that he had already slept with Su Qing, so that he could tie her down!

Huo Qis thoughts were indeed cunning, but he didnt care about this.

His feelings for Su Qing had already reached the point where he couldnt let go!

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