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Huo Qi didnt know what happened when Su Qing left the Su family yesterday, but from the looks of it, the Su family didnt know much about her situation.

He felt that this matter had become a little complicated.

He looked at Kong Yue and said warmly, “Auntie, Qingqing is indeed at my house.

She was injured in the operation yesterday…”

Seeing that Kong Yue and everyones expressions had tensed up, Huo Qi quickly explained, “But shes fine now.

She should be waking up in a while! Ive already gotten the doctor to give her a full checkup.

Shell be fine after recuperating.”

Kong Yue was slightly relieved when she heard this.

She looked at Huo Qi and paused for a moment before saying, “In that case, did you save our Qingqing”

Kong Yue looked at Huo Qi and noticed that he also looked like he had suffered many injuries.

What exactly happened when they were at the Motian Building How could someone powerful like Huo Qi and Su Qing, who was so skilled, both be injured

Huo Qi looked at Kong Yue and smiled lightly.

“Not really! Qingqing and I worked together to kill the leader of the terrorists!”

Huo Qi wanted to help Su Qing hide the fact that she had lost control.

Just as her second master had said, it was Su Qings own choice what she chose to do after she woke up.

What he needed to do now was to hide the truth for her.

Su Rui looked at Huo Qi and asked with a faint smile, “What exactly is going on Can you tell us everything”

However, Kong Yue was most concerned about Su Qing.

“Can I go and see her”

The moment she said this, Kong Yue felt a little strange inside.

Su Qing was her daughter.

If she wanted to visit her, why did she have to ask an outsider for permission

Fortunately, Huo Qi wasnt an unreasonable person.

He nodded and said, “Of course.

Ill get the servants to bring you there.”

Kong Yue nodded.

Just as she was about to stand up, she heard Su Qings familiar voice behind her.

Su Qing pushed the nurses hand away and looked at the Su family members sitting in the living room, before asking in confusion, “Why are all of you here”

Huo Qi looked up at her and finally felt relieved.

Su Qing had finally woken up! She was no longer thewooden figure who lay motionless on the bed!

Indeed, even though her expression was cold, she was the most beautiful when her eyes were open.

“Youre awake”

Huo Qis tone was a little too gentle.

Huo Feng and Huo Ming turned to look at him, only to see a warm and doting smile on his usually cold and arrogant face.

Huo Feng knew that Huo Qi had always doted on Su Qing.

However, in front of so many people in the Su family, he felt that Huo Qi was acting a little too sticky!

When Su Qing heard Huo Qis question, she turned to look at him.

A few seconds later, she nodded lightly.

Kong Yue acutely sensed that Su Qing treated Huo Qi differently.

She walked forward in confusion and gently held Su Qings hand.

“Qingqing, how are you Are your injuries better”

Su Qing turned to look at Kong Yue and said slowly, “Im fine.

I just suffered a small injury.”

Kong Yue looked at her expression and didnt seem to be hiding anything.

She nodded.

“Thats good! Your father, brothers, and I are here to bring you home.

Lets go home!”

Huo Qi sat on the spot and carefully observed Su Qings expression.

She seemed to have really recovered.

The madness and paranoia from yesterday were all gone, but they were buried in Huo Qis heart, becoming a secret excuse for him to dote on Su Qing.

Su Qing didnt seem to have any objections to Kong Yues suggestion.

She nodded lightly and turned to the nurse beside her.

“Go to the room and help me bring my clothes.

Thank you.”

The nurse nodded and went back upstairs.

Su Qian sized up Su Qing and realized that she was wearing a set of obviously ill-fitting pajamas, and it was clearly for men!

He glanced at Huo Qi, who was staring at his sister with a gentle smile, and suddenly had a very bad premonition.

He asked carefully, “Qingqing, whose clothes are you wearing You slept in the Huo familys guest room yesterday, right”

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