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After being reminded by Su Qian, Kong Yue instantly felt flustered.

She said anxiously, “Lets go! Well go to the Huo residence now and bring Qingqing back!”

Kong Yue didnt know what Su Qings current situation was.

She didnt know if she was injured.

She heard from Su Xing that the venue had already turned into a river of blood.

If Su Qing was injured even a little, her heart would ache.

Why was this child unwilling to tell her family anything Was she trying to make her heartbroken

Who was Huo Qi He was the underworld overlord who dominated the entire B City.

He was domineering and arrogant, and his methods were even more ruthless.

If it werent for the fact that the older generation of the Su family had some connections with the Huo family and had a ridiculous marriage alliance, Kong Yue wouldnt have wanted to have anything to do with them.

Kong Yue knew very well that Su Zheng had wanted to cozy up to the Huo family, but she didnt care about the Huo familys power.

She just wanted her daughter to live comfortably for the rest of her life.

That kind of family wasnt suitable for Su Qing.

As Kong Yue sat in the car heading to the Huo residence, her thoughts were all over the place.

When she arrived at the entrance of the Huo familys villa, her emotions were even more complicated.

The guards at the entrance of the Huo residence were shocked when they saw Su familys cars.

Did something major happen Looking at the three luxury cars blocking the entrance, the guard immediately reported the situation to the butler.

Everyone from the Su family was here!

Looking at the open door of the Huo residence, Su Lu and Su Xing looked at each other and felt that something was amiss.

Wasnt this proceeding a little too smoothly Was it so easy to enter the Huo familys territory

With the exception of Su Zheng, the rest of the Su family, especially Su Qings brothers, had never taken their sisters marriage to Huo Qi to heart.

They also kept a respectful distance from the Huo family.

They didnt want to admit to this marriage, so they felt very strange when the Huo family treated them with such friendliness!

Huo Qi was sitting in the living room, reading a document.

Even though he was a seriously injured patient, he still had to deal with the matters at hand.

When he saw Su Zheng, Kong Yue, and the five sons of the Su family enter, his expression was calm and reserved, as though he had been waiting at home for them to visit early in the morning.

The butler looked at the Su family and felt that the situation was bad.

He quickly retreated to bring help for Huo Qi.

As soon as Su Rui saw Huo Qi, he felt very uncomfortable.

He asked coldly, “Master Huo, is Qingqing at your residence If she is, please return her to us quickly!”

Huo Qi looked up at Su Rui and asked curiously, “Where did Second Brothers inexplicable hostility come from I dont think Ive offended you, right”

Huo Feng couldnt stand anyone being disrespectful to his young master and sneered, “Thats right.

My young master treats all of you with respect! If you have anything to say, just sit down and talk.

Why are you so aggressive”

Su Rui glared at Huo Feng and was about to argue when Su Xing grabbed his arm.

Su Xing chuckled and looked at Huo Qi and Huo Feng.

“Master Huo, youve misunderstood.

My second brother is just too worried about Qingqing.

Hes always been straightforward, so dont mind him.”

When Huo Qi heard this, his expression softened.

He chuckled and said, “I understand how he feels.”

As he spoke, he looked at Kong Yue and Su Zheng and bowed slightly to show his respect.

“Uncle and Auntie, sit down.

Ill get the helpers to prepare a pot of good tea.

We can talk slowly.”

For some reason, Su Zheng felt his scalp tingle when he heard Huo Qi call him “Uncle”.

He thought for a moment and led Kong Yue to sit down.

Su Lu glanced at his second brother and fifth brother, who were about to say something, before shaking his head and taking the lead to sit down.

For some reason, the situation became a little awkward.

Kong Yue didnt care about this.

Seeing that Su Zheng didnt say anything, she asked, “Huo Qi, tell me the truth.

Is Qingqing with you She suddenly left the house in a hurry yesterday, and weve been looking for her for the entire day.

If you know her whereabouts, tell me.”

Huo Qi respected his future mother-in-law, Kong Yue, very much.

Kong Yues concern for Su Qing could be seen from the dark circles under her eyes and the haggard look on her face.

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