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Huo Qi looked at Yuan Yi and didnt ask further.

He knew that Yuan Yi was already very tired, and he would find out the rest himself.

The matter of treating Su Qings injuries had come to an end for the time being.

Huo Jue finally felt relieved.

After all, it hadnt been easy for them to get Huo Qi to finally lie down and rest.

On the other side, the Su family, who had lost contact with Su Qing for nearly a day, was about to go crazy.

In the living room, Su Qian had already looked at Su Shuis computer for the umpteenth time.

Although it was filled with things that he couldnt understand, he still wanted to keep an eye on his fourth brother.

How long had it been Su Shui said that he could find the car that picked Su Qing up, and through it, he could find out where she had gone.

However, a day had already passed.

After the car drove out of the Linshan Villa District, it seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

Su Shui flipped through all the surveillance cameras with bloodshot eyes, but he didnt find any traces of Su Qing.

Last night, Kong Yues eyes were red and swollen from crying.

When she found out about the attack on Su Zheng and Su Xing at the Motian Building, she almost fainted.

Fortunately, the father and son escaped unscathed with the Huo familys help.

They were only a little traumatized from the incident.

The atmosphere in the living room was gloomy.

Su Xing thought about what happened last night, and there was a question in his mind.

Huo Qi was clearly still on the 21st floor at that time, so why did Huo Feng choose to bring him and his father out Was Huo Qi really that kind Would he protect the safety of two outsiders at the risk of his own life Could Huo Qi be a good person

Suddenly, Su Shuis roar broke the oppressive atmosphere.

“Ive found out that this car belongs to the Divine Seal Bureau.

The person who picked up our sister was from the Divine Seal Bureau!”

Su Lu craned his neck to look at Su Shuis computer.

Su Shui pointed at the footage of the car flashing past in the surveillance video.

He couldnt tell anything, but he pointed at the smooth warning sign by the road, which reflected a very hidden logo on the car.

Su Shui pointed at the label.

“This is the hidden label of the Divine Seal Bureaus Death Gate!”

“Fourth Brother! Youre too strong! How can you see this How can you know this Youre even stronger than those professional police officers!” Su Qian said with widened eyes.

Su Shui interrupted Su Qian and continued excitedly, “Thats not the most important thing! I hacked into the city police stations intranet and saw a top-secret letter from the Divine Seal Bureau! Was there a special operation yesterday”

Su Xing and Su Zheng replied almost at the same time, “The terrorist attack at the Motian Building!”

The two of them spoke in unison, and their voices echoed throughout the living room.

Su Xing glanced at Su Zheng and saw the same guess in his eyes.

He said excitedly, “Qingqing is from the Divine Seal Bureau! The Divine Seal Bureau and the police had a joint operation yesterday, so perhaps she went to the Motian Building But we didnt see her!”

When Su Zheng heard this, he shook his head and said, “No! Wait! Thats not right! When Huo Qi took the initiative to provoke that terrorist, there was a female agent who came down from the ceiling! Dont you think she looks a little like Qingqing”

At that time, Su Xing was only thinking about protecting Su Zheng, so he didnt notice Su Qings figure in the rain of bullets.

At that time, Su Zheng, who was looking up to check the situation, happened to catch a glimpse of her back.

He didnt realize that it was Su Qing.

The key was, who would link their daughter to a female agent for no reason Su Zheng didnt expect it! Neither did Su Xing!

However, the more information they obtained, the more they discovered.

“Back then, didnt Huo Qi and that female agent seem to have agreed on a coordinated attack We can go and ask Huo Qi!” Su Zheng stood up and said happily.

Kong Yue also stood up and said happily, “Its good to have a clue.

Then lets hurry over to the Huo residence!”

Su Rui had already taken his car keys and said anxiously, “Although these are all our guesses and theres no conclusive evidence, we dont have a good choice now.

Lets go over and take a look!”

“Thats right! If Huo Qi really worked with our sister, then Qingqing might be in the Huo family now! But its Huo Qi were talking about! Will our sister be in danger with him” Su Qian analyzed and couldnt help but feel worried.

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