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Su Qing felt that she missed that gentle woman.

However, she had almost lost control and hurt Kong Yue.

Her mother treated her so well, but she treated her so cruelly.

She felt even more guilty towards Kong Yue and her brothers.

Yuan Yi knew that Su Qing was a kind child.

Since these past events had put Su Qing in an extremely difficult and painful position, he would let them be buried again.

Yuan Yi smiled kindly at Su Qing.

“I dont want Qingqing to be so sad.

Let me help you forget those things again, alright”

Yuan Yi felt that all the gentleness he had in his life was used on Su Qing.

His words seemed to carry a convincing charm.

Su Qing understood what her master meant.

She nodded lightly to show her agreement.

The Saint Doctor, Yuan Yi, was famous for his acupuncture techniques, and was well-respected across the world.

However, what the world didnt know was that Yuan Yi had learned a long-lost secret technique from the ancient books of the Yuan family.

That was, through a special acupuncture technique and a special medicine, he could make the person who received the treatment forget what she wanted to forget.


However, there was a certain degree of damage to the victim.

Huo Qi looked at the clock on the wall, feeling as though every second was like a year.

In order to prevent Huo Qi from getting an infection after surgery, the doctor had given him an anti-inflammatory drip.

Even so, he still insisted on staying outside the door.

What he didnt know was that Su Qing, who was separated from him by a wall, had already woken up and fallen asleep again.

When Yuan Yi pushed the door open and came out of the room, he looked much more haggard.

Not only was this secret technique harmful to Su Qing, but it also consumed a lot of energy from him.

This time, it would be months before he could fully recover.

Huo Qis eyes lit up when he saw the door open.

He looked up at Yuan Yi and hurriedly asked, “How is Qingqing Is she awake”

Yuan Yi didnt have the energy to explain much to Huo Qi.

He simply waved his hand and said, “Shell wake up tonight.

Get someone to prepare some food for her.

Im going back to the Yuan residence first.”


“Master Yuan, whats wrong Are you tired” Huo Qi asked worriedly when he saw that something was clearly wrong with Yuan Yi.

Seeing that Yuan Yi didnt say anything, he continued, “Ive already asked someone to prepare a guest room.

You should rest first! When Qingqing wakes up tonight, you can take a good look at her.”

Yuan Yi shook his head.

“Theres no need.

I have a few things to tell you.

Come down with me.”

There were people standing guard and patrolling the Huo familys front yard at all times.

The guards on duty looked straight at their young master and this strange man who came over this morning in surprise.

When had they ever seen their master show such respect to an outsider

Yuan Yi walked in front of Huo Qi and said, “Qingqings injuries are very serious.

Shell probably take a long time to recuperate this time.

When she wakes up, she should still return to the Su family.

At that time, dont think of stopping her.”

As Yuan Yi spoke, he looked at Huo Qi.

“I know you like Qingqing, but the love between a man and a woman depends on timing and fate! Qingqing is very slow to accept all kinds of emotions between people, including love.

We hope that Qingqing can have a rich and colorful life, but we definitely dont want her to fall for some scum.

Qingqing is a very kind child, and she has many secrets, some of which are painful memories for her.

I hope you wont dig deeper.”

Yuan Yi looked at Huo Qi, who had an IV drip in his hand but was still listening to him seriously, and suddenly sighed.

“If you and Qingqing are really fated to be together, Ill tell you the truth one day, but that will depend on whether you have such perseverance.”

Huo Qis eyes were filled with determination.

He looked at Yuan Yi and said solemnly, “I understand what you mean, Master Yuan.

Ill wait until the day Su Qing really opens her heart to me.

I love her!”

Yuan Yi was almost choked to death by Huo Qis words.

Were all young people so unrestrained nowadays How shameless!

Of course, Yuan Yi was still very relieved.

He also hoped that he had not misjudged him.

Huo Qi had suffered such a serious injury for Su Qing this time, and he had also spent a lot of effort to take care of her injuries.

It could be said that he had put in a lot of effort.

“Theres no need to send me off.

Thats all,” Yuan Yi said softly when he saw the car parked nearby.

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