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Yuan Yi turned to look at Huo Qi and asked in confusion, “What are you still doing here Im going to administer acupuncture on Qingqing.

Dont you know how to leave”

Huo Qi sat in his wheelchair calmly and replied, “Im not an outsider.

Im Qingqings future husband.

I want to stay here and watch over her.”

When Yuan Yi heard this, his eyes almost popped out.

He felt that Huo Qi was shameless.

The marriage had yet to be finalized, but he still dared to declare himself as Su Qings future husband.

He was really too conceited!

He took a deep breath and told himself, The most important thing now is to help Su Qing with her acupuncture!

After taking a deep breath, Yuan Yi said coldly, “Young Master Huo, you should go out first.

After all, Qingqing and you arent married yet! Besides, my treatment might be affected with outsiders around.”

Huo Qi glanced at Yuan Yi for a long time before slowly controlling the wheelchair to leave the room.

Yuan Yi looked at Huo Qis departing figure and heaved a sigh of relief.

This kid from the Huo family was really stubborn.

If he hadnt said that last sentence, he probably wouldnt have left.

Yuan Yi turned around to look at Su Qings pale face and murmured dotingly, “Its been hard on you, child.

I came late.

Dont blame me when you wake up later!”

Of course, Su Qing wouldnt answer him.

However, when Yuan Yi placed the silver needles on her back, her body started to tremble slightly.

She could feel the intense pain!

She felt that she was in an abyss of suffering.

Her entire body was hot and cold, and the pain was like a thousand bugs biting her body!

However, after the pain, it was as if all the dirt and dregs in her body had been expelled, and she felt relaxed.

When Su Qing slowly opened her eyes, it was already two hours later.

Yuan Yi looked at her slightly opened eyes and smiled softly.

“Youre awake.

Master is here.”

Yuan Yis expression was filled with love and concern, and even the smile on his lips was gentle.

It was as though Su Qing hadnt just experienced a near-death experience, but simply had a good sleep.

Su Qing turned to look at him.

Suddenly, a tear fell from the corner of her eye.

She muttered hoarsely, “Second Master, I remember everything.”

She remembered all the memories that were filled with sin and blood.

She was a Saint whose hands were stained with blood.

Countless souls had died in her hands, and those souls pressed down on her conscience day and night, making her unable to breathe!

Su Qing felt that she had committed a grave sin, and it wasnt worth it for her masters to worry about her.

Her masters even wanted her to return to her real family, to integrate into the family that she should have grown up in, to become a human again, and to feel the warmth of this world again!

However, at this moment, Su Qing felt that she didnt deserve so much warmth.

She didnt even deserve to live in this world!

When Yuan Yi heard Su Qings desperate mutter, his eyes turned red.

He reached out and wiped the tears off Su Qings face, his heart aching.

“Im sorry, Second Master.

I dont want your things anymore! Dont make me go back to the Su family, alright” Su Qing begged pitifully.

Yuan Yi frowned in pain.

“Why dont you want to go back Didnt the Su family treat you well”

Su Qing recalled Kong Yue, Su Rui, Su Qian, Su Lu, Su Shui, Su Xing, and even Su Zheng.

She turned around sadly.

“No, its because Mommy and my brothers treat me too well.”

She paused for a moment before adding, “But Im not worthy!”

They were back at square one again.

It was as though Su Qing had become the lifeless doll she once was, when she was first brought back to the Yuan family.

There was no vitality at all.

Her heart seemed to have been imprisoned by the past bloody nightmares, and it was difficult for her to experience even a trace of warmth and kindness.

She didnt seem to be able to feel any kind of love!

Yuan Yi raised his hand and caressed her smooth long hair.

“Thats not the case.

In our hearts, you deserve all the good in the world.

We all love you.

Think about how we treated you.

You have to live well.

The world is too harsh on you, but you have to live as brightly as the sun! Thats who you are, Su Qing!”

Su Qing didnt seem to understand Yuan Yis words, but she could feel his concern for her.

She had also felt this feeling from Kong Yue.

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