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The moonlight shone on the window of Huo Qis room, and the light rays illuminated the entire room.

Huo Qi also felt that he should rest, but when he looked at Su Qing, who was lying quietly beside him, he somehow felt a little excited and couldnt fall asleep.

His face was also a little pale.

The wound on his back was starting to hurt, as the anesthetic was wearing off.

His breathing slowly became heavier, but he still continued staring at Su Qing.

A lot had happened today, and he was actually a little overwhelmed.

What kind of identity did Su Qing have to enter the cocktail party to save someone It was impossible for her to do that without the cooperation of the police!

Therefore, for Su Qing to be able to make such a big move, her identity should at least be recognized by the police.

If she could ask the police to cooperate with her, it was very likely that she was already above the police! What mysterious special structure had such power and strength

The National Intelligence Agency The Eagle Troops Or… the Divine Seal Bureau

Huo Feng said that there was another team that followed them upstairs.

Since they valued confidentiality so much, it was very likely that they were from the Divine Seal Bureau! As Huo Qi thought about this, he stared at Su Qing once more.

He looked at Su Qings peaceful face and found it difficult to imagine her crazed expression back then.

He tried to reach out to help Su Qing clean her messy hair, and his actions were very gentle, as though he was tending to a delicate flower.

From the way he acted, it was clear that he cherished her.

Why had Su Qing become like this What kind of pain had she experienced in the past How cruel were her memories that she didnt even want to remember them

Huo Qi felt that there were too many things on his mind, and he was a little stunned.

He slowly leaned closer to Su Qing, pushing her head towards his left shoulder and closed his eyes.

When the morning sun shone on Huo Qis face, he slowly opened his eyes again.

He had only slept for three hours, but he felt much more relaxed.

Although his wound still hurt, he felt that he had recovered a lot.

The nurses soft knocking entered his ears.

Huo Qi looked at the door.

When the nurse pushed the door open and entered, she saw that he had woken up.

She said softly, “Young Master, youre awake A strange person just arrived, and hes downstairs now.

Master is welcoming him! He claims to be here to look for Miss Su.

Do you want to go down and take a look”

When Huo Qi heard the nurses words, a hint of confusion appeared in his clear eyes.

He thought for a moment and instructed, “Come over and help me up.

Ill go down and take a look.”

Downstairs, Yuan Yi was extremely anxious.

He had rushed over, but unexpectedly, he was still a little late.

He followed the location that Su Qing had left for him.

When he figured out that it was the Huo residence, his heart was filled with doubts.

It was only last night that he found out that Su Qing had accepted a mission from the headquarters.

It was a particularly difficult and dangerous 3S-level mission.

At that time, he almost went crazy with worry!

Was this how the people in charge of the bureau treated his disciple They were using Su Qing as a tool! Was there really no one else suitable for this mission Qingqing was in an unstable period where her old injuries were threatening to relapse! If anything really happened, he would definitely blow up the Divine Seal Bureau!

If Yuan Cheng knew what his second brother was thinking, he would definitely pat Yuan Yi on the shoulder and let him rest at the side.

Then, he would bring his soldiers to settle the score with the people from the Divine Seal Bureau!

The atmosphere in the Huo residences living room was a little cold.

Yuan Yi looked indifferently at Huo Jue, who was sitting opposite him, and felt a little awkward.

He knew that the Su family and the Huo family had a marriage agreement in the past.

After Su Qing returned to the Su family not long ago, this marriage was brought up again.

He didnt object to their relationship, since he hoped that she would be influenced by the seven emotions and six desires in the world and not be so cold-blooded and indifferent!

Of course, the three old men also had their own expectations for Qingqings partner, and it was definitely not an old fox like Huo Qi!

Su Qing was innocent when it came to relationships.

Huo Qi, a man who had a bad reputation, was not suitable for her.

Moreover, in Qingqings current state, she shouldnt be here.

Huo Jue looked at the sage-like Yuan Yi and asked hesitantly, “Ive already gotten someone to call Huo Qi.

Why dont we introduce ourselves first”

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