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Su Qing looked at the producer and asked in confusion, “Why are you looking for me”

“Its like this, Miss Su.

Our commercial is promoting two new carbonated drinks, and we need a couple for it.

Of course, the requirements for their looks are the highest! Miss Su, youre so beautiful, so why dont you give it a try Were old friends with Su Qian.

If you can help us this time, well still choose Su Qian immediately if we work together in the future.” The producers attitude was indeed very sincere.

Su Qian looked at his sister with a troubled expression.

Of course, he wanted to film this commercial with his sister.

He thought about how good-looking both of them were.

If they completed this commercial together, wouldnt the quality of this commercial be the highest

However, if his sister didnt want to show her face, he wouldnt force her.

Everything depended on Su Qings willingness.

When Liu Wen heard this, his eyes lit up.

This offer from the producer was very good for Su Qian.

He said gently, “The shooting of the advertisement is actually quite simple.

Miss Su, dont you have experience in acting You can give it a try.

Besides, youre so beautiful.

Isnt it a pity not to film something”

Yuan Yang glanced at the billboard behind them.

“Ive drunk this drink before.

Its quite delicious.”

Su Qian didnt care about the benefits they mentioned.

He just wanted to take photos with his sister, so he was still looking at Su Qing eagerly.

Su Qing looked at the expectant expressions on their faces and thought for a moment before nodding in agreement.

“Then lets give it a try.”

Wu Mu also looked at Su Qing with a curious expression.

If Qingqing really entered the entertainment industry, wouldnt she win over many other actresses

When the director saw Su Qings face, he was relieved.

Even if she didnt have any acting skills, she was still an A-list beauty!

The director said patiently, “Thank you! Its an emergency, and the sun is about to set.

Lets cut to the chase and start filming! Let me explain the scene to you!”

Just as Liu Wen had said, the advertisement was indeed very simple.

As long as she followed some poses, it would be completed easily.

Su Qian was very professional.

He helped Su Qing work her emotions.

The ad was meant to portray a happy and carefree feeling.

Su Qian took a sip of his drink and lifted his wide short-sleeved shirt.

His eight-pack was displayed on the camera casually.

Then, he turned to look at the camera and said the slogan.

Su Qing didnt have any lines, but her aura and feelings were surprisingly compatible with Su Qians.

She held a beverage bottle in her hand and took a sip when Su Qian looked up.

Her expression and actions were just right.

She looked completely different from before.

At this moment, she was the most carefree girl this summer!

The director shouted in satisfaction and praised Su Qing generously.

He thought that it would take at least four to five tries, but he didnt expect Su Qing to pass in one try.

Moreover, she cooperated so well with Su Qian.

This was a pleasant surprise!

“There are still two more scenes.

Continue!” The director shouted.

Suddenly, he saw Su Qing raise her hand.

He looked up and asked, “Whats wrong”

Su Qing slowly walked over and said to the director, “I have a suggestion.

It might be better.”

The director gestured for her to speak.

Su Qing pointed at the water in the sea.

“Since its summer, how can the sea be absent I think we can change this scene and step into the sea.”

The director was delighted.

“Youre right.

Its actually in our original script, but the actress we worked with previously was scared, so we rejected it in advance.

If youre not afraid of water, we can give it a try.”

Usually, actors would do whatever they said.

However, Su Qing was very creative and bold.

He liked this girl!

After confirming the new filming plan, the crew began to move the props and tools quickly.

Su Qing even helped to set up the camera tracks.

The director came over and stood beside Su Qian.

“Su Qing really doesnt have any plans to enter the entertainment industry Shes very suitable for this industry!”

Su Qian glanced at the director and replied, “Shes still young, and shes majoring in film in university.

She should be interested!” Su Qian guessed.

The director smiled and nodded.

“No wonder I think that she was quite professional.

Shes really something! What year is she in”


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