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Su Qian looked at Su Qing and said happily, “The filming is about to start.

Why dont we go back and rest first before coming back later”

Su Qing felt a little hungry, so she glanced at him and nodded in agreement.

Actually, Yuan Yang was already hungry and thirsty, but when he saw everyones excited expressions, he didnt dare to mention it.

Now, it just happened to be what he wanted.

He had heard that the food here was also very good!

On the shore, Liu Wen looked at Su Qian, who had alighted from the boat, and quickly said, “Hurry up and touch up on your makeup.

The preparations are almost done.”

Su Qian took the towel from him and asked, “Is the actress here”

When Liu Wen heard this, he felt a headache coming on.

He said helplessly, “She should be here soon! They said that shell be here soon.”

“Dont make me wait for her again.

I cant be such a gentleman,” Su Qian frowned and said impatiently.

Seeing his expression, Liu Wen comforted him, “Dont be angry! Even if were willing to wait this time, the investors wont wait for her.”

Su Rui looked at their expressions and asked in confusion, “What do you mean”

Liu Wen smiled at Su Rui and explained, “The actress who is working with us this time always likes to be late and take leave.

Even if she comes, she always makes us wait for her.

Shes very annoying!”

As Liu Wen spoke, he pointed at the pavilion in the distance.

“Ive prepared local delicacies and cold drinks for everyone over there.

Lets go over and have a good rest!”

Su Rui smiled and said, “Thank you.”

“Why are you being so polite, Second Young Master Its my duty.

Its my first time meeting Miss Su, and I dont know what she likes to eat, so I prepared a variety.” Liu Wen smiled at Su Qing.

It was even better looking at the beauty up close than from afar.

Although Su Qing didnt know why the topic suddenly changed to her, she still nodded politely and thanked her.

“Thank you, Im fine with anything.”

Liu Wen quickly waved his hand and said that there was no need to thank him, but his eyes were secretly observing Su Qing.

Su Qings temperament was special.

Although she was a typical cold beauty, she was different.

Unlike the type of girls who pretended to be cold, he could tell that she was really cold and arrogant.

As they spoke, they arrived at the pavilion.

When Yuan Yang saw the large table of delicacies, he was very excited.

He felt that the manager of the fifth brother of the Su family was really good at handling matters.

Not bad, not bad.

He had a great time eating and playing today!

Wu Mu looked at the rude Yuan Yang and glared at him speechlessly.

However, this fellow acted as though he didnt see anything and started eating as though no one else was around.

Wu Mu felt a little embarrassed.

She wanted to pretend that she didnt know him, but when she saw Su Qing, who was doing the same, she was stunned.

Was she the one who was the odd one out

Su Rui was very happy to see Su Qing eating voraciously.

He was also inspired to eat more.

They ate while watching the filming staff get busy.

After touching up his makeup, Su Qian was told by the director that he had to wait for the actress he was working with.

He was so speechless that he almost cursed on the spot.

The director discussed with him that they could film a few sets of his personal scenes first, and Su Qian agreed.

However, even after Su Qian finished filming, the actress still wasnt there.

The atmosphere at the venue became gloomy.

The director had also kept a cold expression on his face and didnt speak for a long time.

If they waited any longer, they wouldnt be able to film today.

The producer was so anxious that he almost cursed.

He had called the other party more than ten times, but the other party didnt answer.

The producer gave up and started looking for her on WeChat, wanting to find someone to replace her.

Liu Wens sharp eyes saw the anxiety of the producer and director.

He went forward and said a few words to the producer.

A few minutes later, the producer looked at Su Qing, who was in the pavilion, and gritted his teeth before nodding.

The producer first looked for Su Qian.

When Su Qian saw the troubled expression and heard his incessant begging, he knew that there was the only way out!

When Su Qian led the producer over, Su Qing was chatting with Wu Mu.

“Qingqing! This is our producer,” Su Qian introduced Su Qing to him.

Su Qing sat up straight and looked at Su Qian in confusion.

However, out of courtesy, she still nodded at the person.

“Are you interested in filming an advertisement Itll be very fun.” Su Qian smiled and said, “Anyway, youre sitting here waiting for me to get off work.

Why dont you come and help me”

The producer quickly added, “Im really sorry.

I know that this request is a little rushed and offensive, but I really dont have any other choice! Its an emergency! Miss Su, can you help us”


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