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When Su Qing heard this, a smile appeared on her face.

“One boat is fine too.

We can take turns.

Tell them to drive over!”

Su Rui waved his hand, indicating for the people to bring the boat over.

Su Qian stood beside Su Qing and listened to their conversation.

Thinking that he still had to go to work later and might not be able to accompany them, he interrupted, “Actually, it might be better to just swim.

Surfing is quite dangerous, right, Sister”

Su Rui turned to look at him and said in confusion, “Its not like you to cherish your life so much.

Old Fifth, didnt you also like extreme sports in the past”

Su Qian retorted, “Why cant I change Of course, a crazy fan of extreme sports like you cant understand what we are thinking,”

Su Qing reminded him, “Fifth Brother, wavesurfing isnt an extreme sport.

Its very fun.

You should come and try it too.”

Su Qing looked up at her beautiful face.

Who could really reject such a beautiful girls request Su Qian nodded dotingly, completely forgetting what he had just said.

After the group got on the wave boat, it drove towards the calm sea.

Su Qians assistant watched helplessly as Su Qian boarded the boat and left.

She complained softly to his manager, who had just arrived, “Whats wrong with Brother Qian today Hes not usually so playful.”

Su Qians manager was a neat middle-aged man.

He adjusted his sunglasses and said slowly, “Its still early anyway.

Its fine to let him play for a while!”

As he spoke, he suddenly asked, “You followed Su Qian here today.

Do you know who the girl beside him is”

The assistant looked in the direction of the boat and asked, “Brother Liu, which one are you referring to”

“The beautiful one,” Liu Wen said with interest as he looked at Su Qing in the distance.

A few rays of light flashed across his eyes behind his sunglasses.

Such a beautiful woman was rare.

If she could develop under him, he was certain that she would become famous in three months at most.

“Oh, thats Brother Qians sister.

Were filming today, so Brother Qian brought her over to play,” the assistant explained.

Liu Wen was stunned.

“Is she his biological sister”

The assistant nodded.

“Thats right, Brother Liu.

I heard that she was only acknowledged by the Su family recently.

Brother Qian pampers her like crazy!”

This was a little difficult.

The Su family was not an ordinary family, so it seemed impossible to lure her into the circle! However, when Liu Wen looked at Su Qings exquisite face and slender figure, his heart was tempted.

It would be a pity if he could not manage such a good seed.

The assistant seemed to understand what Liu Wen meant.

She took out her phone and showed him the video of Su Qing singing.

“This is a video of Su Qing singing not long ago.

She sang especially well.”

Liu Wen watched the video, and was quickly won over by Su Qings singing.

The glint in his eyes became even more determined, and he thought that he could ask Su Qian for her opinion later.

At sea, Su Qing was happily surfing, completely unaware that someone had targeted her.

Her skills were so good that even the coach following her praised her.

“Your skills are really good! I can tell at a glance that youre experienced.”

The coach looked at Su Qing with admiration.

This was the first time he had met a beautiful and skilled girl like her!

Su Qings skin was very fair, even fairer under the sun and the sea.

The bright and lively expression on her face made her look even more beautiful.

She looked like an angel who had fallen from the sky, making people unable to help but admire her.

Su Qian frowned slightly at the coach and said, “What are you looking at”

Su Rui even walked forward to block the coachs gaze.

He also looked displeased.

At this moment, the two of them had a tacit understanding.


The coach retracted his gaze and said awkwardly, “Miss Su is very impressive and beautiful.”

He was sincerely praising Su Qing, but Su Qian really couldnt do anything to him.

He could only say irritably, “We all know how to wavesurf now, so you can leave us.”

The coach rubbed his nose and nodded as he went to the drivers seat.

Wu Mu and Yuan Yang looked at Su Qings two brothers and found them funny but cute at the same time.

Their protective expressions were really too interesting.

Su Qian also went to wakesurf, and just as he came out of the water, his manager called him.


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