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At the beach.

The afternoon sun was very hot.

The staff of Su Qians team had already communicated with the advertisers who were going to work with them today.

The sun was still shining brightly, so they had to wait for at least another hour, when the light was best for filming.

When Su Qian heard his assistants words, he nodded in acknowledgment.

The delay was good.

He also wanted to go to the sea to play with Su Qing and the others.

Su Qian was furious when he saw how close his Second Brother was to Su Qing.

He couldnt possibly let Second Brother benefit from this, right

He was the one who suggested coming to the beach!

There were still a lot of people on the beach.

Fortunately, the cameraman had already informed the relevant management in advance.

Otherwise, with Su Qians influence, this area would probably be packed to the brim.

When Su Qian came over, Su Qing and Wu Mu were sitting under an umbrella, applying sunscreen.

He was wearing a pair of wide sunglasses on his handsome face, and his assistant was holding an umbrella above his head.

He was topless, and his muscles were well-defined.

He stood in front of Su Qing and asked, “How is it The scenery here is good, right We can go into the water and play later!”

He glanced at Su Rui, who was still in the sea, and pursed his lips.

“Of course, lets not be like some people who dont care about the sun! Lets wait and see when we get home tonight.

Second Brother will definitely lose a layer of skin from sunburn!”

Su Qing ignored Su Qians gloating and glanced at Su Rui, who was in the distance.

He was talking to a wakesurfing coach!

Wu Mu casually applied her sunscreen and threw the bottle to Yuan Yang.

Yuan Yang took them and thanked her with a smile.

“Do you know how to surf If not, I can teach you.” Su Qian glanced at Su Qing, then turned to look at Wu Mu and Yuan Yang with a smile.

“Arent you going to film Do you have time for us” Su Qing turned around and asked Su Qian.

Su Qian took a step forward and sat beside Su Qing.

“Well have to wait for a while! I can still hang out with you guys for a while.”

Su Qing nodded and stood up.

“Then lets go over.

I havent surfed in a long time!”

“But this is too…” Before Su Qian could finish speaking, Wu Mu and Yuan Yang followed Su Qing out.

Looking at Su Qings fair skin and good figure, Su Qian quickly followed her worriedly.

He had to protect his sister! Dont think that he didnt see that the people beside him were all staring at Su Qing!

However, in the next second, Su Qian was stopped by his assistant.

The assistant looked at him awkwardly.

“Brother Qian, you cant stay in the sun for too long.

It wont be good if your makeup is ruined and your skin is burnt!”

Su Qian gently pushed her away, but his eyes were fixed on Su Qings back.

“I understand.

I know my limits.

I wont go into the water, alright”

Yuan Yang, who was walking in front, stood beside Su Qing.

He turned to look at Su Qian, who was behind them, and said, “Your brothers are quite good to you.”

Su Qing nodded lightly.

“They are pretty good to me.”

As she spoke, Wu Mu rushed into the sea excitedly and said loudly, “Its so comfortable! The water is very refreshing.” The waves slapped against her body, and Wu Mu turned around to look at Su Qing comfortably.

“Qingqing, youre so good! You even remember us when you come out to play!”

When Yuan Yang heard this, he nodded in agreement.

“Youre right.

I love Qingqing to death.”

As soon as Su Rui walked over, he heard Yuan Yangs words and looked at him warily and suspiciously.

“What nonsense are you spouting My sister doesnt like you!”

Yuan Yang looked at Su Rui and smiled awkwardly.

He quickly explained, “Second Brother Su, thats not what I meant! Qingqing and I are just very good friends.

Dont misunderstand.”

Su Rui still looked at him warily.

When Su Qing led him over just now, Su Rui felt that something was wrong.

Although he felt that his sister was beautiful and cute, and it was normal for someone to like her, but not this kid!

Thinking of this, Su Rui stepped forward and stood beside Su Qing, separating the two of them.

Su Qing didnt care about the problem they had just discussed.

She looked up at Su Rui and asked, “Has Second Brother settled it”

Su Rui looked at Su Qing and smiled.

“Is there anything that I, your second brother, cant handle Its just that we came in a hurry.

If we could have made an appointment earlier, we would have been able to book an additional boat!”


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