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“Thats right, thats right! When I was close to her just now, I could tell that her skin was simply amazing! As expected of Su Qians biological sister, both of them are good-looking.”

“I think shell definitely be the prettiest girl in our faculty!”

“How can she only be the facultys belle I think she can compete with the school belle, Chen Han!”

“I think what you said makes sense.

Isnt Chen Han just good-looking Not only is our Su Qing good-looking, she also sings well.

Shes much better than her.”

Indeed, fame was a terrifying thing! If Wu Mu knew about this, she would definitely be speechless.

She would even scold them.

This group of people had nothing better to do all day, so they went around causing trouble! Why did Su Qing have to compete with others She couldnt even be bothered to care about these trivial matters!

Their “favoritism” and attention also caused a lot of trouble for Su Qing.

In Teacher Zhous office.

Su Qing looked at Teacher Zhou and was a little stunned when she heard his suggestion.

She said, “I dont have any plans to debut, Teacher.”

Zhou Ling smiled and explained, “Youve misunderstood my intentions.

This stage is just to test the waters! I wanted you to come over and help Zhou Jing record a dance song because I think the two of you are compatible on stage! If you can participate, Ill be even happier!”

Seeing that Su Qing didnt react, Zhou Ling continued, “Dont worry, I wont let you work for nothing! Ill give you twice the normal salary in the industry!”

He really liked Su Qing and cherished her talent.

An outstanding person like Su Qing should stand on the stage and shine!

Su Qing thought for a moment and said, “Its not because of the salary.

I dont know if I can do it.” This wasnt like the time when she was forced by Zhou Ling to perform on stage, but rather, it was for Zhou Jings competition.

She wasnt sure if she could do it.

After all, she had never been involved in something like this before.

Moreover, it could be seen that Zhou Ling cared about his nephew, Zhou Jing, very much.

How much did Zhou Ling trust her that he wanted to rope her in

“Why cant you do it Youre simply the reincarnation of a Siren.

If I say you can, you can!” Zhou Ling looked at Su Qing and said eagerly, “Just treat it as helping your teacher! Alright”

Su Qing thought for a moment.

Teacher Zhou thought so highly of her, so it was indeed not good for her to reject him.

Anyway, it was just a small matter.

It was fine to try.

“Alright, I promise you.

Just inform me after youve confirmed the time,” Su Qing said.

Zhou Lings eyes lit up, and he was so excited that he almost reached out to hug Su Qing.

Fortunately, Su Qing dodged it quickly, and Zhou Ling didnt mind.

He happily bade her farewell.

When Su Qing walked out of the school building, she suddenly realized that she had accepted too many invitations today.

Shaking her head, Su Qing took out her phone and called Wu Mu.

The bad thing about the academy was that it was too big, and there were too many cafeterias, so Su Qing couldnt figure out where she was! Anyway, with Wu Mu and Yuan Yang around, she didnt have to worry about these things.

After lunch, Su Qing pulled Wu Mu back to the dormitory to rest.

After saying goodbye to them, Yuan Yang turned around and left.

Wu Mu thought about what happened in the afternoon and said, “The afternoon class is in the West District.

Its far away, so we can drive there.”

Su Qing was walking in front of her.

When she heard this, she turned her head and said, “You drove your car to school”

Wu Mu nodded and said, “Thats right.

Its more convenient this way.”

The two of them chatted casually, but when they turned the corner and went upstairs, they were stopped by a girl.

When Wang Yu looked at Su Qing, she was actually still a little timid.

However, when she thought about her only friend, she still mustered her courage and asked, “Why didnt Su Yan come to school”

Wu Mu looked at her and felt that it was a little funny.

“Youre really loyal to Su Yan! However, why are you looking for Qingqing when Su Yan didnt come to school Were not here because of Su Yan.”

“Youre Su Yans sister, so Im asking you, did something happen to her I couldnt get through to her phone, and I dont know where she went.

Arent the Su family anxious at all” Wang Yu asked in confusion.

She had seen Su Qian and Su Qing walking into the school happily.

No one cared about Su Yan.

“It seems like youre really not well-informed! Su Yan has already withdrawn from school.

If shes not here in the future, you dont have to worry about her anymore!” Wu Mu said.

Wang Yu was stunned.

“Withdrawn from school Why Wasnt she supposed to just bring her parents to meet the school authorities How could it be so serious! This shouldnt be the case!”


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