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Su Qing walked out of the living room and said calmly, “Its nothing! Lets go.

Any later, and well be late for breakfast.”

Su Rui followed Su Qing out.

Su Qings pace was faster than Su Ruis.

It took some effort for Su Rui to keep up with her.

After two laps, Su Rui panted heavily as he looked at his sister, and he felt a little defeated.

He was a professional racer, and could be considered an athlete, but he couldnt even compare to Su Qing!

Su Ruis breathing was a little heavy.

He turned to look at Su Qing and thought about the race team.

He said, “Do you want to go to our tracks to play There have been a few imported cars here recently.

I can give you a chance to test drive!”

Su Qings eyes lit up.

“Sure! But I still have a few days of classes this week, so Ill have to wait until the weekend.”

Su Rui nodded, indicating that he could wait for her.

“How did you train your physique Can you tell me”

Su Qing looked at him and chuckled.

“Sure, but there is a condition!”

Su Rui looked at her dotingly and said with a smile, “Theres still a condition Ive already agreed to let you test drive the new cars just now.

Cant you exchange it for your training tips”

Su Qing blinked slyly and said to Su Rui, “You were the one who said you wanted to let me test drive, I didnt ask you for it!”

Before she stepped into the house, she smiled mischievously.

“Do you want it If not, forget it!”

Su Rui nodded helplessly.

“Alright, alright! I want it! What is your condition Tell me!”

Su Qing crossed her arms in front of her chest and thought for a moment before saying, “I havent thought of it yet.

Ill tell you later.”

Su Rui vaguely felt that he had been tricked, but when he saw the smugness and cuteness on Su Qings face, he felt that it didnt matter if he suffered more.

After all, he only had one sister, and she was so cute.

If he didnt dote on her, who would

Kong Yue looked at the two children who were chatting and laughing as they walked in, and her face was filled with smiles.

“I heard from your eldest brother this morning that youre fine and youve already gone out for a morning jog, but I didnt believe him.

Why are you so mischievous Are you really fine”

Su Qing smiled at Kong Yue, and her voice softened unconsciously, “Mommy, Im really fine.

Dont worry.”

Su Qing had never been a flower in a greenhouse.

She was more like a small tree struggling to survive on the cracks of a cliff, filled with vitality.

Kong Yue nodded helplessly.

There were still many strange and interesting things about this child that were waiting for them to discover.

Su Qian sat at the dining table, drinking a glass of milk.

When he saw Su Qing, who had returned after washing her hands, he asked with a jealous smile, “What did you say to Second Brother just now Why are you so happy”

He didnt have the habit of waking up early to jog, so he had already missed many opportunities to jog with Su Qing.

Seeing how close Su Qing was with his second brother, he felt a little upset.

Su Qing sat opposite him.

When she heard this, she looked up at him and said calmly, “Its nothing.”


This brat looked so happy when facing Second Brother and Eldest Brother, but she ignored him.

Su Qian hated this.

How was he inferior to his Second Brother

Su Qian felt that he was much more interesting than his second brother, who only knew how to race.

Why did his sister only like to play with his second brother

Su Qian thought that he had to think of a way to build a good relationship with Su Qing.

An idea crept into his mind.

“Hey, Qingqing! I have an advertisement to shoot at the beach tomorrow.

Come with me to have some fun! Imagine the sun, beach, handsome men, and beautiful women there!”

Su Qing looked at Su Qians starry eyes and couldnt bear to reject him.

She asked, “Where are you going For how long”

“Somewhere near! Its only half a day.

If you want to go, Ill arrange it for you,” Su Qian replied quickly.

There were indeed no classes tomorrow afternoon.

Su Qing thought for a moment and nodded in agreement.

Seeing that Su Qing had agreed, Su Qian gave Su Rui a smug look. Look! Our sister still likes me the most.

Su Rui looked at his childish brother speechlessly and shook his head without saying anything.

At Floyd University.

Su Qing dismissed the annoying Su Qian, who had been circling around her, and walked into the entrance of her department.

This was the first time Su Qing had come to her classroom.

Many students screamed excitedly when they saw her.

Su Qing frowned slightly.

She saw Wu Mu in the crowd and walked towards her.


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