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When Kong Yue and Su Zheng returned to their room, it was almost 11 at night.

Kong Yue leaned against the bed and looked at Su Zheng gently.

His performance today was not bad.

He even knew how to stand up for his daughter.

That was really not bad!

“If you lock Su Yan up in that place, you have to find a few more people to keep an eye on her! She has a deep grudge against Qingqing, so we have to be wary of her.

Dont let her escape and create any more trouble in the future.” Kong Yue was meticulous, so she brought this up.

Su Zheng leaned over and hugged her.

“I know.

Ill be careful even if you dont tell me.” He sighed.

“I really didnt expect Su Yan to be so ruthless.

I was wrong about her in the past.”

Kong Yue nodded and said gently, “In the end, shes not our biological child, so her heart naturally wont be with us! Theres no need to be too sad.

Isnt your relationship with Qingqing slowly improving Let me tell you, Qingqing is much cuter than her.”

Kong Yue lay in Su Zhengs arms and thought of her precious daughter merits with her fingers.

She was extremely smart, honest, obedient, cute, and skilled at hacking.

She was simply a treasure.

The rarest thing about Su Qing was her simple and honest temperament.

It was hard for Kong Yue to imagine that Su Qing had grown up in such a shady place, but she didnt grow up to be a crook, neither she didnt have so many bad habits.

She was really a miracle child.

Su Zheng listened carefully to Kong Yues words and heaved a sigh of relief.

He couldnt deny that Su Qing was indeed very outstanding.

That day, when Su Qing returned with the trophy, he was actually very happy.

He was also very proud of Su Qings performance at the freshmen welcoming concert.

As expected of his only daughter!

Thinking about it carefully, Su Zheng realized that it was really as Kong Yue had said.

Su Qing was really a very powerful and precious girl.

On the other hand, Su Qing, who had fallen ill and slept early, didnt know that her parents were taking stock of her outstanding deeds.

After taking her medicine, she fell into a deep sleep.

It had been a long time since she had such a sweet sleep.

At six oclock the next morning, Su Rui looked at the energetic Su Qing and was a little stunned.

“You… Youve recovered” Because he was too shocked, his voice sounded a little off.

Su Qing looked at Su Rui, who was coughing to clear his throat, and nodded silently.

“Are we going for our morning jog”

Su Rui nodded and said in surprise, “Im indeed going for a jog! But are you sure youre alright Didnt you still have a fever last night Dont take your body lightly.

Mommy will scold you if you dont take care!”

When Su Xing went downstairs, he happened to see them.

He smiled when he heard this.

“Mommy wouldnt bear to scold Qingqing! If anyone should be scolded, it should be you.”

Su Qing looked at them helplessly.

“Im really fine.

Actually, there was no need to mobilize so many people yesterday.

I would have been fine after sleeping for a while.”

Su Rui and Su Xing observed Su Qings face carefully and realized that it was indeed no longer as red as last night.

Only then did they feel relieved.

“Eldest Brother, youre up so early.

Are you going to exercise too” Su Qing asked Su Xing.

Su Rui stretched his body slightly and smiled teasingly.

“Qingqing, you might not know this, but our eldest brother never exercises!”

“Huh” Su Qing asked in confusion.

That shouldnt be the case.

With her eldest brothers figure, how could he maintain it if he didnt exercise

“Hes a gym rat! Hahahaha,” Su Rui laughed out loud.

Before he could finish laughing, he was slapped on the back of his head by Su Xing.

“Are you done yet Isnt that training too I just dont have the time to run.

I still have a plane to catch this morning! Im not like you, who started acting like a rich second generation heir after you started training with your team!”

Su Rui was unhappy that his elder brother said that he was a rich second-generation heir.

He looked up and wanted to argue with Su Xing, but Su Xing ignored him.

Instead, he looked at Su Qing and said, “If you want to go for a morning jog, go quickly! Put on a jacket before going.

Dont catch a cold.”

Su Qing looked at her brother and nodded in agreement.

Most of the time, she felt that Su Xing wasnt just like an elder brother.

Previously, Su Zheng only treated her with disdain.

The person in this family who could make her feel the fatherly love that her master mentioned was Su Xing.

Su Qing thought to herself, Eldest Brother was indeed the most stable and reliable man in the family!

When Su Rui saw that Su Xing had already walked away, and that Su Qing was still staring at his back, he snapped his fingers, trying to catch her attention before asking, “Why are you staring at Eldest Brother”


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