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Su Qian quickly leaned forward and pushed Su Rui back.

“Qingqing will definitely like the chocolates I bought for her too.”

Su Rui and Su Lu glanced at the things in their hands and followed their brothers to her room.

Su Shui knocked on the door.

When he heard Kong Yues voice, he pushed the door open and walked in.

When he saw Su Zheng sitting at the side, he was a little surprised.

Why was their father here

Kong Yue didnt know whether to laugh or cry as she looked at them.

Why did her sons seem to have made an appointment They actually thought of coming over to deliver something to Su Qing.

“Mom, why is Dad here too” Su Qian, who had popped up from behind, looked at Su Zheng in confusion.

“Is Qingqing asleep I brought her a few boxes of delicious candy.

After she takes the medicine, she will probably want something sweet,” Su Rui said.

Su Lu was even more composed than his second brother.

He stood at the back with a gift for Su Qing.

Su Qing looked at her brothers who were standing in a row and said speechlessly, “What are you guys doing Those who dont know might think that Im seriously injured.”

“Pfft! What are you saying” Kong Yue rebuked.

She glanced at the four brothers who were standing and explained, “Theyre just concerned about you! Youve only just returned home, and so many things have already happened.

Youre really unlucky.

Itll be fine in the future.

This family is filled with people who love and dote on you!”

As Kong Yue spoke, a faint smile appeared on her face.

Su Zheng glanced at Kong Yue and didnt say anything.

He knew that Kong Yue was talking about the evil things that Su Yan had done to Su Qing, so he felt a little guilty.

That was why he wanted to come and see Su Qing.

However, he didnt expect so many people to follow behind him, making it seem like he was the one who led the group.

When Su Xing knocked on the door and entered, he was shocked to see so many people in the room.

“What happened Is there a secret meeting that I dont know about”

His teasing words immediately made Kong Yue laugh.

The Su brothers looked at each other and smiled helplessly.

What was going on!

The corners of Su Zhengs lips curled up.

He looked at the room full of people and suddenly felt a little relieved.

This was the scene of a family reunion that he wanted!

When Su Yan was around, the family had never been so united, nor so happy!

Indeed, Su Qing was his biological daughter, and she was also related to his sons by blood.

That was why his sons could accept her so quickly.

Some things were engraved in their bones, and no one could change them.

Su Qian smiled for a while before teasing Su Qing, “Youve really become our darling.

Using the terms of the entertainment industry, youre undoubtedly the pet of the Su family! Hahaha!”


Kong Yue smiled and echoed, “I think your Fifth Brother has summarized it very well.”

“Of course! Look at who I am!” Su Qian didnt forget to be narcissistic.

In the end, Kong Yue chased the group of people out of Su Qings room.

Su Qing was sick, but she wasnt a rare national treasure, so there was no need for so many people to visit her.

Besides, patients needed to rest more.

How could Su Qing rest when they were talking about her

After everyone left the room, Su Qing glanced at the gifts on her table.

Her heart was warm and sweet, just like the candy that Kong Yue had just peeled.

She began to realize that perhaps this was the kinship and love that her masters had said she had never experienced!

She thought that was pretty good too.

She liked the feeling.

At this moment, the Su family was in a joyous mood.

However, Su Yan, who had been sent away by Su Zheng, wasnt as lucky.

She was forced into the abandoned courtyard by two middle-aged servants and a middle-aged man.

There was dust everywhere.

How could this place compare to home

Su Yan felt like she was about to go crazy.

“I dont want to live here.

Let go of me! I want to go back! Daddy will forgive me this time!”

The middle-aged nanny almost couldnt hold her arm back.

When she heard this, she mocked, “Shut up! If you continue to keep talking about the master, Im going to slap your mouth!”

As she spoke, she ruthlessly pulled Su Yans hair and pulled her to the ground.

Looking at this sobbing ex-Miss Su, her heart was filled with disdain and disgust.

She spat on the ground and left the room with her men, locking the door behind her.


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