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“Ill prescribe some medicine for Miss Sus fever first! She should rest at home tomorrow; just pay some attention to her diet.

She should be fine after drinking more water!” The doctor stood up straight.

Kong Yue nodded.

“Alright, go ahead and prescribe the medicine.”

Seeing the doctor leave, Kong Yue touched Su Qings face.

“Ill bring you back to your room.

Take your medicine and sleep well.

You might be fine tomorrow!”

Su Qing looked at Kong Yue and nodded obediently before following her upstairs.

She was indeed feeling a little unwell, but it wasnt unbearable.

To her, this level of illness couldnt be considered ill at all.

Why was everyone so nervous

This was getting a little out of hand!

Su Qing thought that it was good that she didnt go out.

She really didnt want to go out today and just wanted to lie down.

If Wu Mu or Yuan Yang found out, they would laugh at her!

Su Qing, who had been like a tank for so many years, was finally sick.

This was really a rare scene.

The physical fitness of the agents in their bureau was top-notch, let alone the fitness of someone like Su Qing.

Su Qing also felt that she was acting a little strange.

She had only been drenched in the rain for a while, so why did she have a cold and fever This was not like her at all.

In the past, when she was carrying out missions, she would always be in the wind and rain.

At that time, she was completely fine, and her body was as strong as an ox.

Actually, the human body was very mysterious.

If one worked in an environment that required long-term high-intensity and high requirements, the body would indeed not fall sick easily in order to meet the requirements of the brain.

However, when they suddenly started to relax, or when they sensed that there was someone or something they could rely on, their brains and bodies would let down their guard at the same time.

During this period of time, their bodies would take the opportunity to eliminate the viruses or fatigue that had accumulated inside over the years.

Kong Yue took care of Su Qing considerately and warmly after she took her medicine.

She covered her tightly with the blanket and said warmly, “Try your best to cover up and sweat it out tonight.

Youll be fine tomorrow.”

Kong Yues voice was as gentle as the clouds in the sky.

Su Qing looked at her, and a warm feeling flashed across her heart.

She smiled and called, “Mommy.”

“Huh” Kong Yue replied softly and doubtfully.

Su Qing frowned slightly and said, “The medicine just now was really bitter.” Su Qing didnt realize that she was just complaining to Kong Yue.

Kong Yue smiled.

“Why are you still the same as when you were young You cant take anything bitter!” As she spoke, she seemed to have recalled something from a long time ago.

Her eyes were filled with tears, but they were filled with relief and joy.

“I…” Su Qing was about to ask Kong Yue a question when she was interrupted by a knock on the door.

Su Zheng held the box of candy in his hand and slowly walked towards Kong Yue and Su Qing.

He coughed lightly and asked, “Have you taken your medicine”

Kong Yue glanced at the candy in his hand and replied with a faint smile, “She has already eaten it, and was just complaining that it was bitter.”

When Su Zheng heard this, he quickly handed over the candy box in his hand and explained, “I dont know when someone sent me the box of candy.

I think its better to leave it here for Su Qing to eat!”

Su Qing turned her head to look at him, her eyes indifferent.

It was impossible to tell if she wanted it or not.

Su Zheng wasnt sure what Su Qing meant, but Kong Yue knew a little about her.

Su Qing had a cold expression, but her heart softened easily.

She wasnt a petty person, and this was very similar to her.

Kong Yue reached out and took the candy from Su Zhengs hand.

“Its just nice.

Qingqing can eat this now.

Sit down.” As she spoke, she opened the box and unwrapped one candy for Su Qing, then gestured for Su Zheng to sit on the chair beside her.

Su Qing looked at Kong Yues gentle face and ate the candy in her hand.

Before she could speak, she heard the soft commotion outside the door.

“Why are you here Qingqing might be asleep now.

Why are you here with your lousy game console Qingqing isnt playing games,” Su Rui said as he looked at the game console in his fourth brothers hand.

Su Shui glanced at him.

“This is the latest game developed by our Alliance.

I only have this one copy.

Qingqing will definitely like it.

As someone who doesnt go online, you definitely dont understand these things.

Go away!”

“Youre really something! To think that you would say so many words at once.

Youve improved so much that you dont care about your words anymore” Su Rui smiled.

Su Shui glared at him and walked in front.


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