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Su Qian turned his head and smiled when he heard Su Xings words.

“Got it, Eldest Brother.

Mommy isnt as naggy as you.” He wanted to reach out to hold Su Qings hand, but she avoided him.

Su Qing felt that her head had been aching ever since noon.

She didnt have much strength left, so she couldnt be bothered to waste her breath on Su Qian.

Su Rui walked over and pushed Su Qian away.

He stood in front of Su Qing and said, “Your driving skills arent good.

Let Qingqing sit in my car!”

“Second Brother, are you going too” Su Lu asked when he heard Su Ruis words.

Su Zheng looked at the brothers of the Su family who were standing beside Su Qing.

For some reason, he felt a little amused.

Why were they still acting like children Were they fighting over toys

“Of course I have to go! Ive been practicing my driving for too long recently, so I havent been able to talk to Qingqing properly,” Su Rui said, wanting to reach out and put his hand on Su Qings shoulder.

Su Qings reaction seemed to be half a beat slower.

She only reacted when Su Rui placed his hand on hers.

She raised her hand, wanting to push him away.

Su Qian was a little jealous when he saw how intimate his second brother was with Su Qing.

Just now, he didnt even touch Qingqings hand before it was dodged.

Why was his second brother still able to put his hand on Su Qings shoulder It was really unfair!

Kong Yue looked back and forth between her five sons.

She felt that all of them were very handsome and pleasing to the eye, and all of them had their own styles and charms.

Her daughter was also beautiful, and her face was fair and flushed, so beautiful that she couldnt take her eyes off her.

“Hey, thats not right! Qingqing, why is your face so red” Kong Yue looked at Su Qings face and felt that her face was abnormally red.

Su Rui immediately looked down at Su Qings face and reached out to touch her forehead.

The temperature was a little hot and soft.

It felt good, but it was obvious that Su Qing was burning up.

“Did you catch a cold from the rain and have a fever” Su Rui guessed.

Kong Yue quickly stepped forward and placed her hand on Su Qings forehead.

A few seconds later, she said in surprise, “You have a fever! Why didnt you say that you were feeling unwell”

Su Qing looked up at Kong Yue and Su Rui in confusion.

It took her a few seconds to react.

“Thats impossible.

How could I be sick Im not sick.”

She looked at the crowd around her, their faces filled with worry.

Su Qing smiled.

“I wont fall sick, really.”

Su Xing had already sent a message to the family doctor.

When he heard this, he smiled faintly and said, “Youre really cute.

Everyone in this world will fall sick.

Ive already called the family doctor.

Hell be here soon.”

Kong Yue pulled Su Qings hand and sat down.

She then pushed Su Qian and Su Rui away.

“Stop crowding around Qingqing.

Cant you see that her face is already red from the heat”

Su Lu frowned and looked at Su Qing, who had already sat down.

He was a little frustrated.

He had always been meticulous, but today, he didnt realize that Su Qing was sick.

He was really negligent to have thought of bringing the feverish Su Qing out for a breather.

Su Shui was also a little embarrassed.

As an elder brother, he was really too careless.

It could only be said that they were indeed twins.

They were so angry that everything was the same.

Soon, the family doctor came over.

When he saw the master, madams, and young masters surrounding the living room, he thought that something had really happened to the young lady, so he quickly went forward to check on her.

Kong Yue retreated slightly, giving the doctor more room.

Two minutes later, the doctor heaved a sigh of relief.

“Miss Su seems to be down with a cold.

Let me take her temperature.

If the temperature is too high, I suggest that we send her to the hospital.”

Su Zheng stood at the periphery of the crowd.

When he heard this, he immediately instructed, “Hurry up and test it.”

Su Qing looked at the doctor who was swaying in front of her and felt a little dizzy.

“Im fine.

Its probably just a low-grade fever.

Theres no need to trouble yourself.

Ill be fine after a nap.”

“What nonsense are you talking about Why are you still avoiding treatment Youre not a three-year-old child anymore, so why are you still afraid of seeing a doctor” Su Zheng said disapprovingly.

Kong Yue realized that Su Zheng was a fast talker and had already said everything she wanted to say.

She looked a little helpless.

“Qingqing, your father is right.

If youre sick, listen to the doctor.

That way, youll recover faster.”

Su Qing felt that Kong Yue was already coaxing her like a child, so she replied awkwardly, “Alright.”

When the doctor confirmed that Su Qing only had a low fever, he finally felt alive.

He was really a little nervous to be surrounded by his bosss family!


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