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At the thought of this, Su Qing pressed her forehead tiredly.

Because of this sudden situation, Su Qing and Su Qian couldnt return to school today.

Wu Mu accompanied Su Qing for a while before leaving the Su residence.

The rain didnt last long before it cleared again.

When Su Qing sat on the balcony of her room with a glass of water, Su Lu knocked on her door.

Su Qing looked at her two brothers standing in front of her and asked with her head tilted slightly, “Whats the matter”

Su Shui glanced at Su Lu and walked over with his computer.

He said softly, “I wanted to ask you to take a look at the firewall that I created.”

As he spoke, he sat on the cushion beside Su Qing and handed her his laptop.

Su Qing turned her head to take a look.

Wasnt this something very simple How could her Fourth Brother need help She didnt believe it!

Su Qing looked up at him and asked in confusion, “Thats it Are you kidding me”

Su Shui lowered his head and rubbed his nose.

He turned around and looked at Su Lu.

“I knew it!”

What were the two of them trying to do How baffling! Su Qing thought to herself and looked up at Su Lu.

Su Lu walked over and sat between Su Qing and Su Shui.

He smiled lightly.

“We were afraid that you would be in a bad mood because of what happened today, so we came to visit you.”

Su Qing was stunned.

After a long while, she asked, “Do I look like Im in a bad mood”

Su Shui nodded and pointed at her slightly furrowed brows.

“Its obvious.”

“If youre unhappy, you can tell your brothers.

Dad is indeed domineering sometimes, but thats all for the Su family.

We can understand that, but were worried that you might not be used to it,” Su Lu said gently.

Su Shui nodded in agreement and said coldly, “The punishment was indeed too easy on Su Yan.”

Su Qing looked at the two of them and finally understood.

Her two brothers were really here to comfort her, but wasnt this method a little too clumsy

Su Qing chuckled.

“Do you think Im sad”

Su Shui looked at her and shook his head.

“I dont think so, but Third Brother insisted on dragging me over! I think you really shouldnt waste your emotions on some unworthy people.”

Su Lu wasnt angry that Su Shui had sold him out.

He smiled faintly at Su Qing and said, “Anyone would be a little depressed to encounter such a thing, but its fine! Well bring you out to play and relax.”

“How about tonight The night view of the Cang River is very beautiful! Shall I take you for a ride” Su Shui suggested.

Su Qing looked at the two handsome brothers sitting in front of her and suddenly didnt know how to reject them.

She was about to speak when there was another knock on the door.

When Su Qian knocked on the door and entered, he didnt expect there to be so many people in the room.

He said in surprise, “Third Brother, Fourth Brother! Why are the two of you here too”

Su Lu looked up at him.

“Are you alright now”

Su Qian glanced at Su Qing and slowly walked over.

“Im fine.

Its just that Mommy is making a fuss.

Why are you looking for Qingqing”

“We want to bring Qingqing out to relax and see the night view of the Cang River.” Su Shui repeated their suggestion and looked at Su Qing.

“Do you want to go”

Su Qing looked at her fourth brother and nodded after a while.

It was boring to stay at home, so it was good to go out and enjoy the scenery.

“Then Ill go too!” Su Qian said loudly.

Therefore, after dinner, Kong Yue looked at her sons who were surrounding her daughter and said in confusion, “Why are all of you surrounding Qingqing Go and do what you should be doing.

Isnt it hot to be gathered together”

Su Qian held his car keys in his hand and said happily, “We agreed to bring Qingqing out for a walk.

The timing is just right.

Theres a breeze at the Cang River!”

As he spoke, he turned to Su Qing.

“Lets go! Take my car.”

Su Rui and Su Xing werent at home earlier, so they didnt know that they had asked Su Qing out tonight.

Now that they heard Su Qians words, they were a little unhappy.

Su Rui stood up and said, “Why didnt you tell us that you were going out to play”

Su Xing glanced at Su Qing.

He and Su Rui had also learned about what happened today from their mother.

They wished they could kill Su Yan to vent their anger.

Since Su Yan was so arrogant, they should send her to hell.

The Su family wasnt to be trifled with.

“Its good to go out and relax, but dont stay out too late,” Su Xing said.


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