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Su Qing walked out of Su Qians room and turned back to her room.

Wu Mu was still inside.

Looking at Su Qing, who had pushed the door open and entered, Wu Mu looked up at her and said to the person on the other end of the line, “I understand.

You did well.

Thats all for now.”

She hung up and reported to Su Qing, “The bureau is still very fast.

They just called to tell me that they have already picked up the group of killers from the Huo residence.

Huo Qi is very cooperative.”

When Wu Mu said the last few words, she looked at Su Qing strangely.

“How did Huo Qi know that you were in danger Hes even faster than the bureau!”

Su Qing sat beside Wu Mu and sighed slightly.

She really felt a little tired today.

Seeing that Su Qing didnt say anything, Wu Mu paused for a moment before continuing, “Youre really bold.

Fortunately, those killers underestimated your strength this time.

They thought that the target was just a rich young lady and didnt bring that many guns with them.

If they brought guns out from the onset, it would be bad since you didnt have any equipment! You cant be so careless next time.

With how much the bureau values you, theyll definitely provide support within ten minutes.”

Su Qing knew that Mu Zi was worried about her, but she wasnt impatient after hearing her nagging.

She glanced at Wu Mu and said, “Even if they have guns, I have a way to escape unscathed.” It would just be more troublesome with Su Qian around, Su Qing thought.

Wu Mu rolled her eyes and said speechlessly, “Alright, alright! I know that your name, Agent 004, isnt for nothing, but we still have to be careful.

If you damage even half a strand of hair, our masters will skin me alive.”

When Su Qing heard her exaggerated words, she smiled lightly.

“I understand.

Ill pay attention next time.”

As she spoke, her expression suddenly became serious.

“Dont tell the masters about this! Otherwise, Ill be nagged again.”

Wu Mu looked at her and smiled maliciously.

“Its already too late.

The bureau has already reported it to the Third Master.

Just you wait!”

“Speaking of which, dont try to avoid my question!” Wu Mu looked at her questioningly.

“Whats your relationship with Huo Qi From what I know, the Huo familys prison isnt something that they would easily lend to others! Also, why didnt you just tell the Su family your identity Do you have any worries Why did you agree to let Huo Qi interfere for no reason”

Even Wu Mu was a little confused by Su Qings actions.

Wasnt she indirectly telling Huo Qi that her identity was not simple

She even exposed her secret to Huo Qi.

How could she trust Huo Qi so much Something was wrong with Su Qing! Wu Mus mind was in a mess.

Su Qing looked at him and pouted.

“You really have a lot of questions!”

“Answer me quickly!” Wu Mu said seriously.

She was too curious.

Su Qing thought for a moment and said, “I dont know why Huo Qi appeared there so timely, but he did save me!”

Su Qing glanced at Wu Mu.

She recalled how Huo Qi leaned out of the window and fired that shot with a cold expression.

She sighed in her heart.

He was really handsome.

“Its not that I dont want to tell my family.

I just cant be bothered to explain.” The thought of her mother and her brothers asking questions made her head ache.

“When Huo Qi suddenly appeared, I had no way of avoiding him.

I felt that he was quite annoying, so I wanted to give him a hint that Im not just a good daughter of the Su family.

I wanted him to think that Im not that simple, so that he could stay away from me in the future.”

When Wu Mu heard Su Qings words, she was stunned.

So… it was just such a simple reason

Then, she realized that this was indeed Su Qings style.

There was no need to make a fuss! Su Qing was a different person.

Wu Mu listened to Su Qings explanation and thought about Huo Qi.

She felt that Su Qings actions would probably backfire.

She said with a gossipy expression, “Why do I feel that this will attract his attention even more Dont tell me you made a fool of yourself”

Su Qing frowned slightly and tried to think about what Wu Mu meant.

Why did it backfire She felt that her plan was very good!

The person Huo Qi wanted to marry was the obedient Miss Su.

As long as she did the opposite, wouldnt she be different from Huo Qis expectations In the end, he would naturally retreat!


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