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Huo Feng paused for a moment before continuing, “Theres still something I dont understand! Young Master, why did Miss Su do this behind the Su familys back And why did she choose to believe that you wouldnt expose her secret”

“Theres more than one thing that you dont understand,” Huo Qi said calmly.

This time, he answered Huo Fengs question respectfully.

“She probably didnt think of deliberately hiding it from the Su family.

Judging from how much she cares about her mother, she probably doesnt want her to worry, or…”

As Huo Qi spoke, he suddenly remembered Su Qings straightforward and cute personality.

He smiled and added, “Shes just too lazy to explain to them, so she chose to brush them off.

As for why you asked her why she believed that I wouldnt expose her secret, its probably because shes fearless!”

Huo Feng looked at the joy on Huo Qis face and felt a little helpless.

Oh no, his master had become a fool in love.

What should he do


Huo Qi thought about their meeting in the rain today and smiled gently.

He had always known how ignorant Su Qing was about relationships, but he wasnt in a hurry.

Wasnt it more challenging and fun to personally teach the person he loved to love him


Moreover, he could feel that Su Qing was no longer as resistant to him as she was in the beginning.

He could take it slow.

He knew the principle of boiling a frog in warm water.

At the Su residence.

In the afternoon, Su Qian slowly woke up.

When Su Qing saw that he didnt wake up for so long, she almost suspected that she had been too ruthless and crippled her fifth brother!

Fortunately, Su Qian had woken up.

Su Qing handed him some warm water.

“Drink some water.”

Su Qian subconsciously took the glass of water and held his neck with a pained expression.

“It hurts! Is my neck going to break”

“I didnt,” Su Qing said softly, but she was thinking that she really didnt hit him hard.

How could she have known that her Fifth Brother was so weak

Su Qian heard Su Qing mutter something, but he didnt hear her clearly.

He asked, “What did you say”

At this moment, Kong Yue, who happened to push the door open, interrupted Su Qians question.

When she saw that her son was already awake, she felt relieved.

“Its good that youre awake.

Are you still feeling unwell”

Su Qian looked at Su Qing strangely and said to Kong Yue, “No, my neck is just a little sore.

I slept quite comfortably!”

Kong Yue glared at her silly son and rebuked, “Your physique is really bad! Why did you let your sister protect you when you encountered such a dangerous situation You should go and practice karate again!”

Kong Yue was shocked by this matter.

She wouldnt allow any of her children to be hurt, so it was necessary for them to learn some self-defense skills.


Su Qian didnt understand, but when he saw the seriousness in Kong Yues eyes, he nodded silently.

He wanted to ask Su Qing why she knocked him out, but since his mother was here, he didnt know if he should ask.

Actually, he was a little angry.

He and Su Qing were in danger together, but Su Qing knocked him out and faced so many assassins alone.

Of course, he knew that Su Qing only did this because she was confident.

Reality had also proven that Su Qing could indeed defeat those people.

He just didnt like Su Qings act of abandoning him!

He knew that Su Qing did that to protect him, but he still felt a little awkward and uncomfortable.

He wished he could face it with her!

Su Qian glanced at Su Qing and felt a little discouraged.

He felt that if he didnt make things clear to Su Qing, this silly girl would probably never understand the care and worry her family had for her.

Su Qian was right.

Su Qing had knocked him out to protect him, but more importantly, she was worried that he would drag her down.

She was worried that she wouldnt be able to protect him when they fought.

Also, she didnt want to expose her identity as Special Agent 004 so early.

The facts proved that she was right.

The other party had a gun.

If those people really accidentally injured Su Qian, she didnt know how she would explain it to Kong Yue!

Who knew Su Qings mind had considered so many things when she knocked him out Fortunately, they were all fine now!

Su Qing sensed the strange look in Su Qians eyes when he looked at her, and she didnt understand what he meant.

She looked at Su Qian in confusion, only to receive a helpless look from him.

Unfortunately, the two of them didnt understand what the other was trying to get at.


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