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Su Yan looked at Su Zhengs expression and was secretly pleased.

Although Kong Yue managed to contain the matter this time around, she could still continue to find fault with Su Qing in the future.

As long as she planted a seed of dissatisfaction in Su Zhengs heart tonight, she felt that she had succeeded.


Su Qing had just gone up when Su Rui arrived home.

Seeing him walk in, Su Zheng snorted, “Why are you back so late”

Su Rui threw the keys in his hand to the side and looked at the people in the living room in surprise.

“Are you having a late night meeting here Why arent all of you asleep”

Hearing his sloppy tone, Kong Yue glared at him lightly.

“I specifically told you to come back and meet your sister tonight, but you said that you had something on, and even returned home so late!”

Su Rui smiled and grabbed his mothers hand to coax her, “Dont be angry, Mom.

You wont look pretty anymore if youre angry!”

Kong Yue glared at him before turning to look at Su Zheng.

“Go back and sleep.

Anyway, shes already back.

We can talk about it in the future.”

Su Zheng turned around and went upstairs.

“Youre always doting on all of them.”

Su Yan didnt expect Su Rui to return even though it was already so late, and he came just after Su Qing returned.

She walked over and approached him.

“Second Brother, youre back!”

Su Rui smiled lightly and nodded.

“Mhm, why isnt everyone asleep yet”

Su Yan smiled obediently and exaggerated the matter of Su Qing returning late.

When Su Rui heard this, he didnt say anything.

He didnt care much about these trivial matters.


When he went upstairs and entered the room, he saw the message that his teams manager had sent him.

Back at the track, he didnt manage to catch that woman, but now, the manager actually reported that he couldnt find any information about her! What were these people doing!


The manager was also feeling very helpless.

Qingbao wasnt cooperating, how was he going to force it out of them

What they didnt know, was that even if they really tried to force Qingbao to share the information, they really didnt have it.

Su Qing only came here because of Sang Ning, and she didnt even say a word to the others on the team.


‘Youd better think of some way to find out who she is.

After replying to the manager, Su Rui threw his phone onto the counter and looked at himself in the mirror.

He thought of the woman in the fiery red racing suit.

She was really quite mysterious.

The next morning, Su Qing woke up very early.

She made it a habit to exercise every morning, and the courtyard of the Su familys house was very suitable for exercise.

When she opened her bedroom door and walked out, she happened to meet Su Rui, who had also woken up early.

Su Qing glanced at him and nodded at him in greeting.

Su Rui frowned slightly.

“Youre Su Qing”

Su Qing paused for a moment and nodded lightly.

“Mmm.” Could she have been discovered

Su Rui looked at her.

She was very beautiful, and bore a striking resemblance to their mother.

However, her eyes were even clearer, and she was not short.

She might even be two centimeters taller than Su Yan.

“Im your second brother, Su Rui! Are you not going to greet me”

Su Qing looked up at him.

She thought to herself, of course she knew that he was Su Rui, but it seemed like he didnt realize who she was.

She ignored him and headed downstairs.

Su Rui was fuming that he cackled, “Youre really not going to greet me Where are you going”

He followed Su Qing out of the door.

He had planned to go out for a morning jog, but when he saw that Su Qing was also dressed in sportswear, he asked, “Are you going for a run Lets do it together!” For some reason, the words flowed naturally out of his mouth, and he didnt even expect it.

This was the first time they met.

Why was he being so friendly towards her This was so unlike him!


He turned to look at Su Qing, who seemed to have fallen into a daze, but he heard her say, “No, Im going to practice martial arts here.”

“Are you saying that you know martial arts” Su Rui looked at her in surprise and disbelief.

Su Qing ignored him and started practicing, looking skillful as she displayed her moves!

The sun was shining brightly in the courtyard, creating a warm filter around the area.

Butler Wang was busy arranging breakfast for everyone, and when he passed by, he happened to see the scene of the Second Young Master and Young Miss exercising.

It was an eye-catching sight, seeing these two attractive people moving harmoniously together.

Su Rui realized that Su Qing really had some skills.

This set of fist techniques she practiced looked simple, but in reality, it required a certain level of mastery.

Looking at Su Qing, who had slowly stopped, Su Rui smiled.

“Not bad! Youre quite decent.”

“Arent you going to do your morning exercises too Why are you just watching me” Su Qing asked.

Su Rui was stunned.

It was only then that he realized that he had also said that he was out for morning exercise.

He coughed lightly and said, “Im going to take a break today.”


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