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Chapter 50.2


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


After she fell asleep, Jiang Hanfei turned his head to look at her: Everything he heard and saw today was incredible.

It turned out that there was such a thing as an out-of-body soul in this world, and it happened to the girl beside him.

The only witness to this event was himself.


It was a secret between them, making him somewhat secretly happy.

This was the closest contact between the girl and him, and he didn’t know how long this would last, but he would cherish this time.


Jiang Hanfei had been back for a week.

The crew was trying to catch up and kept pushing, so he had to leave.

Naturally, Su Yunluo also followed him and left.


After a short flight of two hours, the two arrived in X.

City X was a well-known ancient capital with one of the country’s most famous film and television cities, and countless classic movies and dramas were born here.

This time, Jiang Hanfei was directing a large-scale costume movie here.


Just as the two arrived at the shooting site, a woman in ancient costume greeted him, “Director, you are finally here.” She was all smiles, and her eyes charmingly looked at him.


The woman’s delicate voice gave Su Yunluo goose bumps, and Jiang Hanfei frowned without a trace.

“How come you’re here”


“Aigoo, director.

I know you’re back today, so I came here to wait for you and talk to the director about acting while I’m here.” The woman’s words were full of suggestiveness.


Jiang Hanfei looked disgusted.

“I don’t have time for you.

If you have anything to do, find the assistant director.” After saying that, he took Su Yunluo and left without looking back.


This woman was the fourth female in the film.

The original investor insisted on shoving her in.

The investor initially wanted her to be the second female, but Jiang Hanfei refused.

The actress had no acting skills, and he would not let her ruin his film.

If not for a few friendships with the investor, she wouldn’t even get a turn as the fourth female.


Jiang Hanfei took a short break at the hotel and went to the shooting site.

It was Su Yunluo’s first time in this kind of place.

Looking at the magnificent set, she felt very shocked.


This movie told the story of how a palace maid struggled to survive at the bottom, fighting and upgrading along the way and finally becoming the empress of her generation.

This was a big feminist drama, and the male role was less covered.

Even the male protagonist’s part was small, and he could call it a day after a few scenes were shot.


The movie’s hero and heroine were the most well-known domestic powerhouse actors, the second and third actresses were famous stars, and the other supporting actors were selected through multiple rounds.


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