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Chapter 49.1


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada



When he left the hospital, Jiang Hanfei couldn’t resist punching Xu Xiangchen.

“You bastard! Luo Luo is so kind and beautiful.

How can you hurt her so much”


Xu Xiangchen could not argue and received the punch.

A large bruise appeared on his handsome face.

“It’s all my fault.”


“If Luo Luo really can’t wake up, not to mention the teacher and the teacher’s wife, I won’t let you go!” After saying that, Jiang Hanfei turned around and left.


Su Yunluo, who was not far away, looked at the situation before her and felt some headache.

[System, how will I approach Jiang Hanfei in this state now]


[Don’t worry.

You have a golden finger in this world, and only Jiang Hanfei can see you.] The system spoke.


[What conditions do I need to activate it] Su Yunluo spoke.



Only needs a few of the host’s points.] Under Su Yunluo’s gaze, the system’s heart weakened.


There was no way.

Su Yunluo could only bear the pain and agree for the sake of the mission.


That evening, Jiang Hanfei returned to his apartment in Xinghe Bay.

He had several properties under his name while he lived here in the country.

When Su Yunluo moved out of the family house, he lent it to her.

He moved to another apartment or stayed in a hotel.


Jiang Hanfei did not live at home very often.

He studied directing at university and directed several films during his time, all of which were well-received.

Later, he had the honor of handling an international production with a famous director, which was a massive success at the box office, and he won the highest award in the film industry: Best Director at the International Film Festival.


Hence, he was now an internationally famous director, and many stars were proud to be in his films.

He spent almost every day on the set and was home for no more than two months a year.

The month Su Yunluo lived in his apartment was the most frequent time he came home.


Just as Su Yunluo liked Xu Xiangchen, Jiang Hanfei had also wanted her for a long time.

He hid it well, did not let her know, and only dared to secretly look at her lovingly in places she could not see.

During the month she lived in his house, that was the closest they had been.

At that time, he could see her every time he went back, which taught him to be happy.


However, looking at this empty house, Jiang Hanfei felt regretful.

If he could have made more time to come back to see Luo Luo, perhaps she would not have been in trouble.


He drank beer from bottle to bottle, and only when drunk could he feel less pain.

When drunk, he saw the girl he had been missing squatting in front of him.

She looked at him worriedly, “Brother Hanfei, are you okay”


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