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Chapter 41.1


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada



In the bedroom


Su Yunluo sat against the bed, holding a thick photo album in her hand.

Gu Yiyin sat beside her, accompanying her to flip through it.


To compensate for Gu Yiyin’s regret, Su Yunluo asked her mother to bring the photo album about her.

Father and Mother Su began making albums belonging to the two siblings after they were born.

One for each of them, which contained full of memories.


“Look, this is what I looked like when I was born.” Su Yunluo pointed to one of them and spoke.


In the photo, Su Yunluo was wrinkled and tiny.

Her eyes were not open, and her little fists were clenched, so she could not see the beauty.

Next to the photo were her birth data, including the date, weight, height, and so on.


Seeing the weight column, Gu Yiyin couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow, “So Luo Luo was so heavy at birth, nearly 8 pounds.”



Mother said that when she was pregnant with me, she was very good at eating.

And I was very naughty in her belly and loved to move, often making her sleep poorly at night.

It took some effort to give birth to me because of my large size.” Su Yunluo spoke.


The two turned over page by page.

The first time she turned over, the first time she grew teeth, the first time she crawled.

Many precious firsts were recorded by her parents.


“This one was taken when you were a few years old” Gu Yiyin pointed to a photo of Su Yunluo in tears.


“This one Let’s see.” Su Yunluo pondered, then revealed a smile.”This was taken when I was six years old.

At that time, a little boy was next door, one year older than me.

He looked chubby and cute, and everyone called him “Little Fatty.” Little Fatty was terrible when he was young.

He loved to bully me.

I was so angry once he stole my ice cream that I burst into tears, so I filmed it.”


“So, did you go home to tell your parents” Gu Yiyin looked curious.


“No, but I complained to the auntie next door, and Little Fatty was scolded.

The next day, the auntie brought Little Fatty to apologize and bought me a big container of ice cream.” Su Yunluo smiled with a smug face.


“But Little Fatty is not fat now.

After high school, he went to the army and is now a handsome soldier brother.

He found a beautiful girlfriend and will get married next month.” Su Yunluo looked sentimental.


Gu Yiyin listened to Su Yunluo recount the story behind each photo.

It was as if he had witnessed her growth and felt indescribably wonderful.


The next day, Su Yunluo took Gu Yiyin back to the countryside to visit her grandparents, and Su Yunting and Yang Peishan also went.


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