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Although Yang Mulin loved Yang Peishan, he knew that with Yang Peishan’s ability, she could not manage this big group.

Once he retired to his old age, no one would take over the business.

Yang Peishan would be easy to use by people who wanted to take advantage of her simple nature.


Due to various considerations, Yang Mulin searched for a suitable successor, and Su Yunting was the best candidate.

Su Yunting had a strong ability and was the one that Yang Peishan liked.

If he was chosen as the successor, Shengguang Group would definitely go to the next level, and his daughter would be well fed and clothed for the rest of her life.

Therefore, Yang Mulin had already trained Su Yunting in the direction of a successor.


They chatted for a while, and Su Yunting left first, saying he had something to do.


In the car, perhaps affected by the lingering consciousness of the original owner, Su Yunluo looked very emotionally drained.

“Luoluo, you and your brother’s relationship…” Gu Yiyin asked her cautiously.


The situation just now was obvious to see.

Su Yunluo and Su Yunting’s relationship was really cold.

It was not like brother and sister, but more like ordinary friends or perhaps not even ordinary friends.


Su Yunluo tugged out a smile, “My brother grew up like that.

He is so indifferent to everything, me, and even my parents.

He is cold and distant as if we are not a family.

At first, I thought it was because he could not express it, but now I think he is probably such an emotionless person.”


Su Yunluo sighed.

The original owner really wanted to get along well with her brother.

Still, some people were really only destined to be familiar strangers.


Gu Yiyin didn’t know how to comfort her but could only grab her hand and show her that he would be by her side no matter what.


Today, Su Yunluo’s company department had a dinner party.

An entire team went to eat hot pot and then moved to KTV.


Inside the luxury room of KTV, the head of the department was singing, and a group of men was applauding him below.

When he was happy, he sang several songs one after another.


“Singing all those old songs, no wonder they call him Old Fogey,” a woman sitting next to Su Yunluo rolled her eyes.


The head of Su Yunluo’s department was a middle-aged man in his forties.

He treated his subordinates well, but he had too many rules and was not adaptable, so he was privately nicknamed “Old Fogey.”


Su Yunluo looked at her amusingly, “Okay, you keep your voice down.

If he hears you, you’ll have to bear it.” The woman spat out her tongue.


At this time, Su Yunluo’s cell phone rang, and she stood up and went outside to answer the phone.


“Yiyin,” Su Yunluo shouted.


“Luoluo, where are you” Gu Yiyin’s voice sounded muffled.


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