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Chapter 935: News

Late night.

The beach outside of the seaside mansion.

The moon shone on the sea, and it was quiet.

Dong Xuebing had set off at night, and it was almost dawn when he returned.

They docked at the small pier and got off.

Dong Xuebing, Xie Jing, and Sun Kai were sleepy and tired.

Only Xie Hao was excited.

“Haha! We are back!” Xie Hao shouted.

Xie Jing scolded.

“Lower your volume.

People are sleeping!”

Xie Hao replied.

“Sis must be waiting for us.

Lets go!”

“Why are you so excited” Xie Jing laughed.

“You are always so excited whenever something happens.”

Ring… ring… ring….

Dong Xuebings phone rang.

He looked at the caller display, and it was Xie Haos father, Xie Guojian.

Before answering, he quickly gestured to Xie Jing and the rest to keep quiet.

“Hello, Second Uncle.”

“Xiao Bing, why is your phone off”

“Oh, we are at the beach.

Maybe the signal is weak.

What is it”

“Xiao Hao asked me for the fishing boat coordinates and told me the local fishing boats were joining the rescue party.

Did you all go with them”

“Of course not.”


I heard the fishermen were rescued, but I dont know the details.

I am waiting for updates from my men.”


“I called because I was worried.

Go back to sleep.



Dong Xuebing looked at Xie Hao after hanging up.

“It was your Dad.

I told him we did not go anywhere.

You must not say anything.”

Xie Hao patted his chest.

“Rest assured.”

Dong Xuebing had no choice but to hide what he had done from the Xie familys elders.

He was afraid the higher-ups would know what he did.

He had just killed over twenty pirates and would be investigated if the higher-ups knew what he had done.

Xies familys elders scold him for bringing Xie Jing and Xie Hao.

Thats why this was a secret between the third generation.

Seaside mansion.

It was cold at night.

They were shivering when they entered the mansion.

The lights were on, but no one was in the living room.

Dong Xuebing entered his room and saw Xie Huilan and Xie Ran watching a variety show.

Xie Huilan looked at them.

“You are back.”

Dong Xuebing nodded.

“Why are you all not sleeping”

Xie Ran saw everyone had returned safely and was relieved.

He smiled.

“I told Sis to sleep, but she refused.

She wanted to wait for you all.”

Xie Jing looked around.

“Where are Uncle Wu and Youyou”

Xie Ran replied.

“They are sleeping upstairs.

Did anything happen”

“Nothing… nothing….” Xie Hao laughed.

“What can happen with Brother-in-law around”

Xie Huilan glanced at them and said.

“How come you all looked pathetic Xiao Bings clothes are wet, and what happened to Xiao Jing and Xiao Haos clothes Did you all rescue the fishermen”

“Of course.”

“And then”

“And then….


Its a long story.” Xie Hao laughed.

“Sit around.

I will tell you all what happened.”

Xie Ran laughed.

“Stop beating around the bush and tell us!”

Dong Xuebing sniffed and said.

“Tell them what happened.

I am going to take a shower and change into dry clothes.

Its cold.”

Inside the bathroom.

Dong Xuebing took off his clothes and filled the bathtub with hot water.

He soaked in the bathtub to warm himself.

It felt good, and he slowly regains his energy.

Five minutes….

Ten minutes….

Dong Xuebing put on a bathrobe and walked out lazily.

Xie Hao had not finished.

This brat was too long-winded.

“They tried to crash into us….” Xie Hao waved his hands around and looked furious.

“Dont you think they are too much! These bastards….

Thankfully, I reacted fast and steered the yacht to avoid them.

If I were a split second slower, we would be crushed.”

Xie Jing laughed.

“Can you stop exaggerating”

Xie Hao rolled his eyes.

“I was telling the truth.

After that, they used water cannons to hit us.

The glass windows of the yacht were smashed, and Brother-in-law almost fell into the sea.

Because of my quick reaction, the yacht sailed away before it got heavily damaged.

If it were not for me, all of us would be…..”

“Get straight to the point.” Xie Huilan was yawning.

Dong Xuebing laughed and hugged Xie Huilan from her back.

Xie Hao saw Dong Xuebing and continued.

“Of course, Brother-in-law was the star.

After we retreated to the rescue boats, he got furious, chased us off the yacht, and sailed back to the vessels.

One of them sped up and tried to sink the yacht.

It was dangerous, and guess what he did when they were about to collide”

Xie Ran guessed.

“He avoided it”

Xie Huilan did not say anything.

Xie Hao smiled proudly.

“Hmph! You all can never guess it.

It was not my Brother-in-laws style to avoid them.

He floored the accelerator….

Wait, thats not an accelerator.

Anyway, he pushed the yacht to its full speed.”

Xie Hao was confused.

“Why did he do that”

“Good question.” Xie Hao said excitedly.

“My Second Sis and I were puzzled too.

We realized what had happened a few seconds later.

Brother-in-law was going to collide with them head-on!”

Xie Rans eyes nearly popped out.

“Head-on collision with a Coast Guard vessel!”

Xie Hao laughed.

“Thats right.

We had the same expression.

All of us were stunned and thought Brother-in-law had gone mad.

Guess what happened next.

The crash was loud, and the yacht was knocked away.

However, there was not a single scratch on the yacht.

However, the vessels hull had a dent!”

Xie Ran laughed.

“Stop making up stories and tell us what happened.”

Xie Hao got mad.

“I am telling the truth.

My Brother-in-law was furious and crashed the yacht into the vessel two more times at the same spot, and it sunk! That was a terrific feeling when the officers on the vessel had to abandon the ship on their lifeboats.

The other vessel came closer to rescue the officers, and my Brother-in-law used the yacht to crash into them.

That vessels hull was dented, and they ran away from him.

They were scared of a small yacht.”

“Can you be serious” Xie Ran did not believe Xie Hao and looked at Xie Jing.

“Xiao Jing, I dont believe what he says.

You tell me.”

Xie Jing smiled.

“Xiao Hao did not make those up.

It was like what he said.”

Sun Kai nodded.

“Did you hear that!” Xie Hao shouted.

“I was telling the truth.”

Xie Ran shook his head and looked at Xie Huilan.

“Sis, they are ganging up to fool us.

Do you believe them”

Xie Huilan did not reply and looked at them.

The variety show on TV ended, and it was a news flash.

The TV stations in China would not report such news, but Taiwanese media were not restricted.

It was footage of a few fishing boats at the port.

The port was crowded, and the news anchor reported.

“We interrupt with a news flash.

The trapped fishermen were just recused, and our reporter had interviewed them at the port earlier.

They told us that a young man on a yacht saved them.

He sunk a Coast Guard vessel and chased the other away with his yacht.

The boat captains said the young man refused to reveal his name, and no one knows who he is.”

Xie Rans jaw dropped when he heard this.

Its true.

Dong Xuebing had sunk a vessel with a small yacht!

This was shocking.

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