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Chapter 470 – The Gorgeous Star River

Lying on the ground with both hands tied up as well as a blocked vision, just as Hardy thought, even if Lin Xiao was actually a seventh-level magician, he couldn’t even use ten percent of his full strength.

Indeed, if it were a normal seventh-level magician, they would surely die, but Lin Xiao was far stronger than a normal seventh-level magician, and more importantly, he was better than anyone else at blind fighting!

Normally speaking, losing their sight would cause a big problem for most casters, but it didn’t affect Lin Xiao much, the main reason being his little sister.

Everyone knows that even though Snow lost her sight, she was still very strong, so how do you think she became that strong How could a ten years old blinded little girl learn how to fight by herself

The reason Snow was able to take that first step was that her brother Lin Xiao taught her! In order to help his sister, Lin Xiao also sealed his own sight for a period of time.

At that time, he bound his own eyes and lived together with Snow in darkness, he accompanied her to face their fears, to touch the unseen world and to help her overcome her fears and also taught her how to fight while being blind and personally trained her to become the snow witch.

You could say that Lin Xiao wasn’t a good brother in some areas because he could never understand Snow which caused their relationship to fracture… but in terms of worrying for her personal safety, he was definitely the best, most qualified brother!

“Is it difficult casting while blind It indeed might be a bit difficult, but for you… it’s enough!” He coldly snorted and snapped his fingers and there was a loud humming sound.

It was like Barrett said, at such a close distance if Lin Xiao cast the magic shield again, it might not be enough to block Hardy’s punch!

So, Lin Xiao didn’t choose to defend, he chose to attack!

“No magic shield At least you have some awareness! Now die!!!”

Hardy never saw the same light for the magic shield so he punched without any reservation!

But there was something Hardy didn’t know… what was that strange humming sound earlier

Since Lin Xiao didn’t plan to defend with a magic shield, what did he plan to do

Was he going to counterattack

What a joke, he can’t even see, so counter my ass!

But in that instant, his fist suddenly collided with something.

What the hell

There was a strange sensation from his fist like he shattered something and left behind vortexes of magic power, but it was weak and didn’t affect his punch.

Strange… what’s going on

At that instant, it was like time slowed down.

Hardy could clearly feel his punch moving further, but that strange energy increasing and crystallizing.

It was beautiful but also fragile and continued to accumulate on the top of his fist.

Was this Lin Xiao’s plan, to use some useless crystals to block his black dragon fist

But… wait!

Just as Hardy was laughing at Lin Xiao’s foolish acts, Hardy immediately became vigilant.

Lin Xiao wasn’t an idiot! He already demonstrated his intelligence during the meeting earlier, so how could he be doing something so foolish

Could it be that these crystals were some sort of hidden mystery

“It shouldn’t be… my god, it can’t be!”

Hardy suddenly thought of something and was terrified.

He remembered that even if magicians lost their sight, they still had something called blind warfare and one of the methods they used was to rely on small sticky magic crystals for positioning.

In order to supplement their sight and to guard and counter against close-range attacks, some magicians invented some complicated crystallization positioning methods.

To put it simply, it spreads its magic power into the air nearby and solidifies into crystals, and casts an impenetrable web.

As long as someone attacks, they would surely break those fragile crystals, although the crystals themselves do not attack or defend, they had another important use…

It locates and guides!

Hardy looked up sharply and realized the thing he was dreading was happening right in front of him.

Countless dark purple balls appeared out of thin air right in front of him, like numerous gorgeous stars, the balls gathered around Lin Xiao.

Mystic bullets, those are mystic bullets! But how could that be possible How could Lin Xiao cast so many in such a short amount of time, unless he used multi-casting

But he didn’t even move, how could he cast so many

Hardy was filled with questions, but alas those questions would never be answered because from the instant he barged into Lin Xiao’s crystal web, he already became the prey!


Lin Xiao still had his eyes closed and gave up on his vision as he concentrated and directed the bullets toward Hardy!

What How could he control those bullets to attack without seeing It was because of the magic crystals from earlier!

Hardy’s punch that shattered the magic crystals already marked his location, so he could accurately attack Hardy.

“Lin Xiao, who are you!”

When Hardy saw all those bullets attacking him, he already knew that he fell into a trap and already lost, but he couldn’t retreat and he could only keep going.

He roared and countless shadows of black dragons surged forth to collide with the mystic bullets.

Boom, boom, boom… the mystic bullets continued to collide with him and created vortexes of magic power.

They completely wiped out all the dragon shadows and completely stopped the momentum of his attack.


Hardy resisted and burned his remaining life-force as he stamped his feet into the ground creating two large craters.

But even so, he couldn’t resist the vortex and it this continued his aura would be completely enveloped by the mystic energy.

“Fuck it, it’s all or nothing!”

Hardy’s eyes bled as he used his left arm as a shield and then charged in.

The explosions continued and the mystic energy enveloped him and in half a second his left arm was completely tattered.

And that was exactly what he wanted.

“Lin Xiao, you can’t stop me anymore… die!”

Hardy couldn’t feel pain anymore as he leaped high into a blind spot and attacked.

“Hardy, do you not understand what positioning is”

With a simple movement of his finger, all the mystic bullets turned and created different arcs as they flew around toward Hardy.

“Lin Xiao! Lin Xiao!!! I won’t spare you even if I die, the apostle won’t spare you! You’ll die sooner or later! Haha! Hahaha!”

Before dying, Hardy’s crazed laughter spread throughout the meeting room.

In just a couple of seconds, his laughter completely stopped and what replaced it was the sound of flesh grinding and a bloody shower that rained down, staining the entire sky red.



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