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Chapter 72

Prostitute’s Sword Dance

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


In the city of Pindos, at the usual brothel, in Orthia’s room.

She was leaning over me, and with her sexy voice.

“Hermes-chan, it’s a once in a lifetime request”

I silently grinded the side of Orthia’s head, which was being flirty.

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!”


After struggling to get out, Orthia glared at me with tears in her eyes and a bitter look on her face.

“What’s wrong, Hermes-chan, isn’t it different from your usual Umeboshi(head grinding) It’s too strong, I don’t feel any affection from it”

“Is that so, my bad”

“No, it’s okay in particular, but it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!”

I pull Orthia in again and muzzle it once more with umeboshi(head grinding).

“No, that’s not what I meant.

I didn’t mean for you to do your usual umeboshi(head grinding).”

“Is that so”

“Mou! Hermes-chan, you’re terrible!”

“So, what’s this request of a lifetime”

Her words are a big mess, but it’s too late now, so I let it pass.

“Uhm, hey, I want Hermes-chan to teach me how to use a sword, ouch, ouch, ouch!”

“Not you too, brutus”

“Wait! That’s terrible, Hermes-chan, isn’t that a little strange just now”

“Ah, sorry, I did it out of spite.”

“That made you detained me for that, though!”

“It doesn’t matter.

If you get detained in this town, I’ll be the one to bring you to justice.”

Since after all, I’m the lord.

But still…… what is it what’s up with Orthia.

“Can you elaborate a little Why the sword”

“Well anyway, what I want to tell you is…… about the sword dance Is that what you call it”

“Sword dance…… as a performance, huh”

“Yes, yes, that’s it.

I thought that if I follow that with my body, I could make my customers happier.”


“Look, I’m more suited to that than to playing an instrument, right”

“That’s true.”

Orthia lacks the straightforward sex appeal of a prostitute.

Of course, in terms of being beautiful, she’s beautiful, but she’s too bright and carefree.

I often feel as if we have been best friends for a decade.

Of course, that’s almost synonymous with “easy to spend with”, “comforting” and such, so it’s a fine weapon for her as a prostitute.

But I’m not saying that Orthia isn’t a good fit for it, but I also think that maybe she would be better received if she danced and showed off one of her swords, as she says, rather than playing an instrument and singing a song.

“That’s why, please, I’ll do anything you want.

Tell me and I’ll do whatever you want, I’ll be your only girl for the duration.”

“That’s normal.”

I dared to go in, and I think this ease of mind is one of the reasons why Orthia is such a popular prostitute.

“But still …… sword dance, huh”

I stood up, pulled out the sword at my waist, and began to dance.

I’m not that good at sword dancing, but, well, let’s give it a shot.

The pattern I learned as a child, the story I have in my head, the imaginary accompaniment to it.

The swordlight drew an afterimage in the room, creating a beautiful trajectory.

When the music which was taking part in my brain is also played until the end and the dance was completed,

“Is this what you want”


“Orthia O~y, what’s up”

For some reason, Orthia is stunned.

I put my hand out in front of her eyes and waved it in a fluttering motion.

Perhaps in response to that, Orthia slowly stood up and put her hands around my waist――.

“Wait a minute! Why are you trying to take my pants off”

“Ah, I’m sorry, it was unintentional”

“Unintentional! Why were you taking off my pants unintentionally, though”

“Because you were so beautiful.

I wondered if Hermes was actually a girl.”

“That’s crazy! It’s not even a new thing to you, like my gender!”

“Right, that’s true, too.”

Orthia huffed and took a deep breath.

“But, it was really amazing.

Hermes-chan, you’re really good at sword dancing too.”

“Is that so I’m not very good at it, though”

“But it was so beautiful.

…… Hey, can you just tell me how to do it now It’ll be easy, right, right”

“I don’t know if it’s easy, but …… well, it’s like a kata, and I’ll teach it to you now.” (TN: kata – standard form of a movement, posture, etc, in martial arts or the like)

With that said, I cast a spell on Orthia.

“A’re My body――”

“Rest assured, look.”

I raised my right hand, and Orthia’s right hand also went up.

Just like at the time I taught Midea the kata, it is a magic that takes away the freedom of the other party’s body and makes them trace my movements.

“This will make you remember the same movements with your body.

You’ll remember it better if you actually do the right moves with your own body.”

“I see! Then please, Hermes-sensei―― Ouch, ouch, ouch! Why! Why did you just get into a stream of head grinding”

“I’m sorry.”

I got caught up in being called a “sensei”, which has been on my mind lately, and I just did it.

Orthia glared at me again, teary-eyed and even more bitterly than before.

“I’m sorry about that.

I’ll do it properly now.”

“If you do it again, I’ll tease you.”

“All right, all right.

Then, let’s commence”

I maneuvered Orthia’s body and made the same movements as the one I did with the dance earlier.

I tried to do something like taking it out on Orthia by getting caught up in key words like “sword” and “sensei”, which are key words that I am sensitive right now, but it was surprisingly refreshing to try it.

And I like that this doesn’t raise my rating no matter how much I do it.

If what Ortgia said is true, then I was “beautiful” earlier, and I shouldn’t be getting any credit for the direction I don’t want to go.

Partly because of that, I taught Orthia comfortably.

A few days later, in the drawing room of the mansion.

There was a guest who visited me, so when I came here ――.

“You Ma ――no, King”

It was His Majesty the King who was there.

I quickly changed his name to King, and there’s a young, elderly woman by his side.

Because Daphne, the prostitute, is with him.

“What’s the matter today”

“I heard about it from Orthia, teach this person the sword dance!”

“It has increased again!!!”


King was almost on his knees begging me for it.

His momentum was even more vigorous than when he asked it for his own.

“Teach her and I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Don’t say to me you’ll do anything, please.”

The King’s I’ll do whatever you want makes me feel a bit light-headed, I guess.


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