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Ley raised an eyebrow.

“Youre getting more and more like Emperor Shwa.”

Emperor Zea frowned and pouted.

“No, Im not!”

Ley didnt know what to say.

“I can go with you, but my pupil is coming with me.” She pointed at Jui.

Emperor Zea was perplexed.

Taking her pupil to the meeting

Emperor Tzi was probably the only one who had brought a disciple to the eight emperors meeting.

So be it!

Emperor Zea decided that the worst that could happen was to be kicked out with Ley and Emperor Shwa.

The law wouldnt punish numerous offenders.


Lets go!” said Emperor Zea.


Ley knew where the meeting was held.

Since Emperor Zea invited her, they would go together.

If anything happened, the people there would only blame Emperor Zea.

Jui was still confused.

She had no idea what was going on.

The eight emperors meeting was an event for the bigshots.

She couldnt understand why Ley wanted to bring her along.

Was she qualified to attend such a meeting

Was she


However, she was going there.

It all felt like a dream.

Shortly after that, they arrived at the meeting venue.

Emperor Shwa and Bandora were already outside.

“Roo, youre so slow.

Holy crap… You brought Ley Im impressed!” Emperor Shwa was astonished.

He thought bringing Bandora here was already strange enough, but Emperor Zea went even further.

She had brought Ley and Leys disciple!

That was a great move!

What an idea!

Emperor Shwa cupped his hands at Emperor Zea.

“Cut the crap.

Lets go in,” said Emperor Zea.


They pushed the door open and entered the conference room.

Everybody was present except for Emperor Oogh.

“Miss Cien Chief Nim Whats going on” Emperor Waf sounded displeased.

Emperor Uru chimed in.

“This is the eight emperors meeting.

Since when are outsiders allowed to attend”

Emperor Shwa had anticipated this when he invited Bandora.

Therefore, he already knew how to reply, “Its none of your business.

Emperor Tzi, do you have any problem with it”

Emperor Shwa asked for Emperor Tzis opinion.

“No.” Emperor Tzi shook his head.

Bandora and Ley Nim were two of the most capable cultivators on this continent.

Of course, they were qualified to attend the meeting.

Emperor Tzi didnt mind it.

“See Even Emperor Tzi doesnt mind.

Dont make such a fuss about it.

Youre Emperor Waf now, but it doesnt mean youll be Emperor Waf forever.

If I were you, Id worry about myself first!”

Emperor Shwa sat down and made room for Bandora and the others.

The table at the conference was huge.

Even if there were thirty more people here, they still wouldnt fill all the seats.

There was more than enough room left for Bandora and Ley.

Emperor Waf wanted to say something, but Emperor Tzi beat him to it.

“Lets get down to business.

“The incident about Eman and Emperor Oogh has caused quite a sensation recently.

Well start from there and form a new plan.

“First of all, theres Eman Sket.

He has slandered the Baih family and Elixir School and attacked Emperor Oogh.

I think we should execute him.

What do you think”

Emperor Tzi started the meeting by dropping a big bomb: execute Eman.

Although he deserved to die, no one had sentenced him to death until now.

It was shocking news.

The eight emperors had never dealt with another Emperor-stage cultivator in this way.

“Well do it the same way as before.

Lets vote.

Anybody who agrees to execute Eman, please raise your hand.

“Thats a unanimous vote for executing Eman!”

Emperor Tzi clapped his hands, and Lasul slowly pushed Eman into the room.

He was no longer the proud man he used to be.

He looked like a stray dog.

“Eman Sket, you made everybody despise the Baih family.

Do you have anything to say before you die Forget about it.

Talking to you is a waste of my spit!

“Emperor Tzi, the execution is ready.” Lasul closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

His sword was only drawn out for a brief second, and there was a tiny cut on Emans neck.

“Eman is dead.

I hope everybody can learn from this incident.

Stelladom will get better!

“And I have something that concerns Emperor Oogh.

Elpin has killed Erp, but hes been severely injured and is still in recovery.

Thats why hes not here.”

Everybody drew in their breaths.

They didnt expect that Erp would be the one who lost in the end.

They all had some idea about what had happened the day before.

They knew Eman and Erp had joined hands and ambushed Elpin.

However, things didnt go as planned.

They failed to kill Elpin.

What a surprise!

Emperor Shwa pursed his lips.

That wasnt the result he wanted.

“I thought I could see two Emperor Ooghs today!”

Emperor Tzi looked at Ley.

No, he was looking at Jui.

“Is she that girl from the Zimmer family” Emperor Tzi asked curiously.

“No, my lord.

Youre mistaken,” said Ley.

She didnt know why Emperor Tzi suddenly brought up the Zimmer family, but it couldnt be anything good.

Therefore, she immediately denied it.

“No, shes the Zimmer girl.

Take good care of her.

Well give Emperor Zimmer a pleasant surprise one day,” said Emperor Tzi.

Emperor Zimmer…

Everybody was dumbfounded.

They couldnt understand why Emperor Tzi would bring up Gina now.

Jui was equally confused.

She knew everybody here was a big shot, but what they said concerned her master.

She would never let anybody say anything bad about Gina.

“We have to talk about Mr.

Himmel Soan when Emperor Zimmer is concerned.

Id like to make one thing clear.

If anybody is Mr.

Soans enemy, theyre the Tzi familys enemy!”

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