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Tessa couldn’t stop herself from touching it with her hand.

The protruding vein on the pillar’s tip could be vividly felt through the palm of her hand.

It was hot and hard….

She gulped and started rubbing the tip with her thumb.

Hert let out low moans, and he occasionally shuddered.


As the center part of the flesh expanded and contracted repeatedly, fluid began to flow down the tip.

Hert was closing his eyes before he knew it and was moving his waist little by little.

With his brows furrowed, with his lips pursed, and with his breaths going shallow, it showed how much he was enduring his climax.

“Te, ssa…”

As Hert called her name, Tessa felt her body gradually heat up as well.

Her toes shriveled as her belly tightened slowly.

This time, her insides also started tingling.

Her thighs trembled shallowly.

Tessa unknowingly rolled her hips, and the hand grabbing the man’s pillar tightened.


It was at that moment.

Hert couldn’t stand it any longer, and his back arched greatly as he came.

A significant amount of the white fluids splashed over Tessa’s face, chest, and body.

The s*men got tangled with her eyelashes and she couldn’t open her eyes easily, so Hert, who saw this belatedly, hurriedly washed her face with water.

“Are you okay”



It hadn’t been long since he climaxed, so his pillar had softened somewhat.

However, the moment Hert saw Tessa unconsciously licking the s*men on her lips that had not yet been wiped, he felt his lower body hardening violently again. Shit, **… Unbeknownst to him, swear words came out of his mouth.

‘Why are you licking that Haa, **… You’re being pretty and naughty at the same time…’

The sight of Tessa, as she knelt in front of him while looking up, was too provocative.

The slender nape, a sculpted bladed collarbone.

Her pale pink nipples protruded from the white and luscious water, which covered the lower half of her breasts below.

And the thin limbs that seem to break easily

Besides that, his s*men was now dripping from all over her face.

In particular, the fluids were pooling on her chest, which was relatively large for her small stature.

This drove him mad the most.

“…You really have a knack for driving people crazy.”

Hert looked down at Tessa’s face, reddened from the heat and got Tessa up and made her grab the bathtub and lift her a*s.

As Tessa grabbed hold of the bathtub, she felt a hot breath over her secret place.

Then, the soft touch of his tongue.


Contrary to Tessa’s expectation that he would immediately insert himself, Hert grabbed her buttocks and began to lick her secret place voraciously.

Because of this, Tessa almost fell forward, losing her posture, barely holding on because of the sudden stimulation.

It was lucky that Hert was holding her backside.

Otherwise, she would have tumbled violently over the bathtub.

“Uh, He, Her….

Ah, hhn…!”

Tessa closed her eyes and tightened her grip on the bathtub’s rim when the wet tongue sucked vigorously at her secret place.

In fact, Tessa reached a climax lightly once as soon as Hert’s tongue touched her.

Her body was much more sensitive than before.

Tessa was unfamiliar with her body.

“We, weird… Her, hng!”

The soft tongue split through the crevice and entered, making her insides clench.

Her legs were also about to get twisted.

Tessa wept.

Her body kept moving as if it wasn’t hers.

It felt like her body had become so lewd.

Maybe Hert wasn’t the only one who was in heat.


All of a sudden, c*m burst out.

Tessa thought she had made a mistake, and moved her body in surprise.

However, Hert grabbed Tessa’s body tightly and fixed it, and then drank the dripping liquid coming out of her.

His adam’s apple constantly moved as he gulped.

Tessa shuddered and tried to push him away, but there was no way her small, powerless hands could push the sturdy adult man away.

Embarrassed, Tessa was restless and stuttered.

“It’s, it’s dirty…”

“It’s not dirty at all.”

“How, how could that…”

“Don’t worry, it’s delicious.”

After drinking all her c*m, Hert found Tessa’s cl*toris and licked it with his tongue.

Tessa turned her head forward again and moaned to hold on to the rush of pleasure.

“Hu, mmh, that, hnngh…”

“Your insides, it feels like you’re vibrating…”

Hert licked the crevices and rubbed the insides, constantly stimulating the woman’s tiny, sensitive nub that was smaller than a pea.

Then he could feel Tessa’s entrance twitching and clenching through the crevice.

“St, stop… too, strange… AH!”

Once again, her inner walls contracted and her fluids soon burst out.

Hert lapped up everything again without any hesitation.

A sweet scent lingered in his mouth, as if he was going to get drunk with it.

He didn’t know a woman’s entrance could be so delicious.

After meeting Tessa again, Hert was learning new facts one by one.

“He, Her, please…”

“Give me more.

It’s delicious.”

“Do, don’t, uht…!”

Gently grabbing Tessa’s a*s as kept trying to stop him, Hert tenaciously bit and licked her.

Though his tongue was still clumsy, Tessa felt those sensations very clearly, and so her body kept reacting.

It was like her body had been made by God just for Hert from the beginning.

Thinking that this body had been stolen by that damn old bastard, even if it had just been a moment, it felt as if his organs had gotten twisted.

Soon, Hert sat Tessa on the bathtub and made her legs spread apart.

The moist, red flesh glistened as if seducing him.

Seeing that makes his lower body even more hot.

‘By digging into that narrow place…’

No, not now.

Hert licked his lips again and shook his head.

He couldn’t ruin the place that had been recovered because of his greed.

Let’s wait a little longer.

Wasn’t it his taste to save the most delicious thing to eat it last

Hert said, rubbing Tessa’s tiny swelling clitoris with the tip of his finger.

“I won’t put it in.

Because the doctor hasn’t allowed it yet.



“It’ll be fine to keep sucking you like this.”

Hert bowed his head and began to lick Tessa’s secret place as if he was still thirsty.

Tessa’s body was constantly rubbed by the tenacious tongue.

From before, the pleasure ran down her spine, emptying her mind.

All of a sudden, she wanted him to fill her up.

She wanted him to press his blunt tip against her, pound it inside and reach her innermost part so roughly… As she thought so far, Tessa was surprised by what she had thought of herself.

Unlike in the past, when she knew nothing about pleasure, she became lewd now.

She wanted more pleasure. Lewd b*tch. Somewhere inside her, she seemed to hear the voice accusing her.


It’s what Hert likes.

And she likes Hert’s touch too…

Tessa looked down at Hert, who was licking under her like a dog, with half-lidded eyes.

It was so good that she didn’t know why he was focusing on her at this moment.

It was something she was not used to yet, but the time she spent with Hert was sweet and comfortable.

It was markedly different from before, when it was painful, difficult, and miserable.

‘I like you, Tessa.’

Most of all, the shy boy of that day seemed to be visible from the present Hert again.

Tessa clutched Hert’s hair as he ate her out, just like when she impulsively grabbed his manhood.

She then closed her eyes completely and surrendered herself to the pleasure he was giving her.

“Ah, hnnngh, ung… Ah, AH!”

Before long, Tessa’s mouth gaped open as her toes curled.

At one point, her inner walls tightened so much, giving her the sense that she needed release.

It was a different feeling from simply tightening her lower abdomen.

It was a little more like raw pleasure instead.

Anxious, Tessa shook her head.

‘I don’t want this… Stop…’

Tessa clenched her teeth trying to hold back as much as she could, but Hert noticed this and began to roll her cl*toris with his tongue, while more blatantly stroking the lower area. It’s alright. The man’s large hand, gently rubbing her stomach, seemed to say so.

“Her, it, it’s weird… Stop, hhhnnnn…”

“Come, Tessa.”

“No, no…”

“It’s not dirty.”

Hert recalled what he had heard from his colleagues the other day.

Whenever a woman came.

It is said that when she would rise to extreme pleasure, water bursts from her like a fountain.

He wanted Tessa to burst with water.

He really missed seeing her indifferent to the pleasure he gave her.

He liked her shy, blushing face.

“Don’t hold it in.”

“Ah, nngh… I don’t… AHH!”

Hert teased her cl*toris with the other finger, and in the end, Tessa couldn’t resist the tidal wave of pleasure, and poured out transparent water.

Her vision turned white.

Her insides and wide open legs twitched, and her eyes seemed to twinkle with countless stars.

Her mouth was open and she couldn’t breathe.

Tessa had to gasp for breath as her climax was prolonged.

‘Ah, what did I do…’

But as her mind slowly returned, Tessa’s face flushed red from embarrassment at the thought that she had made a mistake right in front of Hert.

She’s not a child, yet she made such a mistake in front of a grown man—even more in front of the man she likes.

If there was a mouse hole, she wanted to hide in it.

“You’re beautiful.

Don’t cry.”

Hert spoke in a satisfied voice to Tessa, who was crying.

He even wiped Tessa’s tears from her eyes.

“Bu, but…”

“I told you it wasn’t dirty.


Hert turned Tessa’s body over and made her grab the bathtub again and lift her backside.

Then, he clamped her legs together and started rubbing his manhood against the place he had been trying to hold back from for a long time.

Tessa shuddered as he trembled and let out a languid breath.

“I won’t, I won’t put it in…”

“Ah, uh…”

“It’s okay to just rub it.”

The man’s large pillar rubbed against her entrance while sliding between her closed thighs.

Tessa trembled at the sensation.

She’s just reached her climax, so even the slightest touch sent sparks of stimulation back to her insides.

“He, Her—”

“I’ll, I’ll finish soon…”

Then Hert grabbed her hips and started moving.


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