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Chapter 60


Tessa was momentarily fazed by Hert’s question.

Once again, the fact that she had made a mistake lingered in her mind.

She should have asked what she did wrong.

No, she should have said that she was wrong.

Whatever the reason, it’s probably because of her that the man in front of her had his mood soured.

Tessa was just about to open her mouth.

Hert lowered his head and said as if exhaling a breath.

“Aren’t you curious why I’m doing this”


“You mean you really don’t care what I do to you”


“Are you…”

Hert didn’t speak, but bit his mouth instead.

It’s not the first time this woman in front of him had shut her mouth like this.

But today, it seemed to be even more painful.

Perhaps it was because Tessa had been laughing and chatting with a woman named Mrs.

Vellodem, and the warning that the marchioness had given him in the morning came to mind.

‘Beware of Missus Vellodem.’

A woman who has been nice to Tessa ever since she joined the Jutert family.

Janet Jutert.

At first he didn’t think much of it.

He found out that she’s been nice to Tessa, and he appreciates this a little, but that’s all it was.

His attitude towards the woman began to change because of reports from his subordinate, Mozen.

‘It is possible that Janet Jutert, the seventh wife of the Marquis, was involved in the Young Marquis’ escape.

More than anything else, she made contact with Sir Geoffrey…’

It was a really surprising fact.

The fact that his noncommissioned officer was involved in the Young Marquis’ escape case was not enough, that a wife of Marquis Jutert was also involved.

If they really were accomplices, it made sense how Young Marquis Jutert managed to escape from this iron-clad castle just like that.

However, there was not enough accurate evidence to arrest the woman immediately.

If he acted prematurely here, he would only be chasing a lead that was not very fruitious.

Above all, Hert didn’t think that the two were the only ones involved in the escape.

There must have been a few more behind them besides those two.

So, the marchioness, who was watching it secretly, gave him a warning.

Of course, the marchioness’ warning in this situation could not be completely trusted, but it was also difficult to rule it out.

‘What is that woman up to’

Once a surveillance was placed upon her, Missus Vellodem showed no signs of anything particularly concerning.

These days, it’s said that she’s taken a liking to this place, yet she suddenly decided to leave the castle.

But he left her alone as it was more suspicious if she continued to live in the castle.

She wouldn’t ever get out of this castle anyway.

She’d be locked up in the annex again.

Anyway, Hert didn’t like Tessa being close to that woman.

He could not have foreseen how the woman would affect Tessa.

In particular, now Tessa seems to like the woman more than him, so his anxiety gew even greater.

Tessa had shown that smile without any hesitation towards that woman, but she had never shown it to him before.

When he saw this earlier, his stomach twisted into knots.

‘Damn, what am I supposed to do with that woman…’

Hert sighed inwardly.

He’s never experienced anything like this before.

But if he can shake off this anxious feeling even a little, he would do anything.

As he quietly made a decision in his mind, Hert raised his head and stared at Tessa.

“Don’t hide anything from me.”

Hearing those words, the olive-colored eyes fluttered for a moment.

Hert wanted to look into that tiny little head if he could.

What was she thinking in it Hert said with strength in his voice.

“Don’t betray me either.”


“Just like this… Let’s just keep it like this.”


“We promised to do that.

So keep it till the end, okay”

When Hert urged her, Tessa nodded her head.

Before long, he let go of all the strength in his body and buried his face in Tessa’s shoulder.

The man’s unstable hot breath could be felt up to the nape of her neck.

That’s why Tessa felt strange.

It felt like the innermost part of her body was being tickled.

At that moment, the past came to mind again.

‘I like you, Tessa.’

The hot tongue and breath that ran through her mouth.

And the boy’s languid eyes and low voice.

Why was she thinking of that now

All of a sudden, Tessa’s face turned red and her heart started beating loudly.

Tessa pushed him away afraid that the loud pulsation might be heard by Hert.

“U-Um, Hert, wait…”

Fortunately, Hert was easily pushed back as Tessa shoved her hand.

He looked at her wet clothes with a blank look, wondering if it was her wet clothes that made her push him away.

“I’m, I’m sorry.

I’ll take it off you right away.”

Hert took off the robe in an instant, then he began to take off Tessa’s other clothes as well.

There was nothing awkward about Hert taking off and putting on her clothes now, but Tessa looked up at him in surprise when he tried to attend to her bath even after taking off her clothes.

“I can do it on my own…”

“I’ve gotten soaked as well anyway.

Let’s wash together.”

Together Tessa was lost for words.

Even though they’ve slept together in the same bed many times, but for them to take a bath together… This has never happened before.

Hert frowned as Tessa stiffened her eyes and blinked.

“Why, you don’t want to”

“N-No, it’s not…”

“Then what’s the matter”

It wasn’t that she didn’t want it—she was ashamed.

She didn’t want to show her whole body to Hert in this way.

Tessa wanted to push his hand away as he tried to take off her undergarments, but his hands were too strong that she couldn’t push them away.

All of a sudden, Tessa was stripped of everything and soon became naked.

Heat continued to build up on her face.

Then Hert started to take off his wet clothes.

Even in the steamy bathroom, it couldn’t hide his huge size.

Tessa swallowed a gulp unknowingly at the sight of his body, which was twice as large as when he was a boy, with strong muscles and rough skin.

Seeing his body in the bedroom and seeing his body in the bathroom felt quite different.

‘There are a lot of wounds that I haven’t seen…’

Tessa looked at the wounds and scars all over his body and licked her lower lip.

It seemed to tell what kind of life he had led over the past seven years.

Her heart ached at the frequent small and large scars from his head to his toes.

“Let’s go in.”

Hert cradled Tessa in his arms and entered the bathtub.

The bathtub was large and spacious enough for two people to fit in.

The warm water set to the right temperature wrapped around the two of them.

But Tessa was awkward that she and Hert were both naked in the same bathtub.

Above all, the stiff thing that had been stabbing at her behind bothered her before anything else.

When did he get an erection Tessa stiffened in tension as she recalled the man’s large, thick pillar that had dug into her the other day.

It seemed as if at any moment the man’s thing would cut through her ribs.


“Stay still.

If you move like that… I mean, I’m already turned on…”

Hert grabbed her small body, which was secretly shaking, and whispered as he locked her in his arms.

At that, Tessa was surprised too, and stayed still as he said.

But his thing, far from calming down, continued to grow in size. Damn it. Hert muttered inwardly, cursing himself.

“It’s all because of you…”


“Ha, just looking at you makes me feel like I’m a dog in heat.

It wasn’t like this originally…”

He was no longer the same man who was just busy snoring even when the others around him were going crazy.

After losing his reason, his manhood was busy raising itself incessantly.

Especially when he was in the same room with Tessa, it kept clamoring to push itself into the room.

Even if someone told him to his face that he’s become enslaved by his lower body, he had nothing to say back.

‘Dirty bastard… You’re not even an animal…’

What’s more, now that he has been enduring doing it with Tessa for over a week because of the doctor’s advice, Hert was crazy because no matter how much he scolded himself, his lower body wouldn’t listen to him.

He didn’t mean to come all the way to this place to do it.

But with Tessa in front of him, blood naturally rushed down, and his pillar swelled up and grew.

Right now, all he wanted to do was dig into Tessa’s narrow entrance.

It must be because he knew better than anyone how fantastically it would tighten and drive him crazy.

But he had to be patient.

There is not much time left until Tessa recovers.

He couldn’t make a mistake now.

‘If you wait a little…’

Then Tessa reached back and grabbed his object gently.

It was an impulsive act that surprised him.

Hert also looked at Tessa urgently.

“If you touch it so suddenly…”

The small, slender hands began to move up and down, little by little, kneading the large member that couldn’t even fit in her hands.

Hert reached out towards Tessa not to do it, but she turned around and grabbed his pillar with both hands.

The man let out a rough breath and closed his eyes for a moment.

This was really driving him crazy.

“Damn it.”

Eventually, Hert got up and sat down on the edge of bathtub.

Something was dripping from the tip of the twitching pillar.

When Tessa saw it, she strangely wanted to stimulate him even more.

Her old husband’s thing was so awful to look at, and she constantly got nauseous just looking at it, but Hert’s wasn’t like that at all.

Rather, she wanted to grab his thing and stroke it.

“Ha… Tessa…”

Hert gradually began to entrust himself to her.

Tessa caressed his pillar with the utmost sincerity.

It was clearly visible that the round glans had swelled as if it was about to climax.

Tessa looked down at it intently, and then brought it to her mouth.

But before she could even put it in her mouth, Hert stopped her.

“Don’t suck it.”


“Just touch me.

That’ll be better.”


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