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‘Don’t keep your hopes up.

Know your place…’

The more she did this, the more she needed to sharpen her complacent mind.

She was still a traitor, a widow of the dead old marquis, and Hert was a hero who made a significant contribution in the war.

No one knew that she was like some piece of trash standing in his way.

So she had to be careful not to grab Hert’s ankle like she was doing now.

Tessa went to sleep, holding back her tears.

But sleep did not come.




She tossed and slept for a long time before hearing someone open the door and entering at dawn.

The man placed something on the table and turned his head to look at her.

“Did you wake up because of me I came in as quietly as possible.”

“Oh no… I woke up in the middle anyway…”

Hert stopped Tessa from getting out of the bed.

He reached out to Tessa only after he had blown out the lit candle.

Only the flowing moonlight was dimly illuminating Tessa.

Hert looked at Tessa’s complexion first.

“I heard you skipped dinner.

Are you sick”

“I was full…”

“What are you saying.”

Hert recalled thinking that Tessa ate only as much as a baby bird at dinner when she ate with him.

However, today, there was no reason not to be concerned that she left even that.

Moreover, he still didn’t like her thin limbs.

Recognizing that man’s gaze, Tessa spat out an excuse.

“I ate a lot of snacks with Janet during the day…”

In fact, the lemon tart that Janet brought was so delicious that she had no choice but to leave dinner because she ate two slices without thinking of dinner.

“How much do you eat Why are you gaining weight so slowly It’s the same even with every meal you eat.”

Hert muttered softly as he stroked Tessa’s forearm naturally.

Still, wherever he held her, it felt like he was touching the bone, not the flesh.

He didn’t even know where to start when it came to nourishing her.

“What about your medicine”

“I applied it during the day…”

Tessa, realizing what Hert was talking about, blushed.

He must have been talking about the medicine Kennis had given her.

Hert said, removing the blanket covering Tessa’s lower body.

“Let me take a look.”

“…I-It’s alright…”

“How would I know if you’re alright if you can’t even apply the medicine properly Spread your legs.”

In the end, Hert insisted that Tessa must spread her legs, and he was now saying he’d personally apply the salve on her private area.

Of course, Tessa was so embarrassed that she wanted to faint at that moment.

Spreading her legs in front of him for the purpose of sleeping together and spreading her legs like this for treatment were two different things.

With the latter, she felt all the more exposed compared to the former.

“What are you doing—spread your legs.”

Hert, who had even taken the medicine out of the drawer, gestured at Tessa.

Reluctantly, Tessa rolled up her nightgown and spread her legs in front of him.

The cold air hit her entrance, inducing goosebumps all over her skin.

At the same time, her face flushed heavily in embarrassment.

Before long, she felt Hert get on his knees, staring intently at Tessa.

“It’s a lot better.”

Tessa flinched as the cold liquid was smeared over her labia.

Without realizing it, she closed her eyes and clenched her hands over the blanket, to the point that it could tear.

In fact, Tessa had other reasons why she didn’t want to spread her legs like this in front of Hert.

Because she felt her body heat up whenever his thick, long fingers touched her lower body.

‘I shouldn’t have agreed to this…’

Was it because she remembered that he poked her inside with his finger every time they slept with each other If not… It could have been that her own body had become irrevocably lewd.

Hert made her so aroused every time he puts medicine on her, even though Hert wasn’t touching her private place in a sexual way.

It was truly embarrassing.

What would Hert think as he looked down at her, trembling under his touch Tessa bit her lower lip without realizing it.

‘A prostitute who doesn’t know grace or her own place.’

Suddenly, she remembered what the Young Marquis had said.

“Tell me the places you’re feeling uncomfortable.

Don’t hold it in.”

Hert said as he looked at Tessa, whose body was secretly shaking.

Using his fingertips, he spread the medicine as carefully as possible.

Her entrance was much more tender and more sensitive than he had thought.

Because of this, he was sorry that he had inadvertently plunged himself into Tessa when they had just met again.

Her private area getting swollen like this wasn’t because of nothing—it was because of him.

This was an inevitable result of his mindless thrusting without even any regard to the woman’s condition.

‘Beastly bastard.’

Hert sighed inwardly, blaming himself.

But the problem did not end there.

Even now, for every second that he applied this medicine, he continued to lust for Tessa.

What a crazy bastard.

‘Damn it.

At this point, it’s just like being in a rut.’

Actually, his lower body has been sore since before.

He resorted to pleasuring himself nearly every day for the past few days because just looking at Tessa made him a mess.

In particular, his c*ck wanted to dig into that well-closed shell, and he knew well how hot it was and just how much it would drive him crazy.

‘Calm down, you bastard.’

Hert pulled himself together.

He decided not to act on his urges just less than a week ago.

Unbeknownst to him, if he wanted to hold Tessa, Tessa would have been glad to spread her legs to him, but in the first place, he didn’t know this and thought that she wanted to refuse.

He didn’t know how her body was going to break, and she would just cry under him.

Maybe if she saw him like this and she would spread her legs and say it’s okay to do it.

So he had to come to his senses.

More than anything else, the doctor asked him again and again. For the time being, Tessa must be given complete rest.

In particular, her lower part was so abused and battered by him.

So, he couldn’t sleep with Tessa because of this.

One slip would be enough for him to lose his rationality.

Of course, from just the premise of being patient, he already seemed really crazy.

So, today, Hert broke through the limits of his patience and finished applying the medicine.

He turned his back on Tessa, pretending to put away the salve.

This was to cool down his erect member.

“T-Thank you…”

“What are you thankful for And I told you not to be so reluctant.”

“Oh, that’s, I’m sorry…”

Then Tessa bit her lower lip.

Hert had been telling her not to be formal with him for a while, but when she was embarrassed or nervous, things popped up from time to time like this.

Tessa quickly looked into Hert’s eyes.

“Yes, put your clothes on properly.”

While Hert stood up, Tessa hurriedly arranged her nightgown that had been rolled up over her waist.

Because he was constantly applying the medicine in this way, the private area was no longer sore.

At this rate, she would get better soon and be able to accept Hert again.

‘But you don’t have to be so considerate towards me…’

Even Tessa could easily tell that Hert was taking care of her and not sleeping.

She couldn’t have not known.

Until before, they had been sleeping together on the same bed every day.

Most of all, his standing pillar kept pressing against Tessa’s backside every night.

He didn’t seem to know.


Tessa painstakingly parted her lips and called Hert.

Hert then turned to look at her.

Tessa continued her words with a hesitant voice.

“It’s okay if you…”

There was no answer from Hert.

At that point, Tessa sighed.

Looking back, she had a similar situation last time.

How did Hert look like then He was angry that he obviously didn’t think he wanted to hold a sickly person.

But this time Hert was not angry.

Instead, he let out a long, long sigh.

“…Never mind.

You haven’t even recovered yet.”

“Then I… with my mouth…”

If the problem was that she was not completely healed below, it would have been better to use another place that was in good condition.

Tessa wanted to repay Hert even a little in that way.

She wasn’t used to being treated like this for nothing in return.

Then Hert fiercely opened his mouth.

“It feels terrible, just thinking that you did it to your old husband, too.”


Hert raised his eyes sharply, and Tessa panicked.

Because it’s true that she did oral to the previous marquis.

“What, you don’t deny it You make people feel dirty.”

“Then my h-hand…”

Suddenly, Hert walked over to Tessa, grabbed her by the back of her neck, and pressed his lips against her.

As Tessa gasped in her hastily sucked breath and couldn’t keep her hands still, Hert grabbed them and made them wrap around his head.

A soft tongue began to explore Tessa’s mouth.

Hot breaths and saliva passed through each other’s lips.

It wasn’t until Tessa’s lips were glistened with saliva that Hert pulled them apart.

He said, locking Tessa’s face in his big hands.

“Don’t provoke me.”


“Damn it, I’m reaching my limit.

And with the extent that I’m holding out right now… I don’t think you’ll be able to stand me.

I don’t want to hear that doctor nagging me.

That’s why don’t turn me into a sick bastard who couldn’t hold back even a single sexual urge, so desperate that he’d even do it with a sick woman.

Got it”

Sh*t. Hert couldn’t bear it and spat out a swear word.

As he spoke, he was reminded of his past actions again.

It was as if he was insulting his past self.

What a bastard.

Hert warns Tessa, who was looking up at him.

“I’m not saying I won’t.

I’ll do it when you’re all better.

So don’t provoke me.

You will regret it.”

After those words, Hert let Tessa go.

Then he ruffled his hair violently and let out a low, deep sigh.

He walked towards the door.

“I’d rather sleep somewhere else today.

You, go back to sleep.”

Tessa stared blankly at Hert’s back, who had disappeared in an instant.


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