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“Then… Are you asking me to believe that he disappeared just like that”

The knights standing in a line were very nervous and looked at their superior, who had low pressure from before.

It was because Hert’s mood had subsided considerably because of the Young Marquis Jutert, who disappeared without a trace overnight.

“The soldiers guarding the outside were attacked and collapsed, and in the meantime, the Young Marquis went missing… Are you joking with me now”

Everyone bowed their heads at Hert’s sharp rebuke.

In fact, even for them, the disappearance of the Young Marquis was completely unexpected.

They had no way of knowing how he got out of the dungeon.

“Will no one tell me”

“…It could have been the work of an outsider, sir.”

Mogen, unable to see it, opened her mouth.

Hert, who was standing in front of the knights, stopped for a moment and looked back at her.

With bitter eyes, Lange hurriedly helped by her side.

“Dame Bosch is right.

In a situation where nothing has been revealed like now, external actions cannot be ruled out.”


Hert looked back at his knights.

Suddenly he snorted.

“Who Hundreds of soldiers stand guard every day from the wall to the inside.

What kind of bastard would break through such security naturally, figure out the knight’s shift time, and secretly allow the Young Marquis to escape overnight”

It was not long after the battle for the territory had just ended.

There was no way he could neglect the security of the place unless he was an idiot.

Above all else, he was in a state of raising the vigilance even more against the Young Marquis’ escape and riots the other day.

Under such circumstances, the chances of the Young Marquis getting out of the dungeon without ever being detected was like plucking a star from the sky.

“Dame, are you truly being serious right now”

Of course, as Mogen said, it would not be possible to completely rule out external actions.

Even if it’s a one in ten million chance, if there’s only a one-percent chance, he had to keep that in mind.

However, Hert thought that whether or not this was the work of an outsider, there was definitely someone inside who helped Young Marquis Jutert escape.

Otherwise, the Young Marquis could not vanish without leaving a trace.

The disappearance of the Young Marquis Jutert happened so quietly and so quickly that it could be said that it was actually the work of a ghost.

The last time the Young Marquis was seen was at dawn, and no one had seen him since.

They would have to wait for the scouts who went out to investigate to come back to know more, but that’s the way it is now.

“Damn it, I should have just cut off his legs right then and there.”

No, he should have just killed him.

Hert couldn’t contain the anger boiling inside.

He actually couldn’t shake the thought that he was missing something all along.

If there is a traitor in this, who is it That part was the biggest challenge for him.

The position of Young Marquis Jutert was not very good.

He was an unexpected successor.

He would unlikely be welcomed as the successor of this large estate in the future, being that he was a scoundrel who knew only how to blow off money through gambling.

When he checked the report that Lange had written in the beginning, he could see that his reputation had plummeted to the ground both inside and outside the household.

It was impossible for anyone to have helped the Young Marquis.

‘Was it from another household’

There might be people who were looking only at the elevation of status that the Jutert Marquisate could bring them, that’s why they’d want to help.

In particular, there were some possibilities for nobles who wanted to borrow the family’s power.

The Jutert Marquisate was a household with a long history, and they boasted of being the highest power in the region.

And although they were not the type to go out and move actively in the political world, they had a place in the capital in their own way.

A lord who reigns over a provincial domain.

A representative example of such a being was Marquis Jutert.

Hert used the Young Marquis as much as possible, and tried to identify the families that needed Jutert’s power.

While staying in the royal capital under Marquis Borwen for a year, he learned the rules of this on his own.

Sometimes, the Marquis gave information first and asked for opinions, so he knew most of the flow of power.

It didn’t matter if someone he didn’t know came out.

He just had to ask Lange, his noncommissioned aide, for advice.

That’s why the Marquis gave him Lange.

“The accomplice is definitely an insider.

Thoroughly investigate everyone in the castle, set up a search team, and bring the Young Marquis back as soon as possible.

Whatever means you use, bring him back alive.

The rest of my commands will be told once the scouts return.”

Hert then stepped out as if he didn’t want to think about it anymore and left.

Lange followed him naturally.


“Yes, Sir.”

“Did nothing really happen all morning”

Lange stayed up late last night in Hert’s office.

If so, he may have noticed something a little strange.

But even at Hert’s question, Lange shook his head.

His answer was short and simple.

“…I apologize.

I didn’t notice anything either.”

“I see.”

Hert walked down the hallway without a word.

There was more for him to think about.

“Where can I send the one you asked for before”


Bring it up to my room.”

At the end of those words, Lange let out a sigh he had been holding back as he watched Hert walk away.

His stomach tightened due to the considerable pressure of his superior.

If he hadn’t, he would have been caught.

Perhaps because he roamed around in murderous places, an atmosphere around him that was similar to that of Marquis Borwen flowed.

He had often met the Marquis since he was a child, so he was able to act as if nothing had happened.

Lange shrugged his shoulders as he saw the situation turning serious, as expected, and then stopped when he saw a woman walking here with her maid out the window.

No, that woman is really…


* * *


“Oh dear, are you awake”


As soon as she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was Mani, who was smiling for some reason.

Tessa looked at Mani with a puzzled look on her face, then noticed that her room had changed and she was startled.

“Here… Where am I”

“It’s the main estate.

We’re currently right next to His Lordship’s room.”

“What What do you mean…”

Tessa doubted her ears for a moment.

Whose room is it When Tessa stared at her with round eyes, Mani, Mani let out a soft, small laugh.

She said as she approached with a large basin of water and a towel.

“Don’t be too surprised.

It was done according to His Lordship’s command.

He said that from now on, you can stay here.

That’s great right”

She thought she lost consciousness in the middle of their entanglement… When she opened her eyes, she realized that she was moved to the main estate, and also to the room next to the lord, and she will be staying here in the future.

Tessa could not easily adapt to this situation that had happened to her.

Mani grabbed Tessa’s hand and patted it lightly.

It was a face that there was nothing to worry about now.


“Madam, this is a good thing.

Why is your expression so dark”

When Tessa showed no signs of liking it, Mani asked, tilting her head.

Still, the previous marquis’ sixth wife often reacted strangely towards the new lord.

“Do not worry too much.

Now is the time to think only of good things.”

She wetted the towel with water and wiped Tessa’s face and all over her body.

But Tessa could only bow her head.

“…Still, I don’t know.

Why am I here…”

“You were given a better room.

Why, is it not enough for you”

At that moment, Hert appeared through the open door and spoke to Tessa as if scolding her.

When the new lord appeared, Mani hurriedly bowed her head, grabbed the towel and basin then left.

With only Hert and Tessa in the room, he walked up to her and placed a hand over her forehead to check if it was warm.

It was a very gentle, familiar touch.

“The doctor will come later.

If there is any pain, tell me right away.

I told them to prepare the meal, so it will be up soon.

Anywhere uncomfortable”


“If it hurts, but you pretend not to be and just hide it.

The doctors, your maids, whoever it is.

I’m going to kick them out for negligence.”

At Hert’s resolute voice, Tessa suddenly raised her head.

She quickly waved her hand.

For Kennis and Mani to get kicked out because of her.

She really didn’t want that.

“Don’t, don’t do that…!”

“Then take better care of yourself.”

Hert, who took his hand off her forehead, said coldly.

Tessa had no way of knowing why he was doing this to her, but she replied that she understood.

Because she didn’t want to see them get kicked out.

After a while a knock was heard and several maids came in with food on the trays they were carrying.

Tessa was startled by the large amount of food.

It was much too considerable.

There was no way she could eat it alone.

“I, I can’t eat it all…”

“I will eat with you.”

Hert took off his cloak and put it in one place and spoke briefly.

Then, the maids began to set the food on the table on one side of the room.

“Can you get up”

“Ah yes, I can get up… Ah!”

Tessa, who was trying to get herself up from the bed at Hert’s words, collapsed due to the muscle pain she felt between her legs.

She wasn’t hurt, but there was no strength left in her legs.

Seeing this and knowing that it would happen, Hert rolled up his sleeves and carried Tessa directly into his arms.


Tessa was startled and she struggled for a moment in his arms.

It was the first time she was held by Hert in front of everyone else.

And it was only natural for the maids, who were watching, to misunderstand their relationship.

“Stay still.

You can’t even walk.”

Hert gently laid Tessa down on the chair.

Then he got down on his knees and started rubbing her legs.

Tessa was startled and restless.

Why was Hert rubbing her legs He shouldn’t have done that.

“Don’t, don’t… I’m fine…”

“Don’t pretend you’re fine again.

What did I just say”


“Stay still.

I heard that during the day after, you need to be warm enough.”


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