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He leaned over and made Tessa’s hands wrap around his back.

Tessa wept and began to scratch his back, almost clinging to him.

Because of this, long, thin red lines began to get engraved on the wide back of the man.

“Ah, ahhk… Uhh, huhk! Huu… more… Nngh!”

Tessa let out several moans as she fell helplessly under Hert.

The blunt tip of his manhood stirred inside, and every time he pushed into her hard, she was left dazed.

A tingling sensation throughout her body gradually dominated her.

It was when Hert poked a certain part inside with the tip, Tessa moaned and let out a high-pitched voice.

“It’s weird… Ahng! Uhh, uhk, ha, it’s—ah, hahk…!”

“Yes, I know.

it’s here… Haa…”

He thrusted into her at an angle so as to touch only the sensitive parts, quickly pounding inside.

At the same time, he stickily scraped the walls and gently swept over her clitoris.

Tessa’s throat began to dry as she continuously let out her voice at the pleasure.

Her head was going to crumble.

“Ah, ahk, ha, aahh…! Ah, huht!”

All of a sudden, Tessa’s legs wrapped around Hert’s waist.

Her thin, alabaster legs shook from time to time.

“Ha, your insides… tighten like crazy.

How much, more, hoo, do I have to f*ck you until you get used to it Huh”

“Heuk, I don’t… I don’t know, uuh…! Ah, ah, AH!”

At the suffocating pressure and the man’s ferocious pillar, Tessa tilted her head and let out her moans.

In the meantime, the manhood that occupied her insides violently scratched her inner wall and teased her. Pound, pound! Every time he went in and out, her slender abdomen inflated and deflated repeatedly.

“Today… Fuck, I was trying to restrain myself…”

If she kept being so tempting like this, who wouldn’t fall for it and go after her Thinking that she was really a clever woman, Hert went harder and sped up his actions.

Then, suddenly, he remembered the commotion that happened during the day.

To be precise, he remembered the words the Young Marquis had said to him.

‘She’s a magical girl.

She’s good at attracting men.

Should you be careful whether she was playing with you This girl will not be satisfied with one f*cking, and she was looking to f*ck other scoundrels.

How could a b*tch with nothing take the place of Marquis Jutert’s wife’

‘Aren’t you curious what my relationship with that b*tch is Tsk, I know everything that used to be here.

Are you the only one who doesn’t know Fuck you, you evil bastard.

Well, I think you already know what I’m talking about…’

‘Don’t be fooled by that b*tch.

I’m really saying this for you.’

He doesn’t know why he suddenly thought of those words now, but once he remembered them, he felt uncomfortable.

Hert looked down at Tessa beneath him.

With a face flaring with heat, she let out a moan through the gaping lip every time he pierced her.

To anyone, she looked like an innocent virgin who knew nothing.

She’s like a woman who’s never used to the bed like this.

‘But I don’t believe it.’

Hert remembered Tessa who was the first to touch his pants.

Skillfully swiping his c*ck and caressing it with her mouth.

They were never something an inexperienced woman would do.

In fact, it was funny that he wanted her to be a virgin.

How can a woman who was married and had a mother-in-law be a virgin

‘Damn it, I feel dirty just thinking about it.’

Hert gritted his teeth without realizing it.

He didn’t know there would be such a regret to have killed Marquis Jutert at once.

Thinking that the old man would have touched Tessa and put his body on top of her like he did now, he felt like he was going to retch.

How dare, with a hand that was even the size of a pig’s foot… If he could go back, he wanted to hack the old man’s body into pieces.

But Marquis Jutert had already been decapitated by him and hung on the wall.

Hert regretted it, and instead decided to break the Young Marquis’ two legs at dawn.

Since the father was no more, shouldn’t the son have to suffer the sin instead

He didn’t like him using Tessa as a hostage or saying things like that.


Hert pushed Tessa even further, as if expressing his anger.

Tessa let out a scream at the rough movement.

“Ahh, ah! Huu… Too, deep, huuk! Ah!”

“You, ha, you did it yourself.”

“Oh, huu, uhh…….


Hert accelerated and quickly poked inside, and Tessa couldn’t even spit out a single word and let it flow into the air.

The only thing that could come out of her open mouth was a cry that was close to a scream.


His manhood reached the end at once.

His tip pounded inside and scraped up and down.

A rough feeling of pressure was felt all over her body.

It felt like her entrance was melting and crushing.

She was pushed so hard that she couldn’t even breathe properly.

At the same time, unbearable primal pleasures poured out.

Tessa burst into tears.

“Ah… That, huk, ah, hah!”

Hert pushed his length even deeper into her. Slam! At that deep, rough beat, Tessa felt her vision turn white.

From her lower abdomen, her thighs trembled, and her stomach tightened and loosened.

It was repeated over and over again.

A feeling of pleasure flooded her body.


As Tessa reached her climax, the thrusting slowed down for a moment.

Hert bowed his head and pressed his lips against her, who was still in a daze. Mmph! Tessa hesitated for a moment at the sudden kiss.

But it wasn’t long before she drained the power from her body and began to accept Hert’s kiss.

“Ha, mm… mmh…”

Suddenly, Hert moved his waist and pressed her inside tightly.

As she reached a momentary climax once more, Tessa gasped.

Her voice came out from the gap between her slightly gaping lips.

Hert did not stop there and even more tenaciously rubbed her inner wall.

As soon as she opened her lips, the woman’s moan poured out.

“Mmhph, hu, …S-St, op, nngh, hngh…!”

“Haa, you know what”

Suddenly, Hert pulled his manhood out.

The shiny pillar was wet with her c*m, nodding while taut and about to burst.

He gently rubbed the round, swollen clitoris with his genitals.

Then Tessa’s thighs trembled and she exhaled.

Oh, I wish I could go back in. He was not even realizing that he was thinking that way.

“That you never asked me to do it properly.”

“Ha, uh… What…”

“Ask me to f*ck you.

Ask me to c*m a lot in here.”

As Hert tapped her clitoris with his thumb, she wept and arched her back.

The thing that had been filling her up suddenly went out, and she couldn’t stay still, tickling her hot body with the remaining heat.

He was aiming for this.


“Your voice is too quiet.”

“Huuhk… F-F*ck me, please… Please c*m a lot… in, inside, HNGH!”

Thrust! Before Tessa could even finish speaking, the pillar quickly pounded in through the crevice and sank into its deepest part.

Tessa twisted her back and shook her head.

Her legs and waist tightened, and her toes curled up.

Her insides tightened and convulsed.

She reached her peak again.

Seeing this, Hert smiled lightly.

“When I am with you, I want to bully you.”

The two hands that had been holding her pelvis gripped Tessa’s shaking chest.

Hert pinched the raised nipples.

Tessa groaned at the pain and wept.

“Every time you close your mouth, it opens when you spread your legs in front of me.”

“It, it hurts! Uhk! St, hu…”

“Let’s see how much longer it will be.”

Hert lifted Tessa’s torso and placed her on his lap.

He put her slender arms around his neck and started lifting her up and down.

“Ah, st… Huhk, st, stop, annngh!”

“Ha, don’t worry… As you said, I’m going to c*m a lot inside.”

The rough thrusting started again.

The feeling of tightness in her entrance every time he moved in, and the feeling of being shoved in, drove Tessa mad again.

Her mouth opened a little more.

“Uh, hah, ah… Ha, uhng, nngh… AH!”

All of a sudden, Hert longed to see Tessa’s tight entrance be full of his seed, swelling for a long time.

He constantly poured it inside and left his mark on her womb.

It didn’t seem too bad to see Tessa waddling with a belly swollen carrying a child.

No, it seemed rather good.

That she was pregnant with his child would be proof that they were connected to each other.

Of course, he knew very well how absurd all of this was.

A child.

He was clearly not welcome, and he showed that thinking like this was not enough of a reason.

Hert smiled, self-aware.


A total bastard.

Hert cursed himself and looked at Tessa, who had been caught by him and swayed like a toy.

So, he repeatedly shoved himself into her, and then grabbed Tessa’s waist and drove his pillar to the deepest part.


A large amount of semen poured into her womb, gurgling from his tip.

Her vagina contracted greatly, helping the man ejaculate.

Cloudy liquid mixed with her own c*m dripped under the part where they were joined together.

Tessa groaned in exhaustion and collapsed face-first onto his nape.

Hert also closed his eyes slowly and heard the woman’s pounding heartbeat.


* * *


The sun was rising.

Hert realized that he had fallen asleep briefly with Tessa in his arms.

He did it a lot.

Hert stood up and stopped when he accidentally saw a scar on Tessa’s back.

What is this now.

His head cooled down.

“What is this…”

Tessa’s back was filled with long wounds and scars.

Most of them were scars left over from a long time ago or repeated wounds.

It was certain that it was not a wound that would normally be found on a noblewoman’s back.

Hert recalled Tessa from the first day, screaming and writhing as he suddenly pressed her to the table.

No way that’s… Was she screaming in pain …Damn it.

Hert’s face hardened.

He had never thought of such scars and wounds at all.

It was something he never expected.

Just then, someone outside the room knocked on the door urgently.

Hert got out of bed, found a robe to put on, then opened the door.

A knight was there standing out the door, drenched in sweat.

He reported to Hert in an urgent tone.

“The Young Marquis Jutert is missing.”


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