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‘Maybe it’s fun to suck on.’

Tessa didn’t seem to react too badly either.

Most of all, it was fun in its own way to watch Tessa’s reactions.

He suddenly remembered a guy who was explaining why he had to serve a woman whenever he talked about f*cking.

He thought that perhaps he could understand a little now why that guy was so obsessed with oral s*x.

Hert once again cut through her opening and began to shove his tongue between the crevices.


Tessa reached out and grabbed his hair impatiently.

Her insides flinched and twitched slightly.

Then, as Hert rubbed hard with the tip of his tongue, Tessa’s body trembled, and he felt tension rising in her waist.

Her climax came much faster than at any other time.

He was just licking her here.

Hert inserted his finger as soon as the contracting inner walls loosened.

Tessa was terrified and widened her eyes.

A feeling of a foreign thing that was different from his tongue began to invade inside.


Long, thick fingers found Tessa’s most sensitive spot and rubbed it first.

Her thighs, which had opened up as he thrusted through the slippery inner walls that were soaked with fluids, tried to close together.

Hert held Tessa’s legs apart with one hand and with the other, increased the number of his fingers, digging through the flesh of her inner walls.

When he had three fingers in the opening that wouldn’t let go of even one of his fingers, it spewed c*m and quivered.

The fluids that overflowed through the gap dripped outside and pooled on the sheet.

Tessa mumbled, covering her face with both hands.

“We, weird… Huk, that’s weird, stop, stop it… Ah!”

“You’re c*mming a lot today.

Is it because you’re completely undressed”

“Huk, st, stop… Please, uhng!”

Hert thrusted into Tessa with his fingers roughly.

Even though they slept together every day, if he didn’t open her small entrance and loosen it like this, she would have a hard time taking in his manhood.

She easily shed blood when he just pushed in ignorantly, so Hert was the one who put the most effort into this.

Of course, even with her being open like this, Tessa would often struggle when he started pushing just the tip in, but Hert struggled to open Tessa up because he knew it was better to do this than to do nothing.

Every time his fingers moved in and out of her, a strange squelching sound rang out.

“Just, put, put it in… Mmh, right away…”

“You know well that it won’t go in even if I put it right away.

Don’t close your legs.

Spread it wider.”


At the hand that slapped her thigh, Tessa made a sound that she did not know whether it was a moan or a cry, and struggled to spread her legs.

Then she became so ashamed that she was now naked in a frog-like pose, so Tessa closed her eyes and bit her lower lip.

Especially since she had never completely taken off her clothes in front of Hert when they slept together.


At that moment, the man’s large hand suddenly grabbed Tessa’s chest.

Because of this, Tessa almost let out a scream.

Before long, those hot palms began to stroke her round breasts in random, kneading motions.

It, it hurts… Ahng! Her immaculate chest was instantly dyed red by Hert’s reckless hands.

Hert looked at Tessa’s breasts, which reddened as he touched them.

He licked his lips with his tongue.

She definitely had large breasts for someone as small as her.

He didn’t know it when they were still at the orphanage, but when he took her clothes off like this, she was clearly visible.

In particular, the curves leading to her breasts and below and to her abdomen seemed soft, making him greedy.

“Ha, I guess I should have just taken your clothes off from the beginning.

I didn’t know you were going to be like this…”

Hert murmured, pulling her raised nipples with his fingertips.

He really liked the pink areola and nipples.

The body that responds to every step he touches.

Thanks to that, blood was pouring to his lower body, so much that it was making him uncomfortable.

“Damn it, I think that old man touched your breast.”

“N, no… Nngh, that, that never… happ— hah!”

“Then he sucked it Did the old man suck your breasts like a child”

Tessa writhed as she felt the sensation of that squeezing hand.

Her caught chest hurt so much that tears welled up in the corners of her eyes.

In the meantime, the fingers that thrusted in and out of her opening were constantly harassing her inner wall.

Tessa now felt her head spinning.

“Ah… He didn’t, hngh, suck… Agh!”

Suddenly Hert lowered his head and bit Tessa’s nipples with his teeth.

In an instant, Tessa reflexively swung her arm, saying that it hurts.

Hert grabbed the arm with one hand and fixed it over Tessa’s head.

Then he concentrated on biting and sucking the woman’s breast again.

A hot tongue wrapped around the areolas, and his lips gently sucked.

It was a really strange feeling.

A grown man who was not a child was sucking the breast of a woman who did not have children.

Even as time passed, the intensity of the sucking gradually became stronger.

Hert kept on sucking Tessa’s chest hard.

The word ‘stop’ was about to leak through Tessa’s lips.

“Hnngh, that, ah, ung!”

Only after her breast was mottled with red marks did Hert raise his head.

He stared contentedly at Tessa’s round breasts, glistening with his saliva.

As though he was getting a taste of jelly, her soft breasts and the areolas, which had shrunk for a while as he sucked, were thin and soft.

It felt like licking the softest flesh.

“Isn’t it strange to think that milk comes out of this Now, no matter how much I suck it, it doesn’t come out.”

Hert’s eyes, looking at Tessa’s breast, narrowed for an instant.

Suddenly, he wondered what the taste of breast milk flowing from that large breast was.

Would it be savory Or would it be salty The taste would be good.

It was the first food a child would have for them to grow.

As Hert got up, he scraped her inner walls so that he could remove the fingers that were rubbing it.

Slowly, his manhood was approaching the limit.

Since he loosened it this much, at least it wouldn’t be difficult to insert.

Hert put his length over her soaked entrance and rubbed.


Even without looking, Tessa could tell how swollen his manhood had become.

It was raring to dig inside her at any time, and she knew it well because she had already gone through this process several times.

She would probably be full if he put even just the glans in.

And the feeling that the entrance will be torn apart would come terrifyingly.

“I’m putting it in.”

Hert gave a brief warning, rubbing the c*m from his hands against the pillar of flesh.

He actually didn’t want to do this to a woman who was still not in good shape, but he felt that the last string of his rationality had snapped the moment his eyes met her wet eyes as she looked up at him.

In the end, Hert couldn’t resist Tessa’s request to hold her.

Perhaps today was the most difficult day for Tessa to bear.

“I’ll try to control it as much as I can, but I don’t know for sure.”

Talking about it didn’t make sense to him.

Hert shoved in half of his length.

The large manhood went deep inside, then, her flesh began to clench over him as if welcoming him inside.

Sh*t, Hert unknowingly spat out a curse.

Yes, this feeling.

Every time he put his c*ck in this place, he felt like his reason, his thoughts—everything would disappear.

Now that he was here, it seems like he was a person crazy about f*cking.

“Ah, uh… Nnngh…”

“Haa, it’s tight.”

Again, Tessa was still very soaked and very tight.

Even though he couldn’t put it all of himself in, he could already feel like he was on the brink right away.

He didn’t even know how much he had to hold it in, going in and out just to make this place right for him.

Looking down at Tessa, who was gasping for breath, Hert took in a languid breath.

And then, all of a sudden, slam!


All of the huge manhood disappeared inside the woman in an instant.

Hert let out a satisfied sigh after the entrance that had been widened to the limit.

And Tessa’s abdomen, which had been flat, had a bump now.

It was difficult, but unlike the first time, Tessa’s entrance was now swallowing his manhood quite adeptly.

“Ah, uh… Nnngh…”

“Too much”

“N, no…”

“That’s a relief.”

With those words, Hert grabbed Tessa’s hips with both hands and began to move his waist roughly.

A groan that seemed to be of pain came out of Tessa’s mouth as a large foreign body tightly filled her stomach.

Her breath was choked up, and her eyes became hazy.

Ahng! As he thrusted in, Tessa reached up at random, then grabbed and scratched the veined forearm.

“Ha, uhk…! Slow, slowly, ah, haangh!”

Whenever they slept together, Hert wasn’t usually like this, but today it seemed like he was more gentle.

He reached deep inside Tessa, who gasped for air at every movement of the man who pounded until the entrance to her womb.

It was to the point that she thought it was terrifying.

But she didn’t regret asking him to hold her.


Because every time this man thrusted inside, her head got all jumbled up, leaving her unable to think.

This was better.

Rather than thinking about something strange about Hert.

However, unlike her head, her body instinctively staggered away from him, whether she was afraid of the large body of the man who was constantly pounding inside her.

Towards Tessa, who could not lay still, Hert spoke as though he was chewing on the words.

“Ha, damn, hold on, for, a… sec.

It’s annoying hitting inside.”


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