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“It’s pretty good.

Why, are you trying to do it”

“I have nothing else to do, that’s why.

But I’ll stop.

No matter how much I think about it, my dexterity is really bad.

By the way, can’t you make one more lemon tart It was delicious last time.”

At Janet’s words, Elena sneered.

“I didn’t give it to you for you to eat.”

“It’s too much because you borrowed my name.

Tessa ate it well too.”

“That mouth earns a living, too.”

“Then make it again.

I’m stuck here anyway, so there’s still time left.

I will send the ingredients through Jin.”

Elena smiled softly as she watched Janet naturally ordering the lemon tart.

How cheeky.

After all, as Janet said, she was going to be stuck here for some time.

She was a little busy now, but it wasn’t to the point where she couldn’t make some tarts.

“Don’t just eat by yourself.

Share them.”

“Oh, I can’t even eat it all by myself anyway.

I will share them with Tessa this time as well.”

As expected, El is the best.

As soon as permission was given, Janet fluttered.

Elena, who was familiar with Janet, naturally changed the topic.

“How is that kid’s situation”

“She seemed fine.

He takes care of her all night.”

“Then it’s a relief.

I was always sorry.”

At Elena’s words, Janet calmed her laughter.

Janet sighed inside and got her body up.

Here we go again.

Even though she said it wasn’t her fault.


“Don’t call my name.”

“Why Can you guess what I’m going to say”

“Why do you ask when you already know”

“Then I will tell you more.

It’s not El’s fault.”

Elena shut her mouth.

She was knitting until then, but her hand stopped.

Suddenly, Janet grabbed Elena’s hand.

A warm feeling was felt in the place where they touched.

Elena quietly shook her head.

“And it will be fine.

You waited a long time.”


“Trust your nephew.

Because he is a really great person.”

[ note: it’s actually nephew or niece because the korean term used here is gender neutral.



* * *


Ferdale kicked the railings and started cursing loudly. Fuck, **, **!

The dungeon was dark with not a single beam of light coming in.

Because of this, he couldn’t even tell if it was day or night.

As a result, it was difficult to plan, let alone escape, a place like this.

‘Now, what the ** should I do If I can’t escape like this, I’ll really go broke.’

According to Ferdale’s previous plan, he should have already escaped from this place and went to the nobles who had friendly relations with his family to ask for help.

However, he failed to escape and is now imprisoned in a dungeon.

‘Damn it, if only I didn’t get caught…!’

Grinding his teeth, Ferdale thought that this was all because of that woman. Damn bitch! Rumors had spread that she slept with the new lord, so he thought she would be a good bait, but it ended up in ruin.

In anger, he swung his foot towards the iron bars again.

But as he lost his balance, his toes, not the soles of his feet, hit the railings.

He groaned and jumped off the spot.


It was an unimaginable pain.

It looked like his toe got broken.

Raising one of his legs, he cursed once more. Fuck! He thought he wanted to call a doctor right away, but there was no one else in this bleak dungeon.

It was only after screaming and making a fuss all day that Ferdale realized that the door connected to the outside would never open unless the two soldiers who took care of his meals came in.

He was about to dig the ground the same way he did before, but realizing that it was a stone floor and not an earthen one, he gave up after a minute.

How could he possibly dig through stone

Indeed, the probability of escaping this place had gone down to zero.

Of course, that’s why he was imprisoned here.

But he couldn’t just give up like this.

After the period where he can raise objections as it is, it was clear that he’d be reduced to nothing.

‘It’s crazy that the heir to the venerable Jutert family is penniless!’

The wealth of his family, which he was vaguely aware of, was enormous.

So he couldn’t give up any more.

Most of all, he didn’t want to see that lowly bastard who had unknown roots devouring not only his family’s estate but also its fortunes.

If he was lucky enough to borrow a good knight and army, it’s worth trying to fight back.

But again, all of this was possible only after he’d escaped from here.

‘There’s really no way out….’

But at that moment, the door that never seemed to open slowly began to open.

Ferdale looked at the man who opened the door, naturally clinging to the cage as the faint light penetrated his way.

A soldier gave him his food just a while ago, so it was too early for the next meal.

Still, just in case, Ferdale assumed that the person who opened the door was a soldier and talked to him.

“Who’s there Is it the next meal already After dinner, can you call the doctor My foot….”

“You seem to have not come to your senses yet.”

Surprisingly, it was a woman’s voice that came from beyond.

Ferdale was startled and jumped away from the cage for a moment.

After a while, a woman with a candle appeared in front of the iron cage.

She was wearing a deep hood, so he couldn’t see her face, but Ferdale couldn’t shake the feeling that he had seen her somewhere at least once.

“What, what, you.

How did you get here”

“Do you think the dungeon suits you well”

“Bull**! What are you more than that I’m asking how did you get in!”

The woman laughed in a low tone at Ferdale’s shriek.

She took something out of her pocket.

What appeared with a jingle was the key to the dungeon.

Ferdale looked at the woman in surprise.

Was that the key to this dungeon How does that woman have that

“Would you like to strike a deal”


“I can get you out of here without anyone knowing.

Besides, I can help you get out of this estate.”

“What Really How!”

Ferdale’s eyes widened wide.

Can she get him out of here At his urgent question, the woman shrugged her shoulders.

“Would you like to strike a deal Just tell me if you want to.”

“I’ll, I’ll do it! If I could just get out of here, what could I not do You’re not lying, right You’re not doing this just to tease me! Anyway, yes, I’ll do it, so get me out quickly! How do people live in a place like this I think I’m going crazy!”

“Then I will tell you the terms of the deal.”

The woman took something from her arms and threw it into the cage where Ferdale was with the keys.

Ferdale hurriedly picked them up.

What was thrown with the key was a small pocket.

Inside the pocket were several things like square chips.

It looked like a chip from a gambling house, but upon closer inspection, it didn’t seem like it.

“What is this”

“I have a man ready outside the dungeon.

Follow that person.

Then you will be able to escape safely from here as well as from the territory.”

“Then What are these Chips”

“Find the red beard of Lindehal Estate.

After that, they’ll take care of it.

Then good luck.”

“No, wait, explain what this is….”

It was the moment when Ferdale inadvertently reached out to the woman.

After that, the candle the woman was holding went out with the sound of the wind blowing.

The dungeon went dark again, and at the same time the woman’s presence disappeared along with it.

Ferdale was stunned.

“What, where did she go”


* * *


“Say you can’t do it right now.”

When he took off his shirt, the muscular man’s body was clearly visible.

There were small wounds and scars all over his body.

Tessa stared blankly at them.

She thought that Hert’s body wasn’t as normal as hers was.

Tessa shook her head towards him.

“It’s… it’s okay….”

“Don’t regret it after saying that.

I have no intention of stopping once I start.”

“…I don’t regret it.

That’s why….”

At that moment, Hert completely knocked Tessa down and took his place between her legs.

His large palms grabbed her skinny calves.

“Obviously you said it with your own mouth.

You will have no regrets.”

“Ah, huk….”

The woman’s legs were spread wide to the sides, revealing the wet entrance that contained a tiny nub.

Hert swept it gently from bottom to top as if following the gap with the tip of his thumb.

Then Tessa let out an exhilarating breath and her body shook.

Hert silently looked down at Tessa.

For the first time, the slender body, bare and naked, was in front of him.

Undressed, Tessa was much smaller than he thought, and skinny, and she looked like she would break anywhere with the slightest amount of force.

He looked at Tessa’s flat abdomen, and then pulled his head down and impulsively buried his face between her legs.

“That place…!”

A hot breath touched her secret place.

Tessa gasped and didn’t know what to do.

Before long, the soft tongue began to carefully lick her petals.

Putting his face under her and licking her like a dog, Tessa’s face quickly became bright red with heat.

‘There, it’s a dirty place….

Not a place to lick like that….’

“Mmh, hngh!”

As his tongue tapped her clitoris, Tessa groaned and swung her arm haphazardly.

The feeling was so strange.

It was more irritating than he had ever done with his fingers.

She doesn’t like it, it’s weird.

The woman’s buttocks, which was secretly trying to pull back out, were seized by the man and were fixed into place.


His tongue dug deeper into the opening than before.

It was a feeling she couldn’t really describe in words.

It was slippery, hot, and ticklish.

If a leech were to cling to her, was this how it would feel

As the man’s tongue now rose and began to suck the protruding clitoris, Tessa unknowingly closed her eyes and curled her toes.


Ung, hiic!”

Suddenly, his lips covered the entire pubic area.

Hert moved his tongue as if eating a fruit, gently sucking in Tessa’s secret place. That, stop…. Tessa opened her mouth with a trembling voice.

However, Hert did not stop and even more tenaciously teased her lower body with his tongue.

“It’s sweeter than I thought.”

“Uhh… huk….”

A subtle pleasure from somewhere ran down her buttocks and back up her spine.

As the man slowly rolled the sensitive nub, the woman’s lower abdomen contracted quickly, and fluids burst from the below.

Hert drank those fluids unconsciously and smiled.

When he saw the woman’s reaction, he didn’t think it was that bad.


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