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“As I said, everything is a chain.”

Beatrice handed the book back to the queen and stood up.

The night was too deep.

She had to go back now, but then Jean hurriedly grabbed her hand.

“Since when Why didn’t you tell me You can ask me for advice.

When you were on the battlefield, you used to tease me from time to time!”

“That was a year ago.

And now that you are a queen, you should rest.

Just as you are now, please keep an eye on it.

Because I can’t watch a fool spill water.”

“That punk’s queen! When did I say I wanted to be a queen”

It was known to all that Marquis Borwen, who had returned from war, had promoted the marriage of the young king to her fifteen-year-old sister.

So, over the past year, Jean has been busy complaining about her young husband whenever she sees Beatrice.

“You just sleep.

Children grow taller when they sleep early.”

“What are you talking about, I’m all grown up!”

“You haven’t grown up at all.

Just wait for a few years.

I think His Majesty will be bigger than you”

Beatrice gently lifted the little hand that was holding her.

Ignoring the huffing Jean, she pulled the blanket over her sister’s neck and gave a small kiss on the forehead.

“Have a nice dream, Queen.”

“What a good dream.

Change my husband!”

“I will try.”

Leaving the rest with the maid, she left the room and one of the knights was waiting for her.

Beatrice smiled contentedly as she whispered in the knight’s ear.

‘Everything is a chain.’

What her little sister just said was right.

The world is a series of chained thoughts.

Just like when one thing gets caught, other things get caught.

Unexpected events will grab their ankles and drag them into the swamp.

Of course, it was not going to lead to a civil war.

Even before that, they’ll be busy scratching their heads.

Then at that time…

Beatrice looked at the central palace, not far from the queen’s palace.


* * *


Hert watched Tessa eating the whole time.

After threatening that he would never put the plate away until she was done eating, he really checked whether Tessa had emptied the plate before sending it out through the maid.

Because of this, Tessa barely ate a bowl of soup, but she felt more bloated than usual.

“Drink all your medicine.”

Whether or not he knew how Tessa felt, but Hert prepared the medicine and handed it to her.

The glass was filled with the black liquid that Kennis had previously given him.

Tessa gently drank the medicine Hert had offered her.

Again, it was to the point where her forehead was crumpled.

A sweet candy popped into her mouth as Tessa wrinkled her face unknowingly.

Tessa looked up at Hert in surprise.

“You can bite the candy and eat it.

There’s plenty more.”

With those words, Hert took the glass that was in Tessa’s hand and cleaned it up.

Tessa looked at Hert’s back and made a trembling expression.

She didn’t know how to deal with Hert’s behavior, as if he was trying to take care of her.

Above all else, his last words caught her.

‘She can bite and eat… the candy…’

Doesn’t it remind her of the orphanage days when candy was so rare that she couldn’t bite it

In orphanages, sweet treats like candy were precious.

So, Tessa would save as much candy as she could, so she rolled it in her tongue and melted it without biting it once with her teeth.

Because Hert saw this, later, he said he would buy some of it if he became a knight.

‘I feel strange…’

It’s like going back in time.

Thanks to this, Tessa had to manage to stop staring blankly at Hert over and over again.

‘More than that… Why are you kind to me’

It was like that before.

The hand that soothed her crying self was very kind.

To the point where she wanted it to have meaning.

Of course, she knew that it would never happen.

She was the only one who didn’t know her place, and there was no way Hert could still have in mind the traitor who sold him.

But even more so, she couldn’t understand his intentions.

The other part of Tessa felt uncomfortable.

She was never the kind of person who could deserve this kind of treatment from him.

There must be something he wanted from her then.

She had to find it from now on.

In the midst of this, Hert still showed no sign of leaving the room.

He acted like he was going to spend the rest of the night here.

No matter how she looked at it, his clothes were too simple, and he even closed the window that was slightly opened.

He looked like he was well prepared.


Only then did Tessa realize.

Hert wants to sleep with her.

In fact, for the past week, she had been sleeping with Hert without skipping a day.

This wasn’t the office where they had relationships every time, but after all, relationships could be anywhere Hert wanted.

There was nowhere in the castle of Jutert that Hert could not go, and Tessa had to spread her legs over the open garden if he wanted to.

Above all, Hert, who she had experienced so far, was a person full of lust.

He never got tired.

He pounded into her constantly, unlike Tessa, who climaxed several times and was not sure what to do.

He climaxed so many times a day that the semen had become diluted before he even let Tessa go.

That’s why Tessa had to lie down all day that day.

Of course, the next day, she was called and laid while crying under him again.

Anyway, for such a guy, it must have been difficult to skip sex for even a day.

What’s more, it couldn’t have been so good that he craved for it.

A victim serving the perpetrator.

Every word is so inconsistent that it is contradictory.

It was clear that other people would snort, asking where such a person would exist.

‘Men are like that.

What would he not do if they could sleep’

It reminded her of what Janet once said as if passing by.

It was also consistent with the saying that it doesn’t matter if even an idiot can warm a man’s bed.

Tessa leaned down quietly as her head was heavy.

The person who takes only her body.


To Hert, that’s what she is now.

When she came to that conclusion, she cried again with tears in her eyes.

While she thought that this was only right, she became a little miserable that he has become nothing more than a sex partner for Hert.

On the one hand, she was also terrified that she was still seeing things she shouldn’t have seen.


When are you going to give up such vain hopes


She’d rather him not be kind.

Don’t wipe her tears away, don’t take care of her like this.

Then her heart wouldn’t hurt to this extent.

She knew she shouldn’t blame Hert, but Tessa couldn’t stand it.

Her falling heart was long beyond her control.

She was really blatant and ignorant of her place.

Tessa was sick of herself.

“Lie down.”

Soon after, Hert approached Tessa and ordered her to lie down.

But instead of lying down, Tessa reached out to Hert’s trouser.

If he was going to do it, it’s better to start early.

Because one entanglement with him lasted long.

Hert knocked Tessa’s hand roughly the moment he felt the touch.

He looked down at Tessa with a surprised expression on his face as to what he was doing.

“What are you doing now”

“…I think you want this,”


“…Or I… I’ll take my clothes off…”

Instead of undoing the man’s trousers, Tessa started taking off her pajamas.

The tight fabric was untied and wide open, revealing a large, immaculate chest halfway through.

Not long after, Hert gave instructions to Tessa in a subdued voice.


“I still have clothes…”

“I told you to stop.”

The man’s frown on his forehead made it clear that he was displeased.

For this reason, Tessa was puzzled by Hert’s reaction.

Why didn’t he like it Wasn’t this what he wanted But… If not this, then there’s no reason for him to be nice to her.

Wasn’t this why he was so friendly

Not long after that, Hert began to swear. F*ck.

“Do you see me as a bastard who wants to do that to a sick person Do I look like a madman who wreaks havoc if he doesn’t have sex for even a day”

Hert, who brushed his hair, began to stare at Tessa.

He was at a loss as to how he was supposed to handle this situation.

What does it mean to eat well, take medicine, and then suddenly touch his trousers With such clear intentions for anyone to see.

Even so…

‘You thought I wanted this’

His mood suddenly became dirty.

“Tell me, did you really see me like that”

Yes, it was true that every single day, he invited her to his office and f*cked her.

It was an act based on his greed, but it had its own reasons.

He definitely wanted to draw a line with Tessa.

So he made himself even colder and pushed her away.

That’s why he called her to his office and had a relationship there.

But now it was different.

Now, Tessa was ill, and even during the day she was held hostage by the Young Marquis Jutert and was stabbed in the neck with a dagger.

Hert did not forget that the doctor repeatedly told her to rest.

But, did Tessa see him as just a scoundrel who can’t overcome his sexual desire and runs rampant

F*cking crazy bastard.


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