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Hert grabbed Tessa by the throat.

Tessa reflexively resisted, but to no avail, she was swayed by him helplessly.

She was suffocating.

Her heart was pounding as if it was about to explode.

She’s scared.

Tessa gasped like a newborn deer fawn.

“Open your eyes when I say good things.

Look straight at me.”

At Hert’s threat, Tessa forced her to open her eyes.

Then she trembled at the anger that poured out from him.

The man’s face was distorted with not a hint of mercy.

He looked like he couldn’t control his rage.

The trembling eyes looked like they had been hurt.

But Tessa thought it was a mistake on her part.

What more could he do to hurt her

It must be an illusion created by vain hope.

It didn’t take a day or two for her to see everything in vain.


Occasionally, when Tessa’s spirit was pushed to the limit, she would imagine Hert appearing in front of her, resenting her, comforting her, pleading with her.

It wasn’t just that.

He condemned Tessa for ruining his life, a smirk on his as he accused her of leaving him.

Or sometimes, she would imagine him feeling sorry for her.

Other times, he hated her.

So she saw it wrong.

It had to be.

Otherwise, she’ll end up hurting him again.

“Kill you With my hands”

Hert growled with ridiculousness.

“I think you’re a bit out of touch right now.

Do you think you have the right to choose How dare you think of dying!

The right to choose.

At those words, Tessa, who was shaking like an aspen tree, stiffened.

The soft olive-colored eyes also lost their brilliance.

Tessa stared at Hert with a bewildered face as if she had been hit in the head.

Hert flinched for a moment at her empty gaze, while Tessa relaxed her strength and stretched her whole body.

She forgot for a moment.

There was no such thing as a right for her to choose.

As an orphan from the beginning, Tessa had no right to choose from the very moment she was born.

It was one of Tessa’s painful realizations throughout her life, a reality that would never change.

During the past seven years of living in Jutert, Tessa’s thoughts and opinions had always been cut off.

She was merely a doll that would drop its head and hit its head on the floor if it didn’t have a pole stand that would keep it upright.

That was Tessa’s role here.

That was the only reason for her existence.

Something that was not there from her birth could not have suddenly appeared now.

She was still no different than a doll, and she was destined to live a life where she was being swung around for the rest of her life, just as other people so desired.

Her own will was something that a plaything had nothing in the first place.

Yes, she knew it all too well…

With Hert in front of her, she had a vain dream without realizing it, as if she had returned to the past—to the time when she believed that she could do anything, when she was the happiest because the two of them were together.

…To the day she can’t return to now.

“…I apologize.”

With those words, Tessa bit her mouth again.

“…What are you doing”

Hert was furious at Tessa’s reaction.

Because as soon as he said she had no right to choose, she began to act like a woman who had given up on herself, her body drooping.

It strangely offended Hert.

What the hell was this reaction

‘Why are you doing this’

In the end, Hert couldn’t overcome his wrath and opened his mouth wildly.

“Ha, don’t be ridiculous.

Do you think I’ll even sympathize with you Stop pretending to be pitiful! If I had meant to let you go easily, I wouldn’t have come back alive from that hell.

How do you think did I… How did I come back alive!”

Amidst the muddy slaughter and treachery and evil misdeeds, Hert managed to grab hold of his tenacious spirit and survive.

The only thing that drove him to survive was the desire to meet the girl who betrayed him again.

And to ask why she did it.

But the woman in front of him…

“Damn it…! You have to pay me.

So stop looking like that.

It will be of no use if you come and ask for sympathy.”

Tessa shuddered at the wrath of the man, but said nothing.

She was just going to be patient and accept it all.

No, she thought she should.

As Hert said, she had to pay him a price, and she deserved it.

“Damn it!”

Hert suddenly cursed.

It looked like something he didn’t really like.

He pushed Tessa to the floor as if in anger and put a hand on his waist.

Tessa closed her eyes, thinking of the metal that might be pointing at her.

But the next thing he heard was the sound of him throwing all the weapons from his waist to the floor.

Tessa couldn’t understand Hert’s intentions at the sound of the weapons rolling on the floor, so she breathed low and waited.

What was he trying to do She was about to think about it.

Hert grabbed Tessa’s arm like the first time and raised her up.

Then he started dragging her towards the table.

“You want me to do as I please”

Hert shoved Tessa roughly onto the table. Slam, her chin slammed against the table, and the recoil ripped her lips a little, a tingling pain and the taste of fishy blood.

Her mouth was stuffy.

But that wasn’t the problem.

Tessa’s body stiffened as his large, cold hands lifted her nightgown and roughly touched the inside of her thighs.

In her embarrassment, her mouth naturally opened and her voice leaked out.

“What, what are you doing…!”

“You said you’re going to let me do as I please.”

His hand, which had dug into her thigh, went up even further.

Then, when Hert’s hand touched her secret area, Tessa gasped and struggled to escape.

Do, don’t, don’t! Her body instinctively rejected the unfamiliar sensations.

In particular, the fact that the other person was Hert played a part in it.

She never thought it would be like this.

“Stay still.

Why, I guess you didn’t expect this Is that all when you said I should do as I please Or maybe you never thought about something like this because you lived a noble life as an aristocratic lady.”

“That, that’s not… Agh!”

Hert pressed Tessa’s upper body against the table.

Tessa screamed loudly and reached out forward.

The wounds on her back that were covered by the nightgown stung, causing eerie pain.

Of course, Hert couldn’t see Tessa’s wounds, and raised his eyes as she shuddered at the touch of his hand.

The anger soared even more.

“Right, now you wouldn’t want to be touched by a bastard like me.”

“No, no, that’s, ugh!”

“But you know what You were mine from the beginning.

It wasn’t the dying old man, it was me who should be by your side…!”

Oddly enough, Hert, who gritted his teeth, still pressed Tessa’s back to hold her down so she couldn’t resist.

Because of this, Tessa twisted her body in pain, but could not get away from him.

Before long, she fell on the table with her hips stuck to Hert’s.

“It should have been me from the beginning to go in here and sow my seeds.”

His large hands ripped open her underwear with ease.

Tessa shivered, forgetting the pain for a moment as her tight red entrance was exposed to the cold air.

She wasn’t naive enough not to know what was going to happen next.

In the first place, showing the secret area to others meant that act.

‘It’s not it, it’s…’

This experience was not at all familiar to Tessa.

Tessa was married and had an old husband, but she rarely faced such an act.

Except for the first day, when Marquis Jutert ejaculated and fell asleep because he was satisfied with just doing fellatio, leaving her nauseated.

The feeling of nausea, fishiness, and ​​disgusting cloudy liquid.

That’s all of Tessa’s sexual experience.

Occasionally, the Marquis would strip Tessa of her clothes and look at her body, but he would not rip off her underwear in this way.

He hadn’t even looked at Tessa’s lower body properly.

Before she knew about lust, she became a woman, and the lustful old lord funnily demanded modesty from his wives.

Tessa, who regained her senses late, began to writhe again.

“No, no! Don’t, don’t!”

“Shut up, you opened your legs over and over again to your old husband… You can’t sleep with a lowly person like me because it’s dirty!”

Not long after, there was the sound of a quick unbuckle.

At the same time, Tessa’s face hardened and her complexion turned pale.

As she did not expect, something thick and blunt touched her buttocks soon.

She couldn’t look back, but from the area he touched, Tessa was able to guess the size.

It appeared to be several times larger than her old husband’s shrunken member.

‘I, I don’t want it.’

If he would put that in, it would definitely rip.

Her mind went blank at the fear of the size she had never experienced before.

“Do, don’t do it! No…! I don’t want it! Let me go, let me go!”

Tessa struggled more violently than she had before at the volume and weight of the object that revealed its clear presence beyond her sensitive skin.

It wasn’t that she valued her purity.

Since she became one of the numerous wives of the old lord, Tessa gave up on such attachments to her body.

But this way, she didn’t even want to do that with Hert.

Especially because his coercive attitude made Tessa tremble in fear.

“Please, please!”

Her slender arms swayed wildly in the air with the desperate cry.

The tears flowed from the corners of her eyes.

She couldn’t think of anything as she was terrified by the torso of the large man who squeezed and pressed her down.

She just wanted to get out of this situation.

“Heuk, no! Keuk… Huk!”


Eventually, the man’s hand stopped when Tessa had trembled desperately as her weeping voice cried out.

The man’s length, which touched her skin and frightened her with its bulk and weight, also moved away from her.

Tessa hurriedly pushed Hert away and crawled into the corner when the grip withdrew its power from her.

She knew, in fact, that she couldn’t run away.

She knew from the moment she entered the room, she would just be limited to this one room.

Still, she wanted to run away.

Tessa put her head in the corner and curled up and crouched down as far as she could.

As the hard, cold walls and the darkness familiarly enveloped her, Tessa released her sobs and began to weep.

All of this was scary and sad.

Would she have been less scared if it had been her old husband or his son who was aiming for her

Tessa knew that she didn’t deserve to hate Hert, but she hated him for the first time.

Why must it be Hert

Why was Hert doing this to her

As the image of the friendly boy she once knew and the hateful man who was right in front of her overlapped with each other, the sense of disparity only grew.

Tessa cried more sadly than ever.

She couldn’t believe everything that had just happened to her.


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