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Everyone held their breath.


Lange, who found Hert belatedly, jumped out from beyond him and called him.

He was taken aback by Hert’s laid-back attitude, which encouraged rather than calmed the Young Marquis.

Hert lightly ignored the officer, took off his coat, and handed it to Mogen, who was nearby.

The man’s broad back and shoulders were then exposed.

“I’ve known since the beginning that words won’t get through to you…”

Hert, who rolled up the sleeves of his shirt, continued his words with a dry face.

He glanced lightly sideways at the Young Marquis, who was holding Tessa hostage.

“Try it.

It will be fun.”

“…Hmmph, first of all, such a precious person came here on two feet.

Should I know this as an honor”

Ferdale looked at the man in front of him.

They always looked at each other from afar, but seeing each other so close, he could really feel it.

Most of all, from his sword-forged face to his huge physique, he evoked a sense of horrific pressure.

It wasn’t for nothing that he was told to keep his mouth shut in front of Marquis Borwen’s dog.

“But what I’m really serious.

I can really stab this girl.”

“So, try it.”

Hert shrugged his shoulders as if Ferdale was wasting time.

No matter who looked at it, it was a ruthless figure who did not even think about the safety of the lady held hostage.

Because of this, Ferdale began to noticeably panic.

“…Are you serious”

It was not only the Young Marquis who was perplexed by Hert’s reaction.

Everyone in the area was confused by Hert’s overly calm appearance.

Especially since most of them had a vague idea of ​​what Hert and Tessa’s relationship was like.

“Does it really not matter if this woman dies”

Ferdale asked, holding the dagger closer to Tessa’s neck.

Tessa, whose complexion had become pale, still did not rebel once, but quietly held her breath.

It was the moment Lange, who had not seen it, was about to step forward.

As Mogen stopped him, Hert responded with a snort.

“Because it doesn’t matter.

You won’t do it”

“You bastard…”

“If you can’t do it, just let her go.”

“What! Do, don’t come!”

As Hert strode closer, Ferdale stepped back as much and quickly looked behind him.

In fact, he hadn’t expected this at all.

But he really didn’t know this would happen.

Ferdale struggled to keep his composure and gave strength to the hand holding the dagger.

A sharp blade began to pierce Tessa’s neck.

“Damn, who won’t Really, I’ll do it.

After all, this b*tch is nothing to me, so there’s nothing I can’t do.”

Red blood dripped from the place where the blade entered.

Tessa let out a soft groan.

Ferdale looked at this, and looked at the other person with a triumphant expression.

But Hert still didn’t change his expression.

Instead, he was getting closer and closer to Ferdale, ignoring the Young Marquis’ words not to approach him with an expression of no emotion.

“Damn it, don’t come! Are you kidding me”

“Young Marquis, I think you are misunderstanding something.

It’s the same with me.”


“I don’t care if she dies or not.

Because she’s nothing.”

Ferdale frowned at Hert’s blunt answer this time without a single wave of agitation.

Sh*t, what Weren’t the two of them together How can he be so calm

Ferdale looked down at Tessa, who was caught and immobilized by him.

Looking back, Tessa didn’t seem to expect anything from Hert at all.


This b*tch was literally useless’

However, Ferdale still couldn’t shake the lingering feelings between the two.

She meant nothing Then what were the words he had heard so far

It was a famous rumor within this estate that the new lord would call the former lord’s wife whenever he had spare time.

No man dares to call a woman, who is nothing, more than once and slept together with her so much.

“You’re, you’re bluffing…! Nothing! Do you hold onto a woman who is nothing and f*ck her so often And you’re Borwen’s faithful dog!”

Ferdale screamed.

The recoil made the blade pierce Tessa’s neck a more.

Tessa let out a groan of pain.

More blood was oozing than before.

“You’re talking in a rather more naive voice than it seems.”

“What… Damn I told you not to come!”

Hert quickly approached him.

Ferdale unknowingly took his hand off Tessa and swung his dagger at Hert.

Otherwise, he felt like he was going to die.

Murderous energy flowed in the man’s eyes and every gesture.

It felt like being preyed on by a vicious beast.

Ferdale looked around.

He was really going to do it right.

‘Right now…!’

Ferdale pushed Tessa to the ground.

He tried to run away while the attention was on her.

Sadly, however, before he could try to escape, Ferdale’s face slammed straight to the ground.

Because in the blink of an eye Hert caught his wrist and slammed him to the floor.

Kugh! And the Young Marquis fell on the floor and struggled.

“You fool.”

Hert glanced at Mogen and Lange.

Lange supported Tessa, who had fallen, and Mogen, along with the knights, began tying Ferdale with ropes.

In the meantime, Ferdale screamed.

“Damn it, let me go! Scoundrel! Ugh, let go!”

Hert picked up the dagger in the distance.

The tip of the dagger’s blade was stained with red blood.

“I know bastards like you well.”

Handing the dagger to the knight approaching him, Hert looked at Ferdale.

A bastard who doesn’t even know his place.

Ferdale’s rebellion stopped for a moment in his gloomy eyes.

“Punks like you will be the first to die on the battlefield.”

Hert had seen men like the Young Marquis on the battlefield countless times.

Useless things that were born noble and had never done anything like hardship.

They usually looked at the war with ease, but after the first battle, they were in shock and could not get out.

In fact, he was glad it ended there.

More than half did not come back alive from the first battle.

“At least you can’t kill anyone in front of you.

You can’t do that and don’t have the strength to do that.

Do you think you can kill a person just by picking up a sword when you spent your whole life eating and playing”

You should kill someone who has already killed people. Hert’s low voice rumbled.

As he said that, his eyes sank very low.

“What would you do if you took up something like this It becomes a threat only if you really have the intention of doing it.”

Hert sneered at Ferdale and said that his commotion a while ago is not even playing house.

Ferdale could not stand the blatant accusation and began to scream.

It was the first time he had ever been ridiculed and ignored in this way.

He trembled at the treatment he had been receiving for the first time in his life.

“Shit! Shut up, what do you know! When you’re sleeping with that whore!”

At one word, Hert looked down at Ferdale.

Whore When he said whore, did he mean Tessa Hert’s brow furrowed in an instant.

Seeing this, Ferdale giggled and said.

“I guess it’s nice to f*ck someone after a long time Pretending to be nothing.

So the great Borwen’s dog touches a girl.

That b*tch is amazing too.

Can I give you a piece of advice”

“…You’re too noisy.

Do I have to cut off your tongue”

“She’s a magical girl.

She’s good at attracting men.

Should you be careful whether she was playing with you This girl will not be satisfied with one f*cking, and she was looking to f*ck other scoundrels.

How could a b*tch with nothing take the place of Marquis Jutert’s wife”

“Shut up.”

Hert let out a fierce voice.

But Ferdale began to chatter even more without hesitation.

“Aren’t you curious what my relationship with that b*tch is Tsk, I know everything that used to be here.

Are you the only one who doesn’t know Fuck you, you evil bastard.

Well, I think you already know what I’m talking about…….”


“I thought she was a prostitute by nature, so it was amazing to catch a guy in such a short time even in this situation.

Don’t be fooled by that b*tch.

I’m really saying this for you.

I know guys like you well.

Those who ruin a good life with just one d*ck.”

Ferdale laughed.

A face that was as if he fancies a punch.

At this, Hert was starting to feel more and more dirty.

At first he was just going to ignore it, but he was annoyed that he said something like that to him.

Above all else, the way he spoke as if he knew Tessa well began to get on his nerves.

He also wanted to kill him.

“The hell, you b*tch.

How dare you sleep with the man who killed Father”

At that moment, Ferdale spit in Tessa’s direction.

Therefore, Hert’s gaze naturally turned to Tessa, who was with Lange.

Although it was a one-sided criticism, Tessa was unable to even raise her head.

He could see her biting her mouth tightly through her hair.

And Hert didn’t know exactly why she looked like that, but she just hated it.

Maybe it was because of her appearance that she looked at him and kept her head bowed to him without saying anything from before overlapped.

Hert unknowingly clenched his fists.

Why wasn’t she talking this time Is it really because, as the Young Marquis said, all of that is true

“You’re a whore who knows neither grace nor dignity.

Who made you live in this place! A b*tch like you should have been killed sooner…”

“Sh*t, shut up.”

Hert pulled up Ferdale’s collar.

In his grasp, the Young Marquis hung in the air like a child.

“If she’s a whore to me, isn’t your mother a whore as well since she also slept with the previous lord Speaking nonsense all over the place.”

“What, bullsh*t— Let, let go—!”

“I’ll let you go, you bastard.”

Before he could finish speaking, Hert threw Ferdale back to the floor.

He chuckled as if he didn’t want to look at him any longer.

“Take it away.”


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