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As soon as she returned to the annex from the castle, Tessa lay down on her bed.

Her whole body was heavy.

The entanglements with Hert, which continued for nearly a week, pushed her to the limit, both mentally and physically.

However, she didn’t want to show her hardships to Hert.

In any case, she had to handle all of this on her own.

It was the moment she just closed her eyes and tried to get some sleep.

A small rattling sound could be heard near the window.

Tessa struggled to open her mouth in a hoarse voice.

“…Mani Is that you, Mani”

Only Tessa and her maid, Mani, were allowed to enter and leave the room at will.

But when there was no answer from Mani, Tessa noticed the strangeness and raised her upper body from the bed.

Just then, a hand suddenly appeared in front of her window.

Tessa was so startled that she couldn’t even think of moving, and she looked at the hand, which appeared out of nowhere.

Although the room she was staying in was on the second floor, someone was trying to break in through the window outside.

W-Who… Tessa hardened her body in a situation she had never experienced.

She knew she had to go out and ask for help inside her head, but her body couldn’t let her go.

“Ha, really… Punks…”

After a while the intruder was fully revealed.

The man struggled to climb over the window and step on the floor as if he was falling down.

Tessa said nothing the moment she saw the man.

She didn’t even scream out of fear.

The man who broke into her room was none other than the Young Marquis of Jutert.

‘Run away, run away.

Run away right now…!’

With her tears half-filled, Tessa forced herself to move.

She somehow had to get her out of here.

Rather, why is the Young Marquis here She heard that he was definitely locked up… How was he here She couldn’t breathe.

As soon as he saw Ferdale, the fears overshadowed her.

Tessa dragged her immobile legs and crawled from the bed towards the door.

‘A little more, a little bit more…!’

That was the time.

Before she could grab the doorknob, her hair was pulled.

Before she could even let out a voice asking for help, a hand went over her mouth.

Tessa struggled weakly at the force of the strong grasp, but the familiar voice above her head reflexively drained the strength from his body.

“Damn it, I didn’t think it was you.”

Ferdale’s lips were twisted as he smiled at Tessa, who looked at him and glared.

She didn’t expect to see him here.

Tessa knew the man’s face well.

It was the face he used to make whenever he met her by chance when he was angry.

And after that, abuse like anger continued.

‘No no…!’

Without realizing it, Tessa bit Ferdale’s hand that was covering her mouth.

She had the courage to not know where he came from.

She was so desperate. Aack! Ferdale screamed and let go of the hand holding Tessa.

Without letting go of the chance, Tessa reached out towards her door.

Just get out of here…

“This darned b*tch!”


One of her cheeks was burning as if it was on fire.

Tessa realized that at one point she was lying on the floor.

She stared at the wooden planks on the floor with a dazed face.

What just happened to her She was still dazed, but a hand grabbed her by the hair again.

It was a violent hand.

Tears flowed from the pain.

“Haa, damn, it hurts to death.

Hey, did you go crazy because you wanted to die”

Ferdale was glaring at Tessa with a sullen face.

He then grabbed Tessa’s hair and started dragging her into the room.

Tessa was dragged by him without any resistance.

“You crazy b*tch, did you sleep with that guy and your gut swelled up”

Ferdale let her hair down as if tossing Tessa against the wall.

Because of this, Tessa banged her head against her wall and fell to the floor.

There was no pain from her head to her face.

It was then that the tears began to trickle down.

“So you want to bite my hand I was trying to be good, but… Damn, I’m already annoyed because I’m tied up here, but everything is annoying me.”

Ferdale was very angry at the twisted situation earlier.

The guard in the annex, which was not a big deal, was considerably stricter than he expected, which prevented him from even leaving.

Even in the annex, the security was strict, so he wandered around the room and came all the way here.

“F*ck, it’s all because of you.”

Ferdale looked down at the crying Tessa, who couldn’t even raise her head.

When he wondered why there were so many soldiers in the annex with nothing special, he realized that there was a woman who had slept with the knight who had attacked the territory.

Therefore, it was all because of the bitch in front of him that his plans were shattered.

‘Now that my escape is almost exposed…’

Ferdale looked at Tessa.

She looked fine except for one cheek that was beaten by him.

It also helped that her condition was better than the last time he saw her.

In particular, the pale skin revealed through the slightly widened hem of the robe made him blush a little.

He looked around for a moment, then drew his body to match Tessa’s eye level as much as possible.

“Hey, did that bastard f*ck you good Looking at it, your legs are completely spread out with him”


“How did you seduce him I’m curious, I’m really curious.

Isn’t that bastard some great guy He’s with Marquis Borwen.”

Ferdale chuckled and waved his little finger in front of Tessa.

Rumors went rampant about the relationship between Marquis Borwen and Hert, who was her servant knight.

Ferdale went to all kinds of gambling establishments, so he could pick up such rumors casually.

There were people who would say they saw them in real life.

So, when Ferdale first knew that such a guy was sleeping with one of his father’s wives, he was not easily convinced.

“Well, whatever… I guess your p*ssy is the best Seeing that bastard treat you like this, I can guess roughly.

After all, if you take them off, the docile-looking b*tches will make you more tired than you think.”

Ferdale’s gaze blatantly turned between Tessa’s legs.

Tessa curled her body as far as she could at the impure gaze.

“There’s something I’m suddenly curious about, do you know what it is”


“Huh Guess.”

Ferdale reached out and brushed Tessa’s messy hair to the side.

Every time he touched Tessa, she trembled in surprise.

Before long, the Young Marquis discovered the olive-colored eyes hidden in her hair.

He liked the terrified eyes.

It took him years to make those eyes.

“If I f*ck you here, how will that bastard react”

Tessa took a breath.

Ferdale was laughing with his mouth open.

“Aren’t you also curious Huh”

“Don, don’t…”

“Damn it, I can’t even get out of here because of you, let’s have some fun.

After all, my father was dead too Ever since the old days, I’ve wanted to try you once.

You know that too.”

She knows.

How can she forget those eyes that glistened with lust

That is why Tessa was even more afraid of Ferdale.

He lusted for her from time to time while beating her like a dog.

He could violate Tessa at any time.

It was only because of his father, Marquis Jutert, that he did not.

“If it wasn’t for my father, I would have eaten you already.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter because I don’t have a father anymore.

Aren’t you curious too How will that bastard react Would he kick you out because you’ve become dirty, or would he still eat you”

Ferdale’s hand now lifted Tessa’s hem.

Tessa gasped for breath with a pale face.

The nightmare was reviving.

This time it was a dead end from which there was no escape.

However, when a noise was heard outside the annex, Ferdale stopped his movements and looked out the window.

The search team, who were pursuing him, knew he was all the way to the annex.

Ferdale cursed as if it was a waste, and pulled something out of his arms.

“The plan has changed.”

He said, pointing the dagger in front of Tessa’s nose.

“Shall we test how much the new lord loves you”


* * *


As it was a family that was deeply rooted in the establishment of a nation, the inside of Jutert Castle was quite spacious.

The newly formed search team was scouring the entire area, turning even every single rock.

At that moment, the crows suddenly fluttered in the sky.

Hert noticed a soldier in the distance rushing towards him urgently.

As soon as the soldier arrived in front of Hert, he bent down on one of his knees and cried out.

“I have urgent news!”

“Say it.”

“The Young Marquis of Jutert has been found in the annex.

But he’s taken one lady hostage…”

Before the soldier’s words could be finished, Hert swung his horse’s reins.

He wondered where he would be hiding like a mouse, and he thought it was the annex.

From here to the annex, it would have been possible to arrive within ten minutes at the latest.

Rather, it bothered him that the Young Marquis had taken one of the ladies hostage.

Suddenly, the inside of his mouth dried up.

Hert hastened his horse.

When he arrived at the annex, the shouts of someone believed to be the Young Marquis were resounding from behind the annex.

Hert dismounted from his horse and beckoned to a nearby soldier.

“Lead me there.”

The shouts were getting clearer as they got closer to the backyard.

After moving a few more steps, he saw the Young Marquis screaming.

And in one of his arms, a woman Hert had hoped to be was taken hostage and was swung to and fro.

Damn it.

Hert paused for a moment and looked at the Young Marquis.

The dagger in Ferdale’s hand was being thrust right up to Tessa’s neck.

The sharp blade could have pierced Tessa’s skin if it had moved incorrectly.

Because of this, the knights who were in a confrontation with the Young Marquis were in a state of difficulty.

If either one of them gets hurt, it’s going to cause a lot of trouble.

“Damn it, get away! Get out of my way! Just come closer! I’m going to kill this woman!”

“Try it.”

It was then that Hert made his way through the knights and appeared before the Young Marquis.


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