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“The Young Marquis has escaped.”

At Lange’s report, as Hert was looking out the window, Hert’s expression became distorted at once.

When the superior turned to Lange with hardened eyes, Lange swallowed a gulp.

“He dug the ground.

He made a hole and escaped from there…”

“Son of a b*tch.”

Hert shouted at the window.

Even after being imprisoned in the East Tower, the Young Marquis of Jutert was constantly trying to escape.

How many times has this been If he added up his attempts, it was enough to fill his five fingers.

He seemed to know a little now how he managed to escape through the iron-clad shield even during the battle for the territories.

He was tenacious like a cockroach.

His will to live was high.

“Sir Bosch.”

“He is searching the northern road leading to the East Tower and the forest with the second platoon.”

“Since when.”

Taking off his robe, Hert picked up a pre-prepared shirt and put it on.

Every time he moved, water dripped from his still wet hair.

Lange continued to report, naturally serving his superior next to him.

“…It’s been about two hours now.”

“Two hours That bastard is a gambler and a drug addict.

Can’t one of you catch that bastard properly”

Hert, who was locking the buckle, looked at Lange again.

They have been struggling for two hours already over the Young Marquis that is no different from the general public.

Knowing his sin, Lange bowed his head.

“Forgive me.

It was unexpected…The response was inadequate.

From now on, we will prepare without any setbacks so that this does not happen again.”

“You are saying things in a good way.

Then, who am I supposed to blame”

Okay, let’s not talk.

What does a bastard who has never been to war know Hert sighed with an annoyed face.

The Young Marquis was seriously annoying.

The initial escape attempt was unsuccessful, so he left it alone, but as long as he really escaped now.

If Hert leaves it as it is, there will be problems.

Hert emptied his glass of water in one breath and walked over to his desk and gave instructions.

A map of the area was spread out on the desk.

“Increase the security inside the castle, and pay special attention to the annex.

Excluding the basic troops, how many people are left”

“About five knights and four platoons remain.”

“Get two knights and two platoons to move too.

I’m going to have to cut off one leg this time.

That way he won’t be able to escape.”

Even with that said, Hert was frustrated by the fact that this was not a battlefield.

If it is a battlefield between nations, it is not a problem even if the Young Marquis’ head is half crushed and given as food for crows, regardless of the reason.

Unlike a general war, the battle for territories required a lot of attention and effort.

‘Why do I have to keep the heir alive when you’re going to take it all anyway’

In fact, Hert could deal with the Young Marquis at any time if he wanted to.

It was common for people to die in such a situation, and it was not a big deal to make it look like the corpse of the Young Marquis does not exist.

However, it was because of Marquis Borwen who planned all these things that he brought the kingdom law and kept the Young Marquis alive for various reasons.

Marquis Borwen directly ordered that the Young Marquis of Jutert be kept alive.

“…Can we catch it by today If he hasn’t been caught yet, he may have already left the castle and headed outside.”

“That snob He can’t even step out of the castle without a helper.

Even if he goes out, he won’t even be able to reach the gate.”

“However, the escape exceeded our expectations.

Unexpected things can always happen.”

Lange cautiously objected.

At this, Hert looked at Lange.

What did he do while the Marquis escaped But he did not dare to spit it out of his mouth and question him.

Hert was also responsible to some extent for the Small Marquis’ escape.

Recently, Hert had left most of the work to Lange.

Saying that the war was over and he needed a break for a while is just an excuse, and in fact, it was because he was so focused on sleeping with a woman he met after seven years.

He hated to admit it, but sadly, this was the case, so it was a quick solution to go out to catch the Young Marquis right now rather than arguing that it was each other’s fault.

“It’s not going to happen, so get ready to search.”

“Yes, I will prepare right away.”

Leaving behind the saluting Lange, Hert looked out the window again.

On the way from the castle to the annex, there was still someone who caught his eye.

Looking at the ginger-colored hair, Hert called for Lange, who was just about to leave the room, and stopped him.


“What did I say last time”

Langue shook his head for a moment at the question from his superior.

Which one… Then, seeing Hert’s gaze out the window, he could immediately recognize what his superior was talking about.

“Oh, it’s being put together now.

We will be able to report to you soon.

By next week…”

“Do it within this week.”


To Hert’s low and heavy tone, Lange responded meekly.

With his life as a non-commissioned officer for the past year, he could get a rough idea of ​​what his superior was thinking just by hearing the tone of his voice.

Now was the time to give an obedient answer.

Lange quickly closed the door and disappeared.

Even after Lange left, Hert did not take his gaze out of the window.

He looked down at the woman who was slowly but steadily moving forward.

Tessa Jutert.

She was the sixth wife of the deceased Marquis Jutert, the master of the territory he now occupies, and the woman who betrayed him seven years ago.

She begged him and now she slept with him from time to time in his office.

Ironically, that’s how it happened.

‘Is it really nothing’

Annoyance was already seeping into his eyes after chasing Tessa.

Hert poked his hand in his pocket and began to ruminate over it deeply.

Over the past few days, Hert has drawn a line on Tessa thoroughly and has treated her harshly.

He called her to the office, not the bedroom, every day, slept together, and sowed his seeds into her until he was satisfied.

After the entanglement, he left her alone without hesitation.

He took full advantage of her with their relationship that was only filled with sex.

Still, there was no response from Tessa.

One day, two days… Nearly a week had passed, and she still came to the office as he told her to come, and she meekly spread her legs and laid down under him.

She didn’t ask for or wish for anything.

He thought at least for one time, she would say it was shameful and hard, or she hated it in front of him and would cry, but she didn’t do any of that.

He even tried to close his eyes for a day or two because he thought she would get sick from the daily love affair, but she did not.

Even though her secret place was swollen, she steadily lifted her skirt in front of him.

She never once pulled him out.

At this, Hert was ecstatic, even though it was absurd.

‘What the hell are you thinking with that little head…’

Does she really think she can pay for all her sins with her body

It was questionable whether she knew exactly what her situation was in the first place.

No, she wouldn’t have been able to act like this if she had known.

She wouldn’t be able to use her own body so carelessly.


Tessa could be abandoned at any time.

The moment Hert no longer cares about her body, that day will be the day she will pay for her sins.

Hert had only postponed until then, but had no intention of forgiving her merely for sleeping with her.

Therefore, from Tessa’s point of view now, the only way to survive was to get Hert’s attention as much as possible and delay that period with her body left.

Wasn’t it all to buy time for asking for an affair in the first place

Considering that, she shouldn’t have abused her body so recklessly now.

She shouldn’t have made Hert tired of it.

But for some reason Tessa didn’t seem to mind it at all.

At that moment, he remembered the conversation of that day.

‘Just… kill, kill me.’

Hert’s eyes narrowed for a moment.

Did she really want to die So she was just rolling her body like this Because he doesn’t show any signs of killing her No, that can’t be.

Hert reflexively looked at the woman who was now far away.

She doesn’t really want to die, does she She couldn’t die so easily.

If she knew clearly what she was doing, then she shouldn’t.

But what if that’s right

“…Damn it.”

Hert unknowingly let out a swear word.

His throat started tingling again.

He scratched his neck nervously.

He didn’t like it that he had to think like this and feel this way.

When this happens, doesn’t it look like he is being swayed by that traitor

“I don’t care if you die or not.”

After all, as long as he was alive, he couldn’t let Tessa die.

Perhaps Tessa might have been vaguely aware of it.

No, she will need to know.

Hert must take the lead in their relationship, and he doesn’t want to be swayed in the slightest by the woman who ruined his life.

Hert glared at Tessa’s back, then turned his head away from the window.

He decided not to think any more.

He didn’t even have to think of her like this from the beginning.

She was just a traitor to whom he would play and throw away.

It was nothing less and nothing more.

He had no idea what that woman was thinking.

But the only thing that came out of his mouth was, contradictory, only curses.

“F*ck, stupid bastard…”

Hert ruffled his hair roughly.


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