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Hert thought about how it hadn’t been long since he had climaxed as he looked at his manhood rearing its head again.

Like this, the entanglement with Tessa that never ended with just one or two times.

Tessa was the one who made him thirst for it, and the more he did it, the more he craved.

He continued to look at her entrance as it spewed out his seed, and then he pushed her down under him as she still wasn’t aware.

“Ha, mmh…!”

Tessa raised her head reflexively, startled when a large piece of flesh entered her mouth.

Hert was putting his thing in her mouth.

Her breath choked at the sudden move.

The hardened pillar quickly filled her mouth.

Hert then grabbed Tessa’s back of the head tightly.

“Suck it right away.

It’s what you do best.”

“Nnmh, huu… uhh!”

“If you take it out, you know I’ll put it back below.”

Tessa shook her head weakly as the deep pillar reached her throat.

Tears welled up again.

But since he had already come in, she couldn’t spit it out.

Tessa hid her teeth and began sucking the pillar with her tongue.

The bitter taste was felt even when she only used the tip of her tongue.

Her stomach churned.

“Oh, heup, huhk…! Uhk, mm…”

Although she tried to close her mouth as much as possible and sucked the manhood, it was so large that the cloudy liquid mixed with saliva continued to flow out of her lips.

Because of this, the dirty sound of squelching ensued.

“Keugh, huu… Ah, mmh.”

Tessa felt like she was going to vomit every time Hert moved his hips and tried to push himself further inside.

He was so big that there was no way she could swallow it all.

And yet, he finally tried to put all of his thing in that little mouth.

Tessa gasped hard and moved her tongue.

From her neck to her face, she was red again.

“Haa, crazy… more…”

“Huu… Uhk, puhh, heup…!”

Suddenly, Hert grabbed her by the back of the head and moved it wildly.

Tessa choked even more than ever, making her body shudder.

She gulped and her saliva was passing over it.

The thick, heavy flesh pierced her mouth here and there.

In the end, Tessa couldn’t take it any longer and gently pushed his thigh away, and Hert graciously let go of her head.

Cough! Cough!

Tessa spat out the genitals, then violently poured out her cough.

The saliva ran into her airway, burning her neck and making her head dizzy.

Hert watched Tessa quietly and waited.

As time passed and she calmed down to some extent, Tessa looked at Hert first.

He was staring intently at her.

“…I’m sorry… I’ll do it again, everything…”

“Never mind.

Hurry up.”

Hert beckoned to Tessa.

Tessa hurriedly crawled into the spot between his legs.

He gripped Tessa’s chin with a vicious force, fixing her face.

Then, with his other hand, he slowly swept his shiny pillar with her saliva, and then started rocking it back and forth.


The swollen tip swelled near her face, wet with tears, and swept over it without remorse.

Long stretches of s*men were scattered randomly across Tessa’s face and body.

Tessa was instantly messed up with Hert’s fluids.

But Hert didn’t stop there and started rubbing his pillar against her cheeks.

“Ah, huu…!”

The blunt head pricked the woman’s cheeks to her lips and the corners of her eyes, rubbing the s*men in a thick layer.

By then, her eyelashes were tangled with the fluids, preventing Tessa from opening her eyes.

Seeing that, Hert raised the corners of his lips.

When he was messing with Tessa through an entanglement like this, he was strangely engulfed in an uplifting feeling.

“Now I like it.”


Watching Hert get up from her seat while picking up his clothes, Tessa just felt empty somewhere.

As Hert left the office, Tessa remained alone, wiping the s*men from her face with the back of her hand for a long time.

Her vision was blurry and she couldn’t see straight ahead.

Something was constantly dripping down the back of her hand.


* * *


‘Damn it, you tenacious bastards.

You followed me all the way here.’

Ferdale looked at the soldiers moving in unison and spoke quietly.

Less than an hour after he escaped, they were already looking for him, grouped in several search teams.

Because of this, he was wandering around the castle without even going near the wall.

Ferdale crawled into the grass to avoid the soldiers.

However, he could not be caught here.

How did he escape.

He grinded his teeth and rolled his head as far as he could to figure out another path.

‘Where was it left’

Ferdale cracked his thumb, biting it with his teeth.

He had to get out of this castle as soon as possible.

As time passed, the security would become stricter.

In that case, it was difficult for him to escape, even if it was him, who knew all about the geography of this place.

He will again be stuck in the tower.

‘A place people don’t know well.

Another unexpected place.’

He lowered himself again as the soldier passed by.

It might have been better to go inside than to go outside.

In fact, it had been a long time since he ran out of stamina at the gambling hall or the shooting.

It was because he did not know he would be caught so quickly and consumed a lot of energy to escape.

He looked around and eventually found the spire of the west wing.

The road was definitely a sparsely populated place.

After all, it was the place where the Marchioness stayed, practically imprisoned.

But he decided to ignore it.

Ferdale’s biological mother was someone who would immediately call and ask to arrest her son.

‘I don’t know how the woman named my biological mother can help.’

Ferdale snapped and looked around again.

Where would it be good It’s dark and safe under the lamp…

Ferdale, who had been rolling his eyes hard, soon remembered the annex and smiled.

Since the annex was close to the spire of the west wing, there were few people, and the road to the outside was well connected as it was usually used as a guest lodging.

‘Besides, now that my father’s wives are using it, there is no chance that the soldiers will come searching.’

In particular, it was easy to sneak in now that the massive blockade has not been issued.

Because there is no one who will guard the former lord’s wives like a crazy fool.

‘Okay, let’s go there.’

Ferdale avoided the eyes of the soldiers and moved toward the annex.


* * *


“Isn’t it too quiet”

Janet muttered as she drank the lemonade her maid had given her.

Under the warm sunlight, the Jutert Marquisate was so quiet.

Some might think it was a peaceful everyday life, but not with Janet.

In her opinion, the quieter the Marquisate, the more troublesome.

“At this point, something new must be happening.”

“It may be something.

Don’t be more restless than that.

If anyone sees it, it can cause a big misunderstanding.”

Janet’s belly, which was lying on the chair with her legs crossed, with her shoes removed under the awning, was as thin as ever.

“Anyway, this is my room, but who knows.

And it’s uncomfortable.

sweating too.

And it’s heavy.”

“Sometimes you say you like it because it’s warm.”

“On a sunny day like today it’s hot And even if we get caught…”

Oh, I still have to be careful, right.

Janet closed her mouth, set her glass down, and picked up a round cushion-shaped cloth near her.

Then she skillfully tucked it into her stomach.

Then her stomach swelled up soon, as if she was pregnant.

It was the appearance of the pregnant Janet that most people knew.

“Hey, how long do we have to do this farce”

Janet, who was a virgin, but suddenly became pregnant, grunted at the weight she felt on her stomach.

“I think you’re forgetting, but it’s the Miss who suggested that she pretend to be pregnant first.”

“But then.

I had to pretend to be pregnant so I could drop Tessa from that crazy father and son, even once.”

“Then, can’t we just withdraw The Miss’ job is almost done to some extent.

The reason why we came here in the first place…”

“Not yet.”

Janet said firmly, cutting Jean’s words.

She reached out her hand to the sky and looked at her manicured nails.

“I have to stick around until this mess gets out of hand.

That’s why I asked why it was so quiet earlier.

Do you think I don’t want to leave this place”

It’s already been two years.

Said Janet, looking at Jean, who was silently sewing next to her.

She raised her heavy body and stood up from the seat with a sound.

A green forest could be seen outside the balcony.

When she was at the castle, she looked at the well-maintained garden, but when she came to the annex, she looked at the unmaintained forest, so the feeling was different.

But she was getting tired of even this little by little.

“Still, I don’t think it will take long for my intuition to tell me.


Janet stopped talking.

Someone was rushing to this place from the forest in the distance.

She beckoned to her maid, Jean, to come and see.

“That’s it, that one.

Isn’t it a person”

“It’s hard to see… I guess that’s right But why is someone coming to the forest It’s behind the annex.

To dare to go to the forest…”

“It just looks like it’s sneaking in.

Oh, I think I know who it is.”

Although obscured by trees and bushes, Janet noticed someone trying to sneak through the forest into this place.

She crossed her arms with a smile close to a sneer.

“Jean, you were right.

It wasn’t too quiet, something’s just happening.”


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