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‘It’s simple.

You just need to come visit me sometimes.’

A low and bland tone.

The Marchioness said that without making a single stutter.

You just need to come visit me sometimes.

Tessa couldn’t understand Elena’s intentions, so her heart felt complicated.

What the hell does she want from her…

“Your mind is wandering”

“Ah… Ah, huu…!”

In an instant, another finger inside her, and Tessa let out a shaky breath, tightening her grip on the desk.

The fingers, which were two, suddenly became three and teased her.

With the lewd sound of bodily fluids, the man’s rough fingers rubbed her sensitive areas.

Because of this, she struggled to hold on, and her standing legs trembled.

“Uh, huhk…”

“Don’t make a fuss with just three.

Swallowed mine well.”

Hert lightly slapped Tessa’s little butt with his other hand.

Tessa wept at the rebound and scraped the paper on the desk with her fingernails.

Since that day, Tessa has slept with Hert several times in the office.

When called there as he commanded, he took off her underwear without saying a word, pulled her skirt up, and stuck her hips out or spread her legs.

After that, she lay under Hert until he stopped, with her weeping hoarsely and trying not to faint.

And today, without fail, Hert called Tessa to the office.

“Then you will have to be punished.”

Hert pulled Tessa’s arms crossed as he pulled out his fingers that were stabbing her walls.

Then he took off his belt and started tying her wrists with it.

Tessa suddenly had her hands clasped behind her back and she flinched in surprise. What, what are you going to do…

“How about you try to move”

“Wh, what…”

Satisfied with the meticulously crafted knot, Hert pulled up a chair and sat there with his legs spread apart.

Then he pulled Tessa right through his groin.

Then something bulged up over her a*s that was rubbed against her.

Tessa knew without looking—it was Hert’s manhood.

“You have to get on top of me and move.”


“Why not If you don’t like it, I’ll do you by the window.”

At the man’s words, Tessa shook her head with a pale face.

The window.

That obviously meant that they would be visible from the outside.

Everyone would see the new lord and the dead lord’s wife together.

Hert smirked slightly at Tessa’s reaction.

It was because he thought it wouldn’t be bad to try it outside later.

“Then you should move.”

Hert ripped through his underwear and pulled his pillar out.

The c*ck, which had been erect since before, was oozing out pre-c*m and was already raring to go inside the woman.

With his other hand, he slowly ran up his pillar and rubbed it lightly.

The liquid that started to flow came out to the end and wet his tip.

“Put it in now.”

“Wa, wait…”


As Hert nervously and wildly shook the hands that were tied behind her back, Tessa hurriedly moved her buttocks down and gently stroked her genitals between the pillar.

With that alone, a piercing sensation poured through her body.

It was because Hert had already aroused her by obsessively rubbing, pricking, and digging inside.

In fact, in the last few days, Tessa had been slowly realizing that her body wasn’t what it used to be.

It was thanks to the fact that her body began to adapt to Hert little by little after the deathly painful first and second entanglement.

Of course, this was only possible because Hert didn’t just ignorantly spread and push himself in anymore.

Now, he’d only thrust into her after he’d already aroused her enough.

Hert smiled lowly as Tessa couldn’t stand it and started shaking her body.

“What, are you c*mming already after doing it a little”

“Heuk… N no…”

“Damn it, so lewd.”

Hert cursed and abruptly shoved himself into Tessa’s drenched entrance. Pound! Ah, heuk! A big cock like a weapon now easily slipped through the small entrance, and Tessa drew in her breath with her mouth half open.

No matter how her body began to adapt to him, it was still difficult for her to get used to having a manhood with the girth of her wrist inside her.

In particular, the first insertion was always heavy.

“Ah… huu, uhh, ah…”

Tessa clenched her hands tightly as his length went all the way to the hilt.

Half-moon marks were clearly engraved on her palm.

Her throat clenched as her breaths became suffocated at the feeling of a huge foreign body moving inside her.

In particular, she felt as if it had entered deeper than usual because she was sitting on it.

“Ha… You swallowed it all.”

Hert stroked Tessa’s abdomen with his palm.

He felt it every time, but it was just amazing to see all of his stuff fit into such a small entrance.

In addition, every time he pushed it in, it consistently drove him mad.

He loved the hot and moist flesh of the inner walls.

He really was about to go crazy.

Because of that, he was so focused on f*cking that he almost passed on most of his work to Lange.

Lange would just look at Hert as though he’d gone off the rockers, but it was none of his business.

In the first place, it was because of Tessa that he entered the ranks of Marquis Borwen and took possession of the Jutert territory by fighting for it.

“Now move.”

Then Hert asked Tessa to move.

But Tessa could hardly move at all.

The strength in her legs and back was gone.

All she could do was curl her toes as she sat on the groin of his large member.

Hert, unable to see it, closed her legs, folded it, and pulled her up.

“Ah, uhng!”

As his posture changed, Tessa twisted her back as the genitals were pressed against the inside, and exclaimed.

Had it not been for him catching her, she would have stumbled forward.

Instantly, the inner walls convulsed and tightened, and Hert exhaled sharply.

He almost would have ejaculated in it as it was.

The two held their breath for a moment.

“Huu, it really drives people crazy… Because you have the talent… Now move.”

“Hhhng, mo, move…”

“Do you really want to be f*cked by the window”


“Then stop talking and move.”

Hert clenched Tessa’s round a*s and spoke with a gruff tone.

Tessa gathered as much force as she could and began to slowly raise her knees.

Then, the tight place where they became one slowly moved, and the red flesh slowly came out.

Tessa’s neck tightened as the genitals slid out and the tip mercilessly scraped her lining, tightening her belly.

“Uhh, hagh, uhng… Mmh…”

A slow, but obscene sound of their flesh echoed through the office.

Tessa blushed as she felt her insides churn and be filled.

She was moving with all her strength, but her legs and abdomen felt like it was going to collapse at any moment.

Every time the manhood moved to urge more of her arousal that was flowing from her, her insides were shuddering badly.

She wanted to scratch that spot with a rough thing right away.


Behind her back, she could feel the man’s languid breathing.

It looked like something was being squeezed.

Tessa could see that the hands that supported her waist and stomach were gradually getting tighter so that she would not lean away.

Hert watched as the body barely climbed up and went down.

He wanted to grab that waist right away and rock it on top of him in abandon.

‘Damn, you don’t know who’s the one getting punished here…’

He wanted to see the woman move her waist by herself, but what he endured was more of a torment.

Hert bit his lower lip.

Tessa looked overly lewd, with a bright red face, her head tilted back, her lips more than half open, and her eyes closed tightly.

Even though she wasn’t completely naked.

Hert finally couldn’t help it and took in a deep breath, then grabbed Tessa and threw her down on his desk.

Then he began to push himself into her with force. Hagh! Tessa let out a high-pitched moan as her body writhed.

However, because of the hands tied behind her back, she was easily overpowered by Hert.

“Uh, huhk… De, deep, uhng!”

“Haa, don’t mess around… This, little by little…”

Hert grabbed one of her legs and pulled it onto the desk, moving like an unbridled foal.

The narrow hole was crushed randomly by the man’s rough thrusting.

Tessa felt like her body was being crushed every time he went in.

It was too strong and fast.

Of course, apart from that, her body was steadily dyed with pleasure.

“Oh, agh, uhng! Ahhng, uh… AH!”

The c*ck that went up while scratching the inner wall haphazardly pierced her uterus without mercy.

Tessa was terrified that the stiff member would break through the entrance to her uterus and get inside.

She laid her neck down while crying for the pleasure she had become somewhat accustomed to.

It was such a strong force.

“Sl, slow… Uhk! Aah, He, Her, uhng!”

Tears welled up in her eyes.

She didn’t know if it was because of pleasure or fear.

Tessa was crushed by Hert and began to cry. Please, slow down, just a little bit slower… Inside her mouth, the words she could not have uttered mixed with the moan and swirled.

At one point Hert grabbed Tessa’s body and sat back down on the chair.

He sat Tessa on top of him and put his hands under her knees and spread her legs to the side.

Thanks to this, the gap between the legs was widened, revealing their connected area.

The huge chunk of flesh began to rush in and out again into the narrow hole.

“Ha, uhk…! Ah, ahhk, uhh, huhk…!”

Tessa’s body shook up and down, and she couldn’t get her mind right.

Each time she was lifted up and then pulled down, her eyes twitched at the pounding manhood.

Her toes were already curled inward and her lower body was clenching tight enough to hurt her insides.

Her vision was turning blank like a white sheet of paper.

“Ha, f*ck, really…”

Hert buried his face in Tessa’s neck.

Tessa seemed to smell delicious.

He already enjoys nibbling her lower lip, but he wants to devour her here as well.

His lower back had swelled up from the beginning and was so large that it could climax immediately.

That’s why he couldn’t take the lining that has tightened anymore.

“Ah, ah!”

After a while Tessa’s thighs and the inside of her stomach twitched, and soon she tilted her neck back and moaned in a high voice.

Hert reached his climax and pounded into her even more without letting her go.

Every time the glans struck where she felt it most, Tessa was choked out of breath and shook violently.


Soon, Hert’s pleasure began to rise to its peak.

When he couldn’t take it any longer, he plunged into her deepest part.

At the same time as the woman’s body shook violently, his fluids poured into her womb, which he had not reached.

Hert held her in his arms for a long time until his ejaculation was over.


A long, bitter breath flowed out.

As soon as Hert was able to remove his manhood, the cloudy liquid inside Tessa dripped out.

Hert scraped it by hand and applied it into her private place.

Her puffy hole was wet and shiny with his c*m.

It was a nice sight to see.

‘How about we do it one more time’


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