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It wasn’t just that.

In addition to Tessa’s insides, Hert left marks on her face, lips, and body.

The fluids that had dried up all over her body were clearly showing it.

For that reason, Tessa’s awful appearance was close to being messed up.

The time it took to dress her up became irrelevant.

Tessa didn’t seem to be able to raise her head in front of Janet, who gave her the dress for a while.


She thought she had cried enough, but the tears were trying to come back up again.

Tessa couldn’t shake the feeling that she had a hole in her heart.

Right now, it really felt as though she was a woman who was no less than a prostitute.

But what could she do on her own

‘I should know my place, I… I did this to myself.’

While Tessa closed her eyes and blamed herself, Hert was next to her, picking up his clothes.

Aside from his slightly ruffled hair, he didn’t look like he had just f*cked a woman so horribly just now.

Then Hert got up with a clean face, buttoning his sleeves accurately.

“That’s enough for today…”

Hert glanced at Tessa, who was lying haphazardly on the floor, and he reflexively smirked as he saw the woman he had messed up.

He didn’t know if it was pleasure or relief, but while he satisfied his desires like an animal to the fullest, he felt a little bit better.

He thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use Tessa to satisfy his needs in this way, perhaps for the time being.

In order to take revenge for her betrayal, he would also remove any degree of respect she had.

Then, every time he saw her, it might make this indescribable wavering mood better.

‘Until I’m bored… Yes, until I get tired of it.

After that, I will deal with it without hesitation.’

Hert, who got out of his seat, approached the door and spoke calmly.

“Next time I call, come here.”


“When you’re done, you can go on your own.”

Did you understand Hett looked back at Tessa before grabbing the handle.

Tessa was still lying on the floor, motionless, with no answer to him, but he assumed she understood well enough.

Well, she was the one who wanted this kind of relationship from the beginning, so she must have been prepared for this kind of treatment to some extent.

Hert opened the door and went outside.

He tried to ignore the fact that his throat started tingling again from a while ago.










〈 4.

Dangerous Fury 〉

The road to the west spire of the annex was lined with twigs of trees.

It was literally a road that had not been touched by humans for a long time.

Tessa moved forward, following the maid who was leading the way, careful not to tear the hem of her dress.

Not far away, the entrance to the spire could be seen.

The spire was very old.

More than half of the tower was covered with vines, and the remains of bricks that had fallen off were rolling around.

Compared to the central mansion where the employees swept and polished the residence several times a day, the spire felt like a faraway world by itself.

Even with common sense, it was difficult to think of it as a place where the Mistress of the Jutert household was staying.

‘In a place like this, the Marchioness…’

When she opened the old door that was almost completely broken, the interior was the same.

Vines were growing through the cracks in which the bricks were missing, and even the air had a certain stench.

A cloud of dust rose as Tessa and the maid moved, obstructing the view.

It looked worse than the old room she had been in before.

“We’re here, Madam.”

“Ah yes…”

“The stairs are old, so be careful under your feet.”

The Marchioness’ maid, as if familiar with it, walked up the stairs.

Tessa also followed her in haste.

After passing through several steps, an old door caught her eye.

Fortunately, it was the most intact door she had ever seen in this place.

The maid opened the door without knocking and went inside.

“Come on in.”

The room was better than expected.

Unlike downstairs, where holes were drilled and a cold wind blew in, there was even warm air circulating upstairs.

Unknowingly, Tessa glanced around the room a little while the maid took off her robe and hung it to one side.

There were old but neat carpets all over the floor, and white tapestries woven by hand hung everywhere.

The clunky but solid furniture seemed to give reassurance as each was keeping its proper place.

There weren’t any particularly expensive items, but they were all well maintained.

It definitely felt like a place where people lived.

On one hand, it resembled the house that Tessa once dreamed of, and it was even cozy.

If she had been freed from the orphanage without being deceived by the director and the broker, perhaps Tessa would have been living in a place like this by now.

Gathering things one by one in a house that was neither too big nor too small, she and Hert…

‘What are you thinking’

Tessa, who had thought about that, hurriedly shook those thoughts out of her head.

This was just a useless, vain delusion.

She had no shame.

Why was she thinking of Hert here Tessa squeezed her stinging chest and rolled up her hands.

“Sit here.

I’ll bring the Marchioness.”

Before long, a maid in an apron led Tessa to a place where there was only a little sofa.

Tessa sat there.

The maid knocked and went into a small room and she eventually came out with someone.

A soft voice is heard along with a rattling sound.


We’ve met before, haven’t we”

A middle-aged woman, with her hair cut as short as a man, was sitting in a wheelchair, wearing nothing but simple clothes.

Every time she moved, there was a rattling sound.

She was the Marchioness who invited Tessa here.

The Marchioness had the impression of a dry old tree.

Like her sharp features, her nose was pointed and her eyes were narrow and deep.

Even when her hair was cut short, she had a strong neutral air to her.

“…Hello, Marchioness.

Thank… Thank you for inviting me.”

Tessa bowed her head as her eyes met the Marchioness’.

From the moment she saw the dark gray eyes, her body stiffened and her heart pounded.

Seeing this, the Marchioness laughed a little.

“There is no need to be so nervous.

Sit down please.

Sena, would you please get some tea”

At the Marchioness’ instructions, the maid bowed and withdrew.

Tessa could now see why there was no other seat across the sofa.

It was the spot of the Marchioness in her wheelchair.

The Marchioness opened her mouth as if she had been waiting for Tessa to sit.

“Should I formally introduce myself I am Elena Jutert.

My last name before marriage… Well, anyway, nice to meet you.”

“Ah, I… am, Tessa.

My last name is…”

“I know, even if you don’t tell me.

After all, you’re not a real noble.

So let’s move on, Tessa.


Can I call you Tessa”

“Yes, yes.

Feel free to call me comfortably…”

Tessa’s voice softened slightly.

Even though it was her first time formally meeting her, Elena was straightforward towards Tessa, as if Tessa was someone she had known for a long time.

Or maybe it was just her personality.

“I have been wanting to meet you for a long time, Tessa.”

“Me… Why…”

“Do you know why I called you here”

At Elena’s sudden question, Tessa shook her head.

No matter how many times she thought about it, she couldn’t figure out why the Marchioness had called her.

There was no point of contact between the two of them.

She asked Janet several times, but she kept repeating that she didn’t know.

So Tessa had no choice but to come to see Elena in person.

“Actually, I want to ask you a favor, Tessa.”

Hearing the word ‘favor, Tessa blanked out, and she looked at Elena.

“What I can do is…”

“It is not difficult.

It’s very simple and nothing special.”

Elena smiled softly, as if trying to relieve Tessa’s tension.

But Tessa didn’t know what she was going to ask of her, so she was just worried.

They met but only for a very short time.

All they did was look at each other’s faces as if passing by without saying a word.

Even at that time, they didn’t even know who each other was.

But Elena remembered Tessa, and she was saying that she’s been wanting to meet Tessa for a long time.

Why For what reason… Tessa immediately looked at Elena’s legs with a surprised look.

Then she took a short breath and pulled her lips apart.

“Marchioness, I…”

“You’ve known the new lord for a long time, haven’t you You were born and raised in the same place.”

Tessa stopped her words and looked at Elena, who went straight to the point.

How… As she tapped her finger on the armrest of the wheelchair, Elena spoke.


You think my ears and my eyes are blocked because I’ve been abandoned here by my husband.

No matter how much I can’t move my legs, it doesn’t mean I can’t do anything.”

Elena slowly moved her wheelchair towards the window.

Through the transparent glass, she could see the Jutert estate.

Meanwhile, the maid prepared the tea and placed it on the table, bringing one of the teacups to Elena.

Then she whispered softly into Elena’s ear.

Elena nodded and said she understood.

After a while, the maid retreated back out of sight.

“Would you like some tea It’s good tea.

It gives you peace of mind.”


“Go on.”

Elena gestured her chin to Tessa and brought the teacup to her lips.

At the silent urging, Tessa lifted the teacup with a trembling hand, and she opened her eyes slowly as Elena savored the tea.

The main castle was seen in the distance.

“Tessa, I know the relationship you have with the new lord.”

“…Oh, I think the Marchioness is wrong.

Me and the new lord…”

“Aren’t like that Well.”

Elena snorted.

Tessa looked at her with a half-frozen face.

With the light coming from behind her, the Marchioness’ face could not be seen properly.

Because of that, Tessa couldn’t even guess what kind of expression she was making.

Tessa felt her heart beating faster.

“I think Tessa can help me.”

“I, I…”

Tessa’s eyes wandered down to the floor.

Then there was a squeaking sound, and before long a shadow fell over Tessa.

A long, pale white hand rested quietly on Tessa’s shoulder.

Elena whispered quietly to Tessa.

Startled, Tessa was compelled to look up.


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