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“No, mmh, ah, I… Huu, hnn!”

In an instant, Hert pulled Tessa to the floor.

Suddenly, Tessa fell into a position with only her hips raised as she lay face down on the floor.

Her breasts were half out and they rubbed on the surface as the man dug into her.

Tessa was puzzled by the entanglement that was about to begin again.

Wasn’t this something done only once Was he going to do more

More than that…

“Hahn, mhh, uhng… Ah, ahng…!”

His manhood thrusted into her Tessa without mercy.

She felt full again and her breath was short, feeling that she was suffocating.

Tessa reached out and scratched the carpet on the floor.

What is this Is this man of the right mind It was very different from what she had heard.

She was almost on the verge of crying.


Hert began to hold her again as his body pounded into Tessa.

The man grabbed the woman’s buttocks with both hands and moved his waist as relentlessly as before.

“It hu, rts… Uh, hnnh, ah, hng, aahh!”

“Ha, your, insides… Tighten like crazy.”

“He, Her… Aghh!”

Every time the manhood filled with blood hit her inside clearly, Tessa gasped and breathed out heavily.

Her hands and feet were powerless and her stomach was so tight that it hurt.

The unfamiliar pleasure she felt just a few minutes earlier was rekindling.

It’s weird, it’s so… It was a feeling that cannot be described in words.

It felt like her body wasn’t hers.

“Ah, ah, mhh, nngh… Ah, nnh! Ahng!”

“God da, mn… How could it be, so good… Haa…”

“S, ah, agh, sto… It’s we, weird, ah, hnnh!”

Cloudy liquid spurted out from the wet entrance.

The thick liquid was dripping down, dirtying their enjoined place.

Tessa felt limp as the liquid ran down her thighs, but she couldn’t help but moan.

Her head was dizzy in another sense.

It was getting harder and harder for her to bear.

‘St, stop, please…’

Tessa wanted to beg Hert to stop.

It’s too strange.

She couldn’t stand the feeling of something boiling within her.

But Tessa knew better than anyone that she couldn’t do that.

Now, she and Hert were only connected through this physical relationship.

She couldn’t deny this fact.

In the first place, she didn’t even have the right to reject him.

Tessa was still ripping the carpet.

Her grip was so strong that the tips of her fingers turned white.

Then at that moment, Hert suddenly and slowly thrusted and pierced deeply into her.

The blunt end was finding the place that Tessa liked and rubbed over it.

She cried and shook her behind.

She didn’t even know what she had just done.

“Ha, ngh… hnnhh…”

“I think… I can do this, huuu, over and over again.”

“N, no… Ah!”

Hert, who had slowly removed his manhood, once again put himself into her and thrusted inside. Aaahngg! Tessa half cowered and buried her face onto the floor.

Pleasure poured out.

It felt like she had fallen into an indescribable depth and then her body was floating again.

Now her whole body was shaking.

At that time, Tessa reflexively reached out in front of her to get out of this position without realizing it.

‘Stop it, please stop it…’

But before her hands could even touch the floor, Hert grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards him.

As their groins touched, his length reached up to the entrance to her womb. Nnh, hicc! Tessa frantically shook her head at that deep penetration.

Her heated body perceived even the slightest movement of the man as a stimulus.

She closed her eyes and clenched her fingers as she let out muffled moans.

“Kugh, is it good Now… You swallowed it all”

“Ah… Uh, ah, huu, take… it out, hnn… uhng!”

“Your insides, feel so… good, damn it, what do you mean take it out.”

Hert lightly slapped her small but covetous buttocks.

Soon Tessa groaned and let out a cry.

He smiled contentedly without realizing it.

The hole that couldn’t even swallow him at first was eating him right up to the hilt.

All of him was inside her tight stomach.

Hert reached down to Tessa’s abdomen and ran his hand under her navel.

The stomach, which was also quite flat, was now inflated with his manhood.

She could even guess how far his length had gone in.

He was satisfied.

It was better now than when he was recognized for his work of decapitating the enemy captain.

‘Crazy bastard.

I just slept with a girl…’

But it was so good.

Tessa’s face was so enchanting that his rationality dissolved and he would turn into a beast.

It wasn’t a lie that he could climax in her over and over again.

Really, truly, he could.

To that extent, he wanted to pour out all that he had endured for the past 20 years here.

“Huuu… AH!”

Hert flipped Tessa’s body.

Even after she recovered for a full month, she was still light and easy to move on his own.

Although the hem of her dress was a little annoying, he liked how disheveled she looked, so he didn’t bother taking her clothes off.

The clothes also suited her.

That’s why it seemed like he had become a bastard who had forcefully taken a noblewoman.

Hert smiled inwardly, spreading Tessa’s legs wide to her sides.

Then as her thick flesh was revealed, his lower body pierced through her.

Inside the secret part that glistened with fluids, the narrow hole was struggling to receive the man’s pillar.

“Huk… Don’t… Don’t, look, ah, nngh!”

Tessa felt Hert staring down at her for a while, and her face flushed red from embarrassment.

She tried to close her legs somehow, but she couldn’t because he had her thighs in his grip.

Her eyes were blurred with tears at the posture that was like a frog.

She seemed to hear a voice laughing at her saying that she was a prostitute.

“Why are you ashamed that you spread your legs in front of me”

But what was actually heard was Hert’s mocking voice.

Suddenly, Hert looked down at her weeping, with her hands half covering her face.

Tessa looked like she wanted to get out of this situation.

Because of that, Hert had a stinging pain in one side of his chest.

“Seeing that face makes me a little angry.”

“Huuk, n, no…”

“I am doing what you want.

But why do you look like you hate it so much”

It made him feel like **.

The man suddenly started shoving himself. Thrust! Between her wide-open legs, the stiff, upright genitals pierced deeply. Ahhn! Tessa opened her mouth and let out a shrill cry.

A sensation that had been paused for a moment was revived inside her.

“Ha, that, before.

Why do you hurt yourself …What’s the problem Huh”

“Ah, nngh, th, that, n, no…”

“As a traitor… How, much more, should I… do to you.”

Hert began to speed up.

Each time he went inside her, the woman’s spread-out legs fluttered.

Under the unbearable pressure, Tessa breathed out again and again, ah, heuk, hak.It felt like her breaths were choking up at the top of her throat.

She had no idea when the hell this would end.

“Do you regret it The man you abandoned… huu, is f*cking you like this”

“Th, That’s… Ahhngg!”

“I like, your lower body… Ha, there’s no point in regretting it.”

“Too, deep… Heuk! Ah, too, mu, ch, mmh, nngh…!”

“Damn it, I should… at least, hold you, ha, until I’m sick of you.”

Damn it… Hert was losing more and more composure as the inner walls tightened around him.

In the palace where they were joined as one, there was not only the sound of flesh-to-flesh rubbing, but also the lewd moist sound of their movements.

Hert looked at his s*men flowing through the crevices.

He reached out and scraped the fluids dripping down and spread it across her secret place.

“You spilled it all… What a waste.

It’s okay, I’ll fill you up again.”

“Ah, uhng!”

His thick, rough thumbs pressed against her clitoris, and Tessa shook her back.

Seeing this, Hert began to press down on her clitoris tenaciously. Ah, ah, ah! Tessa’s coquettish voice increased endlessly.

The hand that had been scratching the floor stirred in the air, unable to resist pleasure.

It looked as if she was reaching out, asking for help.

Hert grabbed her hands with one of his and pressed on the floor above her head.

He could see Tessa weeping with her mouth half-opened, with her hands on her face, engulfed in pleasure.

It was also a slightly better expression than before, which seemed to endure as much as possible.

It was because she was lying under him now and didn’t know what to do.

‘Yes, you better have a face like that.’

Hert stopped rubbing the clitoris and grabbed her slender waist.

As he saw her stomach grow convex every time he shoved it in, he applied more force to the thrusts.

So, without pausing, he thrusted into her and moved his waist over and over.

Until his seed is empty.


* * *


Outside the window, the sun could be seen setting over the horizon.

Tessa stared blankly as a reddish light fell over her.

Half a day seemed to have passed.

It was a long period of time in many ways.

If she had been in the right mind throughout it all, it would feel longer.

Tessa closed her eyes slowly as she felt her body could not exert any force on one of her fingers.

Her whole body ached as if she had been beaten.

Her upper body, which was holding onto something—anything, scratching and barely resisting.

Her lower body hurt as well as it had received the man in an open state the whole time, and her legs would not move as if paralyzed.

Especially the apex of her legs and the inside of it.

It stung so much that she wanted to scream.

Tessa bit her lower lip involuntarily.

‘I didn’t know it was… like this…’

Throughout the long hours, Hert thrusted and messed Tessa up at random.

Of course, he didn’t care.

Because there was no need for him to care from the beginning.

He used Tessa and satisfied his lust without any care.

Because of this, Tessa slumped under him and uttered only moans engulfed in pleasure.

It was an unavoidable result.

No matter how much she used her strength, she could not push away a trained man’s body.

‘How much…’

In an instant, Tessa felt sticky liquid dripping from beneath her.

Her entrance, where the manhood had been coming and going without a break, had not yet been closed due to the intense entanglement.

Because of this, the s*men that couldn’t fill her stomach overflowed and leaked outside.


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