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As the thick pillar slowly pulled away, Tessa sighed involuntarily, groaning and gasping.

The sensation that had just filled her belly a little while ago was now horribly scraping her insides.

It felt like her entire lower body was falling out.

“Heu, uh… Ah…”

Suddenly, his tip was over her entrance.

Then the man moved his hips again and began to slowly push into her.

The slow movement felt as if he was savoring it.

As if he wanted to feel the inside of the woman, even her inner walls.

The bumpy veins scratched the inner walls and dug into the closed place again as if invading it.

“Ah… Heuk, it feels…”

Tessa trembled as the empty stomach was filled up slowly.

She couldn’t have been comfortable with the feeling of a foreign body filling her up.

It was a feeling she could never get used to.

The hem of her skirt and her hand gripped the sofa.

Otherwise, it seemed as if the strength in her legs would be gone at any moment.

The problem was that while she tensed up her body to keep herself up, strength also entered her lower abdomen and inner walls.


As Tessa’s still cramped interior tightened even more, Hert exhaled quickly. Damn it Are you going to cut me off He barely opened the gap and dug into it, but now the pressure has increased.

Rather than spitting him out, that little hole seemed to be enough to swallow him completely.

He was just too greedy.

Hert held back as much as he could from shoving his c*ck in as far as he could get in.

At any rate, only slightly over half of him went into her, and the other half hadn’t even gone inside her yet.

That part was a little disappointing, but he didn’t need to rush.

It’s enough to tame this entrance.

It’s already full and overflowing.


Then Hert grabbed Tessa’s pelvis with both hands, trying to make a proper thrust, and then unknowingly rubbed her buttocks.

Her buttocks, which were definitely plumper than before, when it seemed that only the bones were left, stood out.

It seemed that the threat to the employees to restore the woman as much as possible until he returned, seemed to have worked.

Thinking about it, he thought she seduced him like that.

It’s no wonder he fell for that.

Above all, he heard later that her fever had not gone down.

What was she thinking…

Hert’s eyes suddenly narrowed.

‘Don’t worry about it.

She is a clever woman.

She may have calculated all of this.’

At this point, it was necessary to reiterate that she was a traitor.

What he believed the most was that she was a traitor who sold him off.

To accept her like this now was enough consideration and concession from his point of view.

So there was nothing he had to worry about anymore.

When Hert tightened his grip on her buttocks, Tessa, who was lying on the couch holding onto the sofa, let out a short moan and flinched.

When he took his hand off her buttocks, large handprints remained red on her immaculate buttocks.

“I think your body has recovered to a certain extent.”

Hert pulled Tessa’s long wavy hair and whispered low into her ear.

“Just try to faint like last time.

I will start all over again.”

“Ah…! That’s, I’m sca, scared, uhk, heuk…”

“If you’re going to do it, you have to do it right.

Do you think I can do it alone”

The manhood that had filled her inside quickly escaped out.

Tessa felt goosebumps as she felt like her insides were being pulled out, and she arched her back.

“I should be satisfied, not you.”

Isn’t it With those words, Hert shoved the pillar that had been pulled up to the tip, then back into the narrow path again.


The strong sensation caused Tessa to close her eyes tightly.

It felt like her brain was ringing.

Her gaping thighs trembled.

Trickles of pleasure were coming up from somewhere.

“Ha, damn, getting tighter…”

“S, St, op, heu, hah… Ugh…”

“I’m close.”

Hert quickly moved his waist as if to relieve what he had been enduring with.

The sheer size of him relentlessly attacked a woman who was barely half his size.

Every time his manhood came in, Tessa let out a silent scream and trembled.

She clenched her insides and squeezed to the point of pain.

“Ah… Huu, uhk! Uh, uhh…!”

“Sh*t, is it because… you gained… some weight Ha, it’s better… than, before…”

Moving his waist relentlessly, Hert muttered to himself incessantly. Sh*t, why are you so good… The pleasure he felt in their previous entanglement was neither a dream nor a delusion.

It was reality.

How did this kind of pleasure really exist in reality And he’s been living without knowing this good thing.

The world must have gone crazy.

Now that he came to know this, he’d become a madman for it.

“Damn it…”

“Haah, ungh, hngh… ngh, ah, that, hahh…!”

Thrust, thrust, Hert continued to dig inside Tessa.

Because of that, the woman who was much smaller than him could not bear his strength and was pushed forward.

But each time Tessa was pushed, Hert grabbed her pelvis and dragged her back on her stomach.

The slender woman’s arms struggled for a moment, then grabbed the backrest again.

Eventually, Hert placed one of his knees on the sofa and pulled Tessa closer to him.

As their hips were closer together, his manhood went deeper than ever before.

Tessa let out a small sound like a beastly howl.

The back of her hand holding the sofa firmly appeared pale.

“Ah, uh, hahn!”

All of a sudden, he slowed down, scratching and stabbing up the lining of her walls.

Hert had been looking for a place where Tessa felt it before.

This was enough for him to get used to it, but still, it seemed to be just too heavy for Tessa.

It was clear because of how the joints of her fingers, which had become so tense that even the veins had become clear, were holding on with so much pain.

‘Other women just laughed when a man put it in…’

Hert, who had seen mostly prostitutes since becoming a gladiator slave, was unaware that what he had seen and heard was unusual.

It was that he barely realized during his first time with Tessa that there are places where women can feel it.

He was thinking that Tessa was particularly slow to respond.

After a while, he went over one part with the tip of his manhood.

A short moan escaped Tessa’s mouth.


Tessa, who moaned that even herself could not recognize, was unable to shut her mouth and only her body was pounding.

Was it here Hert gently raised the corners of his lips and began to move his waist, focusing on where she felt it.

“Ah, ahng!”

Thrust, pound! As the woman began to feel it, the tightness of her walls changed.

Hert looked like he was going crazy.

The big, wide c*ck was getting clenched over.

The feeling of his climax was reaching him quickly, as if saying that what they did before was nothing more than warming up.

He pierced the woman’s depths even more wildly with his c*ck.

“Ah, str, strange… Uh, hng, uh, ung!”

As he sped up more, the sofa could not take their movement and rattled precariously.

But Tessa was distracted by the length that kept digging inside her.

Suddenly, she was holding her stomach with one hand.

Her breath was choked by the tip that had reached her limit.

“That, heuk… I can’t any, any more, ah, heuk! He, Her… AH!”

“Why, can’t it go in, heuk, but I can go in like this.”

The inside was already filled with his manhood, but Hert kept pushing hard as if he wanted to get to a place he couldn’t get in any more.

His tip thumped and touched her uterus.

“Ah, ung, uhk, ung!”

A faint feeling of pleasure began to rise through the center.

Now Tessa was at a loss about what to do as the strange feeling enveloped her, rather than the pain as before.

What is this Why do I feel this way Her stomach tightened, and a chorus of voices erupted from her mouth incessantly.

Tears welled up.

“Huhk… Ung, ah…!”

Each time the manhood came in, her vision gradually turned white.

Because Tessa tried her best not to think about anything.

She seemed to completely let go of her otherwise mangled mind.

She just wished it was over quickly.

Then this strange feeling will disappear.

At that moment, a large hand reached over to Tessa’s chest.

Hert slid the clothes across her chest and shoved his hand into it.

Tessa let out a small yelp as the hot hands grabbed her chest abruptly.

Behind her, she heard a man’s murmur.

“You were skinny and thin everywhere else, but only your breasts got bigger…”

It was a shameful statement.

Saying that she has big breasts.

It was also a phrase often uttered by the deceased Marquis Jutert.

In other places she was skinny, only the chest is ignorantly large.

Isn’t it perfect for breastfeeding So Tessa hated her breasts.

Her chest played a part in the fact that she was always crouching down her body.

“Haa, that old man… Did he touch your breast”

“Wh, what are you sayi… huu, ah, uhk!”

“I heard that the more you touch a woman’s breast, the bigger it gets.

Shit, it’s so big… Did he touch it Or he didn’t touch it Tell me.”

Hert rubbed her chest as if squeezing it. It, it hurts, ah! With considerable pressure, Tessa burst into tears.

“If you lie, I won’t let you go.”

Thrust! Tessa twisted her body heavily at the forceful gesture. Ahng! For a vision, her eyes went white.

A tingling sensation went through her whole body.

It was a feeling she had never felt before.

Suddenly, her limbs trembled.

It felt like her stomach was being mixed up.

“Oh, He, Her, uhh, ahh…!”

Hert held her convulsing body tightly as if locking her in his arms.

Still, he kept moving his back.

It was terribly good on the inside the place that swallowed his c*ck as if it was about to break it.

He wanted to stay in here all the time.

The enormous length went in and out the twitching entrance without rest.

After this, it was a beastly mating.

Hert was focused on thrusting, and Tessa, who was half lying underneath, was crying over and over.

She couldn’t think of anything.

Her legs were limp and she groaned as she buried her face in the backrest.

Before long, she could feel the big c*ck twitch for a moment.

The man’s climax was approaching.


Soon Hert grabbed Tessa’s waist and weighed it down.

Pleasure rushed through her body like waves, and the man’s huge manhood gushed s*men into Tessa’s womb.

The amount was so great that it took him quite some time to pour it all together.

Tessa thought it was over, with her mind slowly returning.

It’s over, no more…

But Hert didn’t come out of her even though he had stopped c*mming.

Rather, as time passed, it became hard again and he began to move again.

She felt their fluids mixing in her inner walls.

Tessa waved her hand in surprise, unknowingly.

“It, it’s done…!”

A hoarse voice came from behind her back.

“Who said it’s done Why, did that bastard end with just one round But what about it I have to do more.”


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